The news of the zombie attack spread throughout the base in an instant. This is not a peaceful  era. This is a matter of life and death for everyone, and it is definitely impossible to hide the news.

The base’s radio station kept calling for people to go to the city walls and resist the zombies together.

When Shi Sheng and the others went out, the whole base was in chaos.When they went to the place where Uncle Wu previously said he’ll be resting there, they were told that Uncle Wu had already left towards the direction of the city walls with the people.

"You take them to the airport, I'll look for Uncle Wu." Shi Sheng shoved her bag to Jing Zhi.

"I'll go." Jing Zhi held her back, "You head to the airport first."

"I'm faster than you." Shi Sheng pulled out an iron sword, "Trust me."

Jing Zhi couldn't resist Shi Sheng, so he could only bring people to the airport first. Shi Sheng flew straight from the sky to the city walls.

The upper level wasn't hard to find,Just look where the most people are. Now anyone can climb up the wall, and no one will notice even if Shi Sheng goes up.

She squeezed into the crowd and slowly approached Uncle Wu.

Taking advantage of the people around Uncle Wu and the other people talking, she dragged Uncle Wu into the crowd.

"Xiao Xi, what are you doing here?" Uncle Wu was surprised to see the young girl dragging him, then snapped with a straight face, "Go back, this is not a place for you."

"We're leaving overnight."

"No, there are too many zombies. I have to stay and help." Uncle Wu rejected her without thinking.

Shi Sheng didn't beat around the bush. She said to Uncle Wu directly and honestly, "Uncle Wu, Yao Guang base cannot be saved, so it's useless for you to stay. It's not too late to escort those researchers away."

Uncle Wu was even more surprised.
How did she know that the Yao Guang Base couldn't be saved?

Shi Sheng dragged him towards the city wall, "Uncle Wu, don't forget what your mission is."

Yes, his mission was to pick up Xiao Xi and Xiao Zhi, as well as escort the group of researchers to the Jing Cheng base.

Uncle Wu was dizzy and was dragged to the airport by Shi Sheng. As Jing Zhi didn't have a pass, he and the others had to wait outside the airport.

Only when they got outside the airport did Uncle Wu respond, "I'm going to pick up those researchers."

He took a few passes out of his military bag, "You guys go in first. Get them ready for takeoff, I'll come after picking them up."

The group of researchers were in the lab, which was some distance away from the airport. There were large numbers of people in every area, and Uncle Wu was gone for an hour .

The zombies outside had already started attacking the city, and their roars were deafening.

When Han Yu escorted Zhao Weiwei in, he just happened to see a group of people standing under the helicopter, and the man in white was particularly eye-catching.

"Han Yu, can't we really hold it?" Zhao Wei Wei held the child. She was filled with panic, and spoke incoherently. "Will you be alright? If you can’t hold on, come with me."

Han Yuyi held her hand, "Protect yourself and your child. I'll go to Jing Cheng to look for you, be good."

"Han Yu ......"

 Han Yu hugged Zhao Wei Wei and led her towards Shi Sheng.

There were people from Jing Cheng base coming to pick up the Jing siblings, and those of them who knew him knew that he really didn't feel comfortable letting Zhao Wei Wei go on the road by herself, so it would be great if they could go back with them.

Han Yu walked up to Shi Sheng, "Mr. Jing, Miss Jing, can I trouble you with one thing?"

"No trouble please." Shi Sheng refused very quickly.

Han Yu: "......"

He took a deep breath, "For the sake of the child, can Miss Jing send my wife and child back to the Jing Cheng base."

His face was not as useful as the child before her.

The child opened his eyes widely, no idea what he saw, but he then started giggling, completely unaware of what was about to happen.

"Eeeeee!" Ye Ran suddenly grabbed Shi Sheng's hair and nibbled on Shi Sheng's face with his small mouth, "Eeee."

"It's useless for me to agree as this is Uncle Wu's team." Shi Sheng carried Ye Ran and turned around.

Han Yu patted Zhao Wei Wei's shoulder. She loosened her tongue. If he convinced Uncle Wu, who was leading the team, he could let Wei Wei return to the Jing Cheng base with them.

The team brought by Uncle Wu also suffered some losses on the way as there are only two helicopters at this time.  It is definitely more than enough to load people, however they still had to load the researchers' data and equipment.

Adding another person was not a big deal, but Han Yu also sent people to protect Zhao Wei Wei, which the helicopter was unable to fit.

"Captain Han, as you can see, there's no way we can leave these things behind, so I can only take Miss Zhao and the child with me. If you're still uneasy, you can also have someone take Miss Zhao in a helicopter behind us, and I'll try to take care of as much as I can."

"Han Yu, I can do it alone, I'm also more at ease if I let them stay by your side." Zhao Wei Wei calmed down and took the initiative to speak, "Don't let me worry."

Han Yu's gaze penetrated the crowd and landed on Shi Sheng, who was playing with the child. For some reason, he had an intuition that as long as this woman was present, all problems wouldn't be a problem. 

After a while, he withdrew his gaze, "Alright."

Only after settling Zhao Wei Wei into place did Han Yu solemnly say to Uncle Wu, "The Han family would like to extend our sincere gratitude"

Uncle Wu waved his hand. The Han family had power in Jing Cheng, but now… the situation in Jing Cheng base wasn't good now, and it was still uncertain what the future would be like.

"Han Yu." Zhao Weiwei called him with teary eyes but acted strong, "You must live."

"Wait for me."

Han Yu's straight back faded away.

Uncle Wu made sure everyone was there and took off.

The helicopter slowly lifted off, and the base below seemed smaller and smaller.

Just as the helicopter rose to five hundred meters, a loud bang suddenly shook the entire fuselage, and weightlessness struck instantly.

The people on the helicopter turned pale, gripped their seat belts, and didn’t dare to breathe.

Jing Zhi subconsciously grasped Shi Sheng's hand.

Shi Sheng calmly squeezed his hand, "As long as the person flying the plane is not a rookie, we won't fall."

Her voice wasn't loud, but it was heard very clearly at this point.

Sure enough, the helicopter was quickly pulled up. Uncle Wu's radio came out with the pilot's voice, "I don't know what I hit, but it's fine now."

Jing Zhi recalled that while waiting for Uncle Wu, Shi Sheng had circled the two planes while carrying Ye Ran, and he thought she was coaxing the child.

"Xi Xi, aren't you tired?" Jing Zhi was helpless. She had thought everything through, and it felt like they were useless.

Shi Sheng tilted her head and put on a serious face, "Discarding all dangers is the first rule of survival."

Jing Zhi looked at Shi Sheng helplessly. 
Does she even know that she could also rely on him sometimes.

As the helicopter ascended, there had been thumping and crashing sounds, but it was dark outside, so they couldn't see what was hitting them at all.

Sometimes, unseen danger is even more frightening.

The helicopter thrashed about in the air. Luckily, the pilot was a veteran of decades of flying. He didn't panic, made sure everything was okay, then quickly flew out from the base.

The helicopter flew over the heads of countless zombies. The zombies, who were as packed as ants, kept surging towards the front.