There were many rooms on the first floor; Shi Sheng checked those rooms one by one. Some were still doing their ‘business’ in their room, so many were upset that Shi Sheng disrupted them from having a good time.

However, Shi Sheng couldn't care less, breaking into the rooms one by one.
“Damn it, who the heck is that!”
The man in the bed looked in Shi Sheng’s direction. He was already erect, but due to the door suddenly being barged open, it startled him into losing his erection.

The other person on the bed suddenly pushed the man away, stumbling towards Shi sheng. She did not even care about her clothes that were ripped apart.

It was a beautiful woman with wavy hair and the lacerated garments covering portions of her body made her seem more desirable.

Shi Sheng remembered her.
She was Han Yu’s wife.
According to the plot, Han Yu’s wife was being humiliated to death…

“Save me,” the woman sobbed while running to Shi Sheng, her face covered in tears.
The man jumped down from the bed, grabbed the woman’s hair, and tugged her. He threatened Shi Sheng viciously, “Don’t you dare be a busybody, you little brat, or i’ll rape you too!”
“Please save me!”
The man pulled the woman’s hair at full strength, causing her scalp to be tightly stretched, her face appeared to be distorted in agony.
She protected her head with one hand, reaching towards Shi Sheng with the other, in desperation, “Please, save me.”

“Get lost!” the man continued shouting at Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng turned around to leave.
“Save me...”
“You slut still wants to escape!” the man slapped the woman across the face before throwing her onto the bed.
The woman climbed towards the window hopelessly, the man caught her by her hair again, pulling and dragging her back. As the woman gave up on all hope, she felt the force clutching her hair was gone.
The man collapsed onto her without a sign.
Across the man’s shoulder, the woman could see a lady was standing under the dim light. That lady expressionlessly kept her sword into her scabbard, turned around, and left the room.
The woman was able to respond to the situation after some time.
The man that was about to rape her is dead.
She pushed the man away from her and tumbled onto the floor. Her tears flowed out uncontrollably. She grabbed a bed sheet that was nearby, wrapped it around her body before she scurried out of the room.
She wanted to get out, but she ran in the wrong direction. Coincidentally, she was able to meet the lady that saved her. She was bending over to carry a kid.
The lady came out from the room at a steady pace, heading downstairs without even looking at the woman.
The woman followed Shi Sheng while barefoot.
Downstairs was in complete mayhem, some superhumans tried to break the door with their superpowers, but it was useless. They were still unable to get out.
They thought the door must be cursed.
Footsteps could be heard from the staircase; the chaotic scene suddenly became dead quiet; every eye was locked onto the stairs.
As the sound of footsteps approached, every step sent chills down their spine, making them step back from the staircase unconsciously.
Shi Sheng came down, carrying a person in her arms. Amidst a crowd of horrified eyes, she took off the talisman next to the door and went out with dignity.
The others saw the talisman too, but no one could touch it. It was like an illusion for them.
The army was already on standby outside. They probably knew that they could not get into the building so endless guns were aimed at Shi Sheng when she left the building.

Han Yu was in full military uniform, and was exceptionally eye-catching among the crowd.

“Han Yu.”
Han Yu’s expression slightly changed when a voice choked with sobs came from behind Shi Sheng. He bolted from the crowd toward the source of the sound, “Wei Wei.”

Zhao Wei Wei threw herself into Han Yu’s arms, crying her heart out like she just found solace.
The Red District was capable of forcing people into prostitution and human trafficking became more prominent due to some superiors covering for them.
The Red District had lost more of its rights after Han Yu was furious about Zhao Wei Wei getting involved in these matters.
Shi Sheng heard that Zhao Wei Wei and Mu Xin were not on speaking terms anymore, so Han Yu cut ties with Mu Xin.
The reasons were unclear.

However, it was apparent that this had something to do with Zhao Wei Wei being captured in the brothel.
Shi Sheng waited for Ye An to wake up before bringing him to the Ye couple.
“Sister...” Ye An grabbed Shi Sheng’s hand. He did not want to face them.

“This is your matter,” Shi Sheng spoke calmly, “I can kill them for you, but you have to make the decision yourself, go in.”
Ye An took a few deep breaths, pushed open the door, then walked in.
“Isn’t this kind of cruel?” Zhu Feng could not bear it, as Ye An was still a child.
“He needs to grow up and in this cruel world, no one can be saved by kindness and leniency.” Xia Shu answered on behalf of Shi Sheng.
Jing Shi patted Shi Sheng’s shoulder, comforting her silently.
Shi Sheng’s heart was as calm as the sea, without a ripple. All of these had nothing to do with her.
In the end, Ye An could not be so heartless and decided to let the Ye couple off scot-free.
However, Shi Sheng secretly threw those two out of the base, Pests like them will only bring more trouble if they’re still alive.
The only person who knew about this was Jing Shi.

Even though they were sleeping in the same bed, Jing Shi felt ambiguous. He did not know how to describe it, but it made him feel bad.

Hence, whenever Jing Shi messed around with Shi Sheng, it seemed to be the only way to be one with her, to be assured that she was really at his side.

She Shing was teaching Ye Ran to call her sister as Han Yu brought Zhao Wei Wei to see her.
“Systir!” Ye Ran’s baby voice was soothing to the ears, but no matter how many times Shi Sheng corrected her, she would only know this term.
“Captain Han, please have a seat.” Zhu Feng ushered them in, seeing Shi Sheng looking at him with askance, he explained:” Captain Han wants to thank you, so I brought him in.”
Shi Sheng put Ye Ran aside, letting her crawl around on the couch.
“She’s very adorable.” Zhao Wei Wei complimented heartfeltly. She had kids too so seeing children would make her have a favorable impression.
“What do you want?”
Zhao Wei Wei smiled. She did not get upset because of Shi Sheng’s coldness, “Miss Jing saved me last time. I’m here to thank Miss Jing.”
Shi Sheng slightly leaned, Ye Ran soon climbed onto her body, touching her face.

Shi Sheng grabbed her hand, “Someone would be merry if you were dead. Coincidentally, I don’t want her to be merry, so don’t thank me.”
Zhao Wei Wei:”...” Aren’t you being too honest?
“Han Yu, I want to talk to Miss Jing alone. Can you wait outside for me?” Zhao Wei Wei said to Han Yu coquettishly.

Han Yu nodded lightly, glancing at Shi Sheng before heading out.
After he was out, Zhao Wei Wei asked:” Miss Jing, are you talking about Mu Xin?”

“If you think so, then yes.”
“...” She is really unpredictable. . “Doesn’t matter, I still am grateful to you.”

She knew that if Shi Sheng did not look for someone that day, and created the uproar in The Red District, then Han Yu would never have gone there.
Shi Sheng looked at her calmly, but did not respond.
“Systir!” Ye Ran grabbed Shi Sheng with her tiny hands, “Systir! Systir! Systir!”

“She must be hungry.” Zhao Wei Wei reminded her.

Shi Sheng’s face was filled with disgust immediately.
Eat, eat, eat! She only knows how to eat!

Although Shi Sheng was unhappy with that, she nevertheless went and brewed milk for Ye Ran.
“Um… you’re not supposed to do that. Let me help you.” Zhao Wei Wei could not bear seeing the way Shi Sheng was preparing the milk.