District Ping was a town with a small population and had relatively few supplies when compared to big towns.

When the group arrived, the town had been ravaged several times. Shops were all left in a huge mess and not a single food item could be seen.

“Young Master Jing, it’s quite big here, why don’t we split up and search?” Someone suggested that as it would be much faster.

Young Master Jing nodded. The group was divided into three teams, Xia Shu and Zhu Feng lead a few people respectively. Ye An tagged along with Xia Shu; Shi Sheng, Ye Ran, and Jing Zhi were together in one team.

“Three hours later, we will gather in the town even if you didn’t find anything.”

Everyone nodded as Xia Shu distributed the weapons to everyone.

Shi Sheng took out some small balls and passed them to the others.

“What’s this?” Xia Shu glanced at the small balls.

“Ummm… you can call it an energy ball.” Shi Sheng answered and gave each of them two of the balls.

“Hold them tightly and don’t drop them on the ground. They’ll blow up when they touch the floor.. 

Be aware of the distance when throwing, the explosion radius is quite big." Shi Sheng alerted everyone.

In reality, the balls have no official name and the term ‘Energy Balls’ was something she came up with.

Finally, Shi Sheng gave Ye An a sword and a bag of energy balls. 

Everyone was speechless.That's unfair! We just got two but why does the wild kid get to have an entire bag?!

There must be at least twenty more in the bag! And it comes with an extra sword! That’s unfair!

But soon after Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi left, they came to a realization, Where did she store those items?

Those things must have appeared out of thin air.

However, Xia Shu was not surprised. She thought that it was normal for a practitioner to have dimensional storage.

The area that  Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi was in was probably a business district, as clothes, shoes, and accessories were on display in the shops around the area.

"Do you want me to carry her for a while?" Jing Zhi whispered in a soft tone to Sheng.

"Oh, you do it then..." Shi Sheng handed over Ye Ran to Jing Zhi.

"She is constantly moving around and I'm so sick of it." Shi Sheng grumbled.

How can a kid not move around.

Ye Ran was healthy and  had peach white skin, nothing like a baby living amidst the apocalypse.

"The milk powder is almost finished, let's look for a baby shop in a moment." Shi Sheng told to Jing Zhi.

She pinched Ye Ran's chubby face and said, "It’s so much trouble raising you."

"yeee yeee!" Ye Ran waved her hand and grabbed Shi Sheng.

"Don't keep calling me ‘yeee yeee’, call me sister, you cutie pie!"

"yeee yeee." Ye Ran kept on with her milky voice.

Jing Zhi smiled, his face was wreathed as he looked at Shi Sheng with his eyes full of gentleness.

Shi Sheng really did find a pet... Pooh! It's a baby shop.

"There are zombies inside!" Shi Sheng peeked inside through the window, and there were two zombies with uniforms in the shop. They looked like a low level of zombies who had never eaten anyone before.

"I'll go in and get them!" Shi Sheng walked toward the door.

But Jing Zhi held her back, "I'll go first. After me.”

Shi Sheng didn't argue with Jing Zhi. It was just a small matter after all and it makes no difference who goes first.

It was the first time Shi Sheng saw Jing Zhi use his ability and she can only say that his ability was powerful. He froze the zombies with ice, and with a kick, breaking them into pieces.

"What is your level now?" Shi Sheng walked up to Jing Zhi and asked.

"Level 3," Jing Zhi answered.

Shi Sheng watched him with bulging eyes and remarked,"Are you cheating!?"

How can he level up so quickly despite not using the ability??? Shi Sheng was flooded with curiosity.

Jing Zhi shut the door to prevent zombies from coming in and continued," I absorbed a mutated crystal, and I successfully upgraded to level 3..

Shi Sheng remembered that when she first met Xia Shu and others, they were chasing after a mutated black cat. Xia Shu was still looking for something in the head of the mutated black cat.......

"Do the mutant animals have crystals?" There was no such reference in the novel, only that 
mutant animals were edible.

"Then the odds are extremely small"Jing Zhi nodded.

"Mutant crystals and plants allow ordinary people to gain abilities, and they also allow people with abilities to be stronger. My lighting power comes after absorbing that mutant crystal." Jing Zhi added on.

"Xia Shu too?" Shi Sheng asked.

Jing Zhi shook his head. “He already had two types of superpowers when he awakened.” Jing Zhi added on.

Wow! She sure has luck!

Shi Sheng checked at the shop when she realized that there were quite a lot of things inside, especially milk powder. The goods in the storerooms were unopened and were likely to be bough recently. She packed everything into dimensional storage. Jing Zhi held Ye Ran and watched Shi Sheng collect all the stuff.

Xia Shu needs physical contact with things when he collects the items, but Shi Sheng just needs to wave her hand and things will be automatically collected. Fantastic!
Shi Sheng did not only collected milk powder but also some other clothes for Ye Ran to wear.

"Alright, come on!" Shi Sheng said.

Jing Zhi kept a close watch outside to make sure there were no zombies before opening the door.

Both of them went around the whole street and finally found a granary in the next street. The granary had been moved by someone. But maybe due to some accidents, not everything was removed. Shi Sheng collected all the remaining grains into the dimensional storage.

"zeeek zeeek zeeekk!"

When the grain was gone, a sharp voice rang through the granary. The filthy rats ran out from the corner with bloodshot eyes.

Shi Sheng rushed out immediately, pulled out her iron sword, and then jumped up to the next roof.

Jing Zhi looked at her nervously. "You alright?" He asked worriedly.

"Yes, I’m good." Shi Sheng reached her hand out to Jing Zhi, who took a look at the iron sword under her feet before placing his hand on hers.

Shi Sheng used a slight force to pull Jing Zhi up from the ground to the roof. Under the roof, the filthy and black rats squeaked at the sky. There was one amongst them that was huge in size, and it seemed like the boss of the mob. The rats climb up to the roof layer by layer, floor by floor. The nail scraping voice made Shi Sheng’s scalp feel like pins and needles.
Shi Sheng took this chance to act like a spoiled child. She hugged Jing Zhi and said, "I'm scared! I want your kiss!"

Jing Zhi had no choice but to kiss Shi Sheng's face. He kissed her cheek. How can a girl act like that at this moment...

Shi Sheng landed on the street a little farther away. Just as they stood on the ground, a few zombies suddenly shot out of the alley and threw their teeth and claws towards them. Shi Sheng pulled up her iron sword and chopped them off like a carrot.

At that moment, Jing Zhi realized that she was not being pretentious now.

In less than a moment, Shi Sheng chopped off all the zombies' heads. But something strange happened in the next moment: the zombies that were chopped off by her could still get up without a head. Also, they weren’t slow at all, albeit looking a little misdirected. The feeling of being in that village came again.

Shi Sheng quickly withdrew herself to Jing Zhi's side. She took a quick swept across the few houses and saw nothing.

"Let's go!" Jing Zhi held Shi Sheng and ran back.

Jing Zhi must have felt something similar to Shi Sheng as if someone was staring at them in the dark, and definitely not with the best of intentions.

The zombies would pop out now and then while Shi Sheng would smash through the zombies and chop them off with no fear. Soon, they returned to the rendezvous location.

Shi Sheng took out the flare given to her by Xia Shu.

They set off the flare and as the flare flew to the sky, Shi Sheng led Jing Zhi to the top of the building next to him.

When they were standing on the peak, their vision widened

Looking back at the street where they ran back just now, the zombies whose heads had been chopped off just now are now spinning like the headless flies.

What a bizarre scene.