Xia Shu and his team received Shi Sheng’s signal flare while they were not far away. They immediately rushed back and were able to meet with Shi Sheng in a short amount of time.

“Young Master Jing, what’s wrong?”

“Take a look at those.” Jing Zhi pointed at those headless zombies.
They gasped in shock by what they saw. Zombies normally would stop moving after they lost their heads. However, those zombies were still moving around without their heads.
What is this situation?
“Those are...”

Shi Sheng glared at those zombies, with her expressions changing from time to time. However, no one had any idea what she was thinking.
As they remained silent, there was another huge crowd coming from afar.
They were the male leads and female leads.
Mu Xin only had a kid with her. Father Mu was not with them, Mu Xin looked awful.
The crowd stopped at the building opposite to Shi Sheng and her team. They entered the building after someone pried open the door of that building.
Two guards were guarding the door.
“Let's rest here for a while, it’s already too late for departure as today.” Jing Zhi spoke. They were on higher ground at this moment, so if anything were to happen, they would be the first to be alerted.
The others looked at each other with dismay but knew that Jing Zhi’s plan was sensible. Since that nowhere was safe, it would be wiser to stay somewhere that would be advantageous to themselves.
The team began to report the items they scavenged to Xia Shu. After Xia Shu recorded the items, he kept all of it in storage.

The sky was getting dark. There were neither the moon nor any stars to be seen in the night sky. It was pitch black.
Jing Zhi went to Shi Sheng, and said to her: “Come down, it’s dangerous up there.”
Shi Sheng hopped down. Jing Zhi patted the dust off her, “what’s on your mind?”
Shi Sheng tilted her head, “I was thinking about… what is that thing that keeps following us.”

“Following us?”Jing Zhi furrowed his brows, “are you saying that this is the same thing from the village?”

“Every coincidence in this world has its prerequisite conditions, like two strangers who sheltered in the same place from the rain, which led them to get to know each other then fell in love with each other; the rain was the prerequisite conditions that lead to their love story.” Shi Sheng’s voice was so soft as if it was about to dissolve into the night.
The villagers that were zombified immediately and these headless zombies that could still move around freely must be related in one way or another.
Jing Zhi looked grave for a moment, “we’ll depart tomorrow morning once the sun rises.”
Shi Sheng glanced at him, with a faint smile in her calm eyes, “why are you so naive?”
If that thing could follow them here, it would obviously continue following them.

Jing Zhi probably thought about this. He solemnly proclaimed, "I'll protect you.”
“Jing Zhi.” Shi Sheng suddenly grabbed Jing Zhi’s hand, “please don’t leave me.”
Jing Zhi was stunned, isn’t this topic changing a bit too fast?
“Of course,” said Jing Zhi while patting Shi Sheng’s head.
“What I mean is don’t leave my sight, and don’t be more than one meter away from me.” Shi Sheng explained.
She would not allow that incident to happen again.
“Certainly.” In such a dangerous situation, he also would not want to leave her vision field.
The night was getting darker, but Shi Sheng was not sleepy, so Jing Zhi stayed up with her, and watched the night while he was at it.
Shi Sheng supported her chin with one hand, staring into the darkness below while massaging Jing Zhi’s palm with her fingers.
Jing Zhi grabbed her hand out of any choices, “aren’t you tired?”
Shi Sheng turned her head to Jing Zhi, leaned in close to him. Jing Zhi thought she was about to kiss him, and his heart began to race a little faster. But no, she just wanted to get closer to him.
“If you are tired you can sleep first. I’ll help you watch the night.”
“How can I let a lady watch the night,” Jing Zhi broke into laughter, “do I look that useless?”
“I don’t know, we’ll have to see.” Shi Sheng mocked him with a serious face.
Jing Zhi did not get it in the first place. By the time he understood what she meant, he pulled her into his arms with his face dark and began to kiss her.
Initially, Shi Sheng wanted to wrap her arms around Jing Zhi’s neck. However, when she opened her eyes and saw what was underneath the building, she let go of him immediately and looked down to see what was there.

There was a lot of movement while she did that, causing Jing Zhi to pull her back as fast as he could out of panic.

It was too dark down there. Shi Sheng could only vaguely see two silhouettes. One followed the other out from that building. Based on their movements, they should be humans.
“Can you see clearly who those are?” Shi Sheng asked Jing Zhi out of frustration.
“That’s… ”Jing Zhi’s brows furrowed, pondered for quite some time, “the lady that always followed Han Yu. the other one behind her it’s not someone I know, she looks a little old.”

“Mu Xin?”
Jing Zhi looked at Shi Sheng innocently, how would I know her name?
It’s already so late, why did the female lead come out with someone?
Shi Sheng went to the other side of the building, looked down from above. Coincidentally, Mu Xin and the other person walked to the same side as Shi Sheng and stopped there.
Those two seemed like they were discussing something, then the silhouette suddenly shoved at Mu Xin, Mu Xin grabbed the silhouette’s hair and slammed into the half-broken electric pole next to them.
Mu Xin presumably covered the other person’s mouth and hence he did not scream. She hit that person several times in a row against the electric pole before letting go. That person fell limp onto the ground.
Once Mu Xin was sure that he was not breathing anymore, she glanced around before leaving that place as quickly as she could.
“I’ll go down and have a look.” Shi Sheng took out her metal sword and was about to hop down.
“Let me go with you.” Jing Zhi woke Xia Shu up before he followed Shi Sheng to jumping down with her metal sword.
The alley beneath the building was a dead end, dark and a little oozy. Shi Sheng dropped next to the silhouette, flipped the body with her sword.  
“It's her.”
Jing Zhi did not know her, but Shi Sheng did. That person was Aunt Li.
It was unbelievable that Mu Xin actually killed her.
Before that when they came in, Father Mu was not with them. It would seem that something had happened on their way here, and Aunt Li was somehow related to it. That’s why Mu Xin chose to kill Aunt LI.
Shi Sheng did not loiter there for too long and went back to the roof straight.
Xia Shu and Zhu Feng were awake. They were talking among themselves and, for some reason, Zhu Feng seemed a little awkward while Xia Shu seemed undisturbed.
“What happened?” Zhu Feng got up with a sigh of relief.
Jing Zhi shook his head, walked to the side while holding Shi Sheng.
Zhu Feng did not ask any further and walked back to Xia Shu, “just now… what I said was not intentional. You… don’t have to take it to heart. ”
“Don’t you… have anything to say?” Zhu Feng glared at him.
“Didn’t you tell me not to take it to heart?”
Zhu Feng was so embarrassed he wanted to find himself a hole to hide into. Thus he decided to stay away from Xia Shu and went to the other side to sleep.
Xia Shu rubbed the corner of his lips with his hand, his lips curved up slightly, and his drooping eyelashes veiled his inner laughter.


After a peaceful night, Shi Sheng could hear blaring fighting noises early in the morning. It was Uncle Li with his thunderous voice. It was almost like he was asking all the nearby zombies to gather around him.
Shi Sheng got out of Jing Zhi’s arms. There were already a few people gathered there to see the spectacle. As they saw Shi Sheng came over, they quickly made space for her.
“Mu Xin, are you that little slut! Where’s my wife? Tell me! Did you kill my wife?!”