Han Yu returned with a team that went out to gather resources. The team ran into Han Yu and the others when they were on their way back, so Han Yu and the others followed them on the way. If they were to walk alone, who knows how much time they would’ve wasted.

Han Yu felt uneasy in County Ping when Shi Sheng and the others left, so he asked the ones that were with him to pick up their paces while gathering resources so they could leave early.

Yet, they still ran into a level 3 zombie.

Yes, it was a level 3 zombie, hence the only ones that managed to escape were no more than twenty people.

The military blazed a trail for Han Yu and the others. Apart from the average people, only six people were with Han Yu, including Mu Xin and that little boy.

Han Yu marched towards the registry with a woman in his arms.

“Get a doctor!” someone yelled.

“Examine Captain Han and the others first,”

Various voices echoed at the registry and it soon became noisy. A bunch of people swarmed over and squeezed Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi to the side. Before they could even react, Han Yu and the others already entered.

Mu Xin didn’t see Jing Zhi for some reason, maybe the place was too crowded, or she just simply wasn’t in good condition. She followed Han Yu and entered, disappearing in people’s sights.

This is what you call easy come, easy go.

The registration officers continued registering after all the chaos.


“Ice element,” there was no emotion in Jing Zhi’s voice.

Only one superpower was tested out of Jing Zhi.

The officer paid more attention to Jing Zhi as he possessed level 3 superpower. Not only is this man good-looking, his name also sounds familiar.


“Jing Xi.”


“Wood element.”

“… …”

The officer was still mumbling Jing Zhi and Jing Xi’s names after they entered with Shi Sheng.
His facial expressions changed when he recalled something and pulled out some documents from the drawer. He found Jing Zhi’s file from the documents, and the photo attached to it showed the man that he let in just now.

“Jing Zhi… Oh, my God…” the officer kept everything and left quickly after asking someone to replace him.

… …

Relatives of superhumans didn’t need to undergo quarantine, so the period of their checkup is short, too.

They were let in soon.

The Yao Guang Base was large and was also divided clearly.

Ordinary people could only stay in outer areas, while superhumans stay in the third area, the military in the second area, and the base’s decision makers stay in the first area.

Jing Zhi rented two units that were next to each other in the second area.

“It looks great here!” Zhu Feng checked the place, “Young Master Jing only has three rooms.”

The rest of the people would stay in another unit, and the people that were staying in this unit were Shi Sheng, Jing Zhi, Ye An, Ye Ran, Zhu Feng and Xia Shu.

Ye An of course didn’t want to be separated from Ye Ran, so both of them stayed in the smallest room.

Shi Sheng wanted to stay with Jing Zhi, and Jing Zhi didn’t protest despite looking a little embarrassed.

Only Zhu Feng and Xia Shu were left in the end.

Xia Shu didn’t really have any problems with it, but Zhu Feng acted like an angry cat and jumped up in fury, “I’m not staying with him! I’ll take a look at the unit next door.”

Zhu Feng left in a hurry.

Shi Sheng turned to look at Xia Shu, “What’s wrong with you two?”

Xia Shu shrugged at Shi Sheng before turning to head to their room.

Zhu Feng returned sadly in a few minutes. Six people were staying next door and there were only two rooms. He couldn’t even sleep on the sofa.

“Young Master Jing… why didn’t you rent another extra room? We’re not short of Crystallizing nuclei!” Zhu Feng complained.

“These two units are the only ones next to each other. All the other units have a long distance between them and it’s not convenient,” Jing Zhi’s explanation left no room for Zhu Feng to argue.

He walked towards Xia Shu’s room like he was walking to her death.

Jing Zhi called everyone over to eat and have a meeting after everyone settled down.

They all returned to their respective rooms after the meeting ended.

Jing Zhi asked Zhu Feng to put some clean water in the bathroom for Shi Sheng to take a bath with. Zhu Feng felt gloomy, wondering why his water element superpowers were now used to make bath water.

He added more water, thinking that he could use it, too.

However, after Shi Sheng and the others finished bathing, not a drip of water was left.

“Hey! Ye Zi,” Zhu Feng grabbed Ye An, “Who is the last one to take a bath?”

Ye An’s hair was still wet, but he had been sitting in the living room for some time, so clearly he wasn’t the last one.

Ye An pointed at one of the rooms, “It was Brother Xia Shu.”

“Xia Shu!”

Zhu Feng stormed into the room, but exited it in less than two seconds before speeding into the bathroom.
Adults are so hard to understand.

… …

What can they do when it is the end of the world?

Not only there was no computer, mobile, and any source of entertainment, they were also constantly hungry and cold. They couldn’t even sleep well since they had to be careful every step of their way.

Shi Sheng rolled around on the bed, bored. Jing Zhi was sitting aside doing something.

It’s so boring!

I want to have sex with Jing Zhi.

I want to!

I want to so badly!

It’s so boring!

“Jing Zhi,” Shi Sheng sat up and said seriously, “Let’s have a deep conversation.”

“Conversation about what?” Jing Zhi turned and asked, confused.

“… …” What an idiot, “About our relationship!”

“Relationships are supposed to go with the flow, how do we even have a conversation about that?” Jing Zhi shook his head with a laugh, “Are you bored? Want to go for a walk? I heard there’s a night market at the base here, want to go check it out?”

Shi Sheng thought innately, Would Jing Zhi beat me up if I told him I want to have sex?

Jing Zhi was utterly confused when Shi Sheng didn’t give him an answer. He finally realized what she meant and his face turned bright red, “Xi Xi… …”

What is she thinking every day?

“So, do you want it, or not?” Shi Sheng lifted her head to look at him.

Jing Zhi looked down at her body, with only a singlet and shorts. The atmosphere soon became weird.

Shi Sheng hopped off the bed and locked the door before lunging at Jing Zhi.

She realized Jing Zhi had a habit in bed. He loved to bite her, especially her neck, except it wasn’t hard, just a light nip.

“Is your zodiac sign a dog?” Shi Sheng touched her neck speechlessly.

Jing Zhi looked at her innocently. He didn’t know how to explain his actions as well, it was completely out of instinct.

He hugged her from behind, “Xi Xi.”


“Would you regret it?”

“About what?”

Jing Zhi said after a moment of silence, “Regret being with me.”

“Why would I?” Shi Sheng rolled her eyes.

“I don’t know. I’m scared,” Jing Zhi tightened his arms around Shi Sheng, his voice trembling slightly, “I’m so scared, Xi Xi.”

He couldn’t explain the reason behind his fear. All he knew was that he was extremely terrified for some reason.

He was afraid that the gossip and rumors would hurt her, and also afraid of the fact that she might leave him.

Shi Sheng felt a tingling pain in the bottom of her heart for just a split second. It was so tiny but so real.

She was confused. When was the last time I had this feeling?

It was so long ago, she couldn’t even remember.

“Xi Xi.”

Jing Zhi’s uneasy voice pulled Shi Sheng back. She turned to kiss him, muttering, “I will always be here for you.”