Zhao Weiwei came out with two cans of milk powder in her arms, looking confused. 

Han Yu stood outside waiting for her, and beside him was a good looking man wearing a plain white tee.

As Jing Zhi saw her coming out, he immediately entered through the door, disappearing from her sight in a blink of an eye.

"Han Yu ...... Jing Xi is so weird." Zhao Wei Wei hesitantly spoke.

Han Yu looked at the milk powder in her hand, isn’t it strange? They came to say thank you, and when they left, they ended up bringing milk powder. 

The milk powder in the base is actually not much. Previously, it was all given to them by Mu Xin, and now that they are having conflict with Mu Xin, they are lacking milk powder.

Thinking of Mu Xin, Han Yu's face sank.

"Go back."

Zhao Wei Wei looked at the closed door and left with Han Yu.

Han Yu sent four bags of rice afterwards, which was considered a trade for milk powder.

Jing Zhi arranged some people to find a place to set up a base. They have weapons, but now they just need to recruit more people.

Xia Shu's space couldn't contain that many weapons, so Shi Sheng casually tossed them a space ring.

After those people left, the remaining teammates left were all that remained in this house. Originally, Zhu Feng was supposed to follow, but Xia Shu vetoed it.

Mu Xin was rumored to have entered a mercenary team that peddled items from her supermarket, because she sold things that were hard to get nowadays. Therefore, this mercenary team went from being obscure to having a high reputation.

The military has to be a bit scrupulous.
What the military lacked most right now was medicine and water.

The weather was extremely hot, and the base's water element was drained almost every day. Even if there was a constant supply of crystals for them to replenish, water would not be sufficient.

Although Mu Xin doesn't sell water, she has hydrated fruits. Since it's fruitful and quenches thirst, and the price isn't expensive, plenty of people would buy them. 

The medicines Mu Xin sold were quite common and somewhat expensive, but compared to going to dangerous places to get medicine, it's definitely better to buy from her. 

But there was a downside to this: there were people who coveted it, including the mercenaries, so Mu Xin was still betrayed.

This time there was no owner to take the blame for the hostess, and the one who took the blame turned out to be a girl from the mercenary group.

After this happened, the hostess did not dare to sell anything to the outside world, and was quiet for a while.


Jing Cheng base sent a helicopter to pick up Jing Zhi and Jing Xi two months later.

The person who came was the most trusted person of Old Master Jing, whom the owner had also met before, and they all called him Uncle Wu.

Rumor has it that he was a special forces soldier, but later retired due to injuries and has been following Old Master Jing ever since. 

Uncle Wu was not only here to pick them up, but he also carried important information and had to pick-up scientific researchers, so he met them only after the handover with the military.

"Uncle Wu." Jing Zhi called out with respect.

"Good boy, you’ve been protecting your sister well." Uncle Wu punched Jing Zhi in the chest and turned to rub Shi Sheng's head, "Little girl, you didn’t even address your uncle."

Shi Sheng, with her messy hair, called out gloomily, "Uncle Wu."

Jing Zhi tidied her hair for her and got up to pour some tea for Uncle Wu. Uncle Wu looked at Shisheng strangely, and before he had time to think carefully, he heard Jing Zhi ask, "Is grandpa doing well?"

"The old man's health has been poor." Uncle Wu shrugged off the strange thoughts just now and looked glum, "All the burdens are on the old man now, and he was only relieved when the news that you were all safe reached him, but it took him this long to arrange for me to come and pick you both up."

Uncle Wu took a sip of tea, "We have to leave tomorrow, so tonight you guys pack up everything you need and we’ll leave in the morning."

"What's the hurry?"

Uncle Wu smiled bitterly, "You should know that in addition to zombies, there are also zombie animals out there. We haven’t discovered any zombie animals in the air before, but a few days ago, a helicopter was attacked by zombie birds while on a mission, and the helicopter couldn’t function when the zombie birds appeared in the air. If it wasn't for this discovery, I might have had to delay coming to pick you up for a while."

There were still major discoveries to be made over at the capital base. This time, Uncle Wu came not only to receive them but also to bring researchers who are experts in the virus and genetics field to Yao Guang base.

After sitting for a while, Uncle Wu left. He still had to deal with other issues, so he instructed them to gather at the base's airport early morning the next day.

There weren't many things they had to pack, just a few more things for Ye Ran.

"Sister, where are we going?" Ye An asked Shi Sheng as he stuffed clothes into his backpack.

"Jing Cheng base."

"Oh." Ye An zipped up the backpack, "Sister, will the world ever return to the way it was?"

"So what even if it's recovered?" There was a hint of coldness in the corner of Shi Sheng's mouth, "Humans have died in large numbers and civilization has been destroyed, so if you want to return to the world you imagined, you have to wait for a lifetime!"

Ye An: "...... " 
Sister, is it that hard to comfort me?

"I won't lie to you by saying nice things, I'm too lazy to make it up." As if Shi Sheng knew what Ye An was thinking.

 Lazy to make it up ...... 

I have no comment regarding this lame excuse

Just as the two of them were glaring at each other, an alarm suddenly sounded outside. 

"Sister ...... there are many zombies headed towards the base." Ye An subconsciously used his superpower.

Zombies attacking the city?

There's only been one zombie attack on the Yao Guang base, and that was the one time when Jing Zhi attracted the zombies.

So this scenario still happened.

"Xi Xi." Jing Zhi pushed the door open.

Ye An repeated what he had just said to Jing Zhi again.

Xia Shu and Zhu Feng also came in and were shocked when they heard Ye An's words, "Zombies attacking the city?"

"Yao Guang Base has a good defensive system, so it should be fine, right?" Zhu Feng asked.

There are so many people building and reinforcing the city walls in the Yao Guang Base everyday.

Xia Shu looked at Ye An, "Can you see how many zombies there are?"

Ye An tried his best to look at the distance. The darkness was receding extremely fast in his eyes, like a lens, zooming in on the distant scene. "There’s too many ...... I can’t see their heads."

Ye An's face suddenly changed.

"Ah!" He screamed, covered his head, and sat on his knees, "It hurts ......"

"Little Leaf." Zhu Feng helped Ye An up, "What's wrong? You overused your superpowers?"

"It hurts." Ye An pulled his hair for a while, and punched his head hard.

Shi Sheng went up with a hand knife and directly cleaved Ye An unconscious.

Zhu Feng: "...... " 

How can you do this to a child?

"Spirit zombies, he'll only suffer more when he's awake." It’s rare that Shi Sheng gave an explanation. 

Spirits ...... or zombies?

They all knew about the spirits, a legendary ability to attack one's mind, an ability that was rare.

Shi Sheng didn't give them time to digest their thoughts. She continued, "This place is going to be destroyed, let's find Uncle Wu and get out of here."

"Destroyed? How would you know?" Zhu Feng was shocked, "You can actually prophesy?"

"I know you will die."

Zhu Feng was stunned and asked, "How would I die?"

Shi Sheng picked up Ye An's bag and dragged Jing Zhi out. "Talkative"

Zhu Feng: "......"

Why does it feel like she's despising herself?