Mu Xin was protected behind by soldiers in camouflage uniforms, with a cold and indifferent expression, “How is the missing of your wife has anything to do with me?"

"How is it none of your business, who else holds a grudge against my wife but you little slut?" Uncle Li was so worked up that he probably would have rushed up and beaten Mu Xin if no one was not in the way.

"Don’t you know your wife had offended many people?" Mu Xin questioned with a sneer.

Aunt Li that greedy for small advantages and can only win cannot lose personality. Out of everyone here, who would be in a good relationship with her?

"Bah!" Uncle Li spat at Mu Xin, "Your father was the one shielded my wife from the zombies, you should go to him if you're upset. Give my wife back to me, give her back to me!"

Once that was said, Mu Xin’s facial expression turned worse. If Aunt Li did not suddenly tug her father, would my father get bitten by a zombie?
These two are still taking my father’s kindness for granted until the end.
At that moment, she thought that just letting Aunt Li die was letting her off the hook too easily.
She should have been thrown into a horde of zombies and let her feel what it is like to be bitten by one.
Their heated argument gradually grew louder, making the zombies around them to start gathering towards them.

"Xi Xi’s gone." Jing Zhi embraced Shi Sheng.
Shi Sheng looked around, seeing that the others were all packed up. Zhu Feng who used to be around Xia Shu all the time was now standing far away from her.
The floor had been cleared yesterday before they came up. Hence the trip going down was rather smooth.
The people on the other side were all startled when they saw someone suddenly coming out of the building. Those who thought it was a zombie were already in an attack posture. But despite seeing that it was a person, they did not relax but rather became more vigilant.
Shi Sheng and the rest did not even look at them as they headed straight towards the city.
"These are the people who had been following us all the way before, right?"
"I think so… when did they get here?"

 "Are they trying to get out of town?"
While someone was whispering about it, Han Yu who came out to guard his wife and child was just in time to see the line of people who were leaving without a trace of shadow.
His eyebrows furrowed.

"Sister." Ye An trotted to catch up with Shi Sheng. Ye Ran was being held by Zhu Feng, and Ye An knew Zhu Feng couldn't keep up with their speed with Ye Ran in his arms, hence he maintained his pace.
He walked to the other side of Shi Sheng and carefully held the hem of Shi Sheng's coat.
They moved to somewhere isolated where Xia Shu pulled out the caravan. The caravan was large, more than enough to fit ten people.
Leaving Ping District, the group of people rushed to the military base.

But they lacked one thing: proof of identity. While they were still trying to figure out how to break into the military base, Shi Sheng sliced through the door with her sword.
The invulnerable gate in their eyes was completely devastated by Shi Sheng's sword.
The crowd was shocked.Oh my gosh, you'll have no problem conquering the world with this sword.
"Xiao Xi, what sword is that? It's so powerful." Someone asked the question the crowd had been wanting to ask.
"The Sword of Kings."
Everyone cringed at the anime-like name. Why did you give it such a weeaboo name… Although it sounds very domineering, it sounds weird.
They collectively thought about the scenario where Shi Sheng raised the iron sword and shouted ‘The Sword of Kings, please lend me your power!', and goosebumps began to crept on their skin.
The Iron Sword complained. Master, I have a name! Don't simply change my name!
There were also zombies in the military base. After swiftly killing off the zombies, they began to collect the firearms inside.
Xia Shu's space could only fit a third of it. So many weapons. The group of people was very reluctant to leave them here.

They wore expressions as if their wives died. Speechless, Shi Sheng put all those weapons into her own space.
It did not bother her too much as her dimension storage was already filled with much junk.

"I told you Xiao Xi can really store all that stuff!"

"Even Master Jing is boasting about his sister. I'm so jealous!"
"As a single person, there’s nothing I want to say."
Traveling from the military base to the Yao Guang Base took them about ten days. During that time, Shi Sheng did not feel that strange sensation.
There was a long line outside the base and a quarantine area fenced with wires next to it. This was only the initial containment. Only after staying inside for 24 hours could they register to enter the city for the next part of quarantine.
There were still many outside as they could not afford to pay the supplies needed to enter the city. At this moment, they were either crying and cursing or waiting for death hopelessly.

The arrival of Jing Zhi and his team was like a pile of clean, good looking fruits popping out of a bunch of potatoes shrouded in the mud.
Their clean white clothes were unusually conspicuous in contrast to those with dirt-covered garments.
"Please give me some food..."
"Please give me some water."
As soon as they got close, people gathered around and reached out their hands towards them.
There was an army stationed in the distance, but there was also a demarcation line. The army could not care less about those who were outside of the demarcation line.
Jing Zhi had Shi Sheng in his arms while the others protected Ye An and Ye Ran to quickly go inside.

"Men come to this area; women are to be in the other area." A man in a white lab coat was directing people to enter those wire cages, "The kids go over there, don't go anywhere else."
However, how could Jing Zhi rest assured for Shi Sheng to stay there? He quickly led the others to the registration place.
"Excuse me, sir. You guys are supposed to be quarantined here." The man in the white coat stopped Jing Zhi. His tone was not unpleasant, probably because they were all pretty well-dressed.
"We have superhumans on our team." Xia Shu spoke out first.
"Superhumans ......" the lab coat pointed to the other side of the registration desk, with a better attitude, " Superhumans are to be registered over there, friends and relatives can directly enter inside for inspection without quarantine. "
There were not many superhumans registering, and their turn quickly came soon.
"Name." The registrar repeated his dull, repetitive work.
" Zhu Feng."
" Water element."
The registration officer looked up at Zhu Feng, put a red checkmark on his profile, then asked a few more questions before sending him to the superpowers test next to him.
"Second-level Water System." The person testing there quickly answered.
The registration officer marked another red tick on Zhu Feng’s profile then let him in.
Jing Zhi let the others in first, Xia Shu was the only one tested to have the superpower of the Fire element.
Ye An had a Bbody Enhancement superpower, which was slightly difficult to detect and was brought by two other officers for further testing.
Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi were the last.
"Jing Zhi."
The registration officer finished typing the name and suddenly frowned. Why does this name sound familiar? Where have I heard that before?
Why can't I remember?
The registration officer couldn't recall for a moment and was about to ask a detailed question when he suddenly heard a shout from the front.
"Captain Han is back. Captain Han is back."
Who would not know about Han Yu in Yao Guang Base?
This time when he had been out for such a long time, everyone thought that something bad had happened to him. And now that news of his return spread, everyone quickly headed for the source to verify it.

Those who didn't know him were driven by curiosity due to these people, naturally began to look towards the same direction as well.