Mu Xin was shocked, A cart of supplies? The audacity of her!
“Miss Jing, you need to give sensible conditions.” Mu Xin furrowed her brows. She continued, “It’s impossible to give you a cart of supplies now that supplies are scarce.”
“If you can’t comply with my conditions, then I have nothing to say.” Shi Sheng sneered.
“How could you use our children to threaten us? Don’t you have an ounce of conscience?!” The woman jumped up abruptly in rage and resentment.
“That’s right, I’m threatening you. What are you going to do about it?” Shi Sheng admitted with arrogance.
The woman’s face turned red with fury, spotted Han Yu at the corner of her eyes, began to bawl at him, “Captain Han. Captain Han, she’s a human trafficker, huhuhu. You have to uphold justice for us!”
Han Yu:”...” he was not planning to come here at all. This kind of matter was usually handled by specialists. But Mu Xin insisted on coming here, and his wife made him look after Mu Xin, so he had to follow Mu Xin here.
This kind of situation was not easy for him to handle too.
Han Yu cleared his throat, “Since the child’s parents are here, you shall return the children to their parents.”
It was an unalterable truth that parents should raise their children.
“No.” Ye An refused while hiding behind Shi Sheng, “I don’t want to go with them.”
“You heard it. It is Ye An’s own choice. He doesn’t want to go with both of you.” Zhu Feng could not hold back anymore, “I wouldn’t want to go with you if my parents were like you.”
“Captain Han just said that the kids should come with us. You all still want to rob them away from us?” The woman’s voice was so sharp, it pierced through eardrums, “They belong to me, An An, you come over here!”
The atmosphere suddenly became agitated.

“How about Captain Han trade a cart of supplies for them?” Shi Sheng said, out of the blue.
So many people can be fed with a cart of supplies, using it to trade with two kids, there’s no way I will agree with this condition. Han Yu thought to himself.
Mu Xin glared at Shi Sheng with wrath, “Jing Xi, using children to trade for supplies, how can you be so cruel?”
As she was saying that, her eyesight turned to Jing Zhi intentionally.

However, Jing Zhi was not affected by anything she said.
“What’s wrong with being cruel?” Shi Sheng couldn't care less.
The female lead is not callous, does it even matter if she avenged her relatives if they are already dead? They are not going to come back to life after all.
Han Yu stopped Mu Xin, who was about to say something else. Mu Xin could only glare at Shi Sheng with eyes full of hatred.
Han Yu talked to the man at his side, after telling him something, the man stopped making a scene. The woman did not want to give up but was dragged away by the man.
Han Yu nodded slightly at Shi Sheng before leaving with his team. Mu Xin gazed at Jing Shi before leaving hesitantly with the team.
This absurd episode ended like this.
Ye An had been moody after that. He could not even eat without being distracted.
Shi Sheng had something to ponder about, so naturally, she did not have time to pay attention to him.

However, after that, the couple somehow found out where Ye An was living. The Ye couple met with Ye An secretly. Due to them living in a horrendous condition, they wanted to convince Ye An to go back with them.
They then straight away ask Ye An for food after a while.
Ye An had given them twice, seeing that they were still his biological parents.
The Ye couple got a sweet taste of the benefits and got even worse. Ye An got a little scared and stopped going out alone. He would only go out if someone in the team were accompanying him.
“Ah, I forgot to bring crystallizing nuclei.” Zhu Feng recalled him not bringing crystallizing nuclei, “Xiao Ye Zi (nickname of Ye An) you wait for me here, I’ll go back and get some.”
“Okay.” Ye An nodded obediently after inspecting his surrounding, making sure that the Ye couple was not around.
However, not long after Zhu Feng went upstairs, two silhouettes ran out from the corner. One covered Ye An’s mouth while the other held his legs and disappeared swiftly in the night sky.

There was a street in the basement that was known as the ‘Red District’.
Most people there were powerless women. They would sell their bodies and get paid accordingly, living a hard life.
There were laws before the apocalypse that people had to hide their sexual fantasies. Now that there were no laws. These people would not bother to conceal them, causing many girls to be tortured to death.
And amid these girls, there would be some boys.
Especially little boys, they were notably popular.
However, The Red District was unusually busting on this day.
Screams were heard from far away.
The Ye couple had just acquired a bag of crystallizing nuclei, walking out from a building ecstatically. They were puzzled as they did not notice the streets’ chaos since they were in a building.
They glanced at each other, clutching onto the bag of crystallizing nuclei in their arms before leaving the store.
They saw a lady carrying a sword, flouncing toward them with murderous rage while they did not get very far.
Their hearts skipped a beat before turning around to run for lives.
If they did not run, Shi Sheng might not notice them. However, Shi Sheng was able to spot them instantly the moment they ran.
Those two panicked and somehow ran into a dead end. By the time they turned around to run to the other way, Shi Sheng had blocked the intersection.
“What... what are you trying to do?”
Shi Sheng approached them step by step. The flickering light behind her made her silhouette appear to be blurry. Chill dispelled the hot and stuffy air and seeped into their skin, reaching their hearts. The Ye couple quivered involuntarily.
“Where’s Ye An?”
She sounded like she just came back from hell.
“How do we know where Ye An is?” the woman answered with a shaky voice, “We’re still in the base, don’t you dare to do anything to us!”
Right, this is the base, she won’t dare to kill anyone.

Whoever kills anyone in the base will be banished.
A loud, blood-curdling cry was heard in the empty alley. People that were startled by the cry looked towards the path; their faces were full of dread.
Why would someone as good looking as her be so violent?
This kind of woman is truly horrifying.

Shi Sheng walked out from the alley, dashed straight to the brothel that the Ye couple came out of.
People in the brothel closed the front gate after the Ye couple left which was when they heard a lunatic was about in The Red District.
“What’s going on outside? Where’s this lunatic from? Why haven’t the army sent anyone here?” The owner of the brothel paced around impatiently, and asked a few questions.

“Our place is quite far away from the military base. If they were to send the army, it’ll take some time.” Someone beside him answered, “Boss, there’s nothing to be worried about, we’re safe here.”
The front gate got kicked out into the sky, landing towards them right when he said ‘here’.
A ray of cold light reflected in from outside, blinding the crowd in the brothel.
As many were still unclear of what was going on, some people were already booted to the ground.
The owner went upstairs rolling and crawling, while Shi Sheng flipped over the stairs with the support of the rails, chasing the owner.
Fireballs with the size of a fist came out from the owner’s hand, flinging towards Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng deviated those fireballs effortlessly with her metal sword. She then caught the owner by his collar and threw him downstairs.

All of that happened in less than one minute.
The others freaked out and crawled their way out to escape. However, when they reached the entrance, their heads hit an invisible wall, giving them no way to escape.