The helicopter's return from Yao Guang base was even smoother and safer than when they arrived.

Uncle Wu was still dizzy until he saw Jing Cheng base. Nothing happened throughout the trip.

This is too miraculous.

Uncle Wu got out of the helicopter and immediately circled around it a few times. He didn’t find anything and it was really strange.

There were professional people in charge of the researchers. Uncle Wu brought Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi to visit Old Master Jing.

Uncle Wu conveniently went to inform the Han family to pick up Zhao Wei Wei.

Old Master Jing was about sixty years old, with a head full of silver hair. He probably had a high status and looked tense throughout the years, even when he saw his grandson and granddaughter, he only showed a very formal smile.

The meeting was brief, Uncle Wu wanted to report to Old Master Jing about Yao Guang Base.

Yao Guang wasn’t just any normal base that has fallen. It was the current largest base so this matter was extremely important.

Jing Zhi and Shi Sheng were arranged to go to Old Master Jing's villa.

When Old Master Jing came back it was already midnight. He saw Jing Zhi sitting on the sofa waiting for him, and was a little surprised. "Why is Xiao Zhi not sleeping? We'll talk about matters tomorrow, get some rest first."

Jing Zhi looked at Old Master Jing's tired face, nodding slightly, "I'll send Grandpa up."

After sending Old Master Jing back to his room, Jing Zhi went downstairs to his own room. He hesitated at the door for a moment, he still turned around and went to the next room.

Shi Sheng laid with her back against the floor, breathing steadily, she was probably asleep.

Jing Zhi embraced her from behind, and Shi Sheng habitually rolled over and shrank into his arms.

Jing Zhi's mouth curved into a gentle curve, imprinted a kiss on her forehead, and hugged her to sleep.


The next day.

Shi Sheng woke up first. As soon as she opened her eyes, she was faced with an enlarged handsome face. She looked somewhat stunned.

It was only when there was wet heat on her lips that she blinked her eyes. Jing Zhi slightly closed his eyes and kissed her gently.

The kiss ended and both of them breathed a little heavily.

"Time to get up." Jing Zhi let go of Shi Sheng, got up and walked towards the door, "What do you want to eat? I'll get it for you ......"

Jing Stop's voice came to an abrupt end.

Outside the door, Old Master Jing stared at him with an unhappy face, as the remaining light swept inside the room. Shi Sheng sat on the bed, her face was flushing, and her clothes appeared messy. The  atmosphere was ambiguous. 

"Grandpa ......"

"Come with me to the study room." Master Jing turned to leave.

Jing Zhi took a deep breath, sooner or later he would have to talk to Grandpa about this matter.

"Jing Zhi, shall I go and explain?" Shi Sheng called out to Jing Zhi.

Jing Zhi turned back, spreading a smile, "Xi Xi, let me handle this matter"

Jing Zhi talked with Old Master Jing in the study for over an hour.

Old Master Jing was against them being together and was furious about it.

He brought Jing Zhi around to do chores. In his free time, he either introduced girls to Jing Zhi, or introduced boys to Shi Sheng, as he just didn't agree to them being together anyway.

The two sides are in a stalemate. Shi Sheng wanted to talk to Master Jing, but Jing Zhi stopped her. Old Master Jing is a very stubborn person, and it’s very difficult to change his mind.

He was afraid that if she went to talk to Old Master Jing, she might irritate him and he might say something nasty that would hurt her.

Now when Shi Sheng wants to see Jing Zhi, Jing Zhi would sneakily go through the window to her room everyday. When Jing old man found out about this, he made Jing Zhi live in the administrative building, not even returning to the villa.

Shi Sheng wandered to the administration building under the big sun.

"Looking for Jing Shao?" Xia Shu appeared like a ghost beside Shi Sheng.

Xia Shu and Zhu Feng and the others took Ye An siblings to live in other places, but Xia Shu and Zhu Feng still followed Jing Zhi to do things.

Shi Sheng pouted. "Is he here?"

"Young Master Jing and Old Master Jing are out." Xia Shu replied, turning to direct Zhu Feng, "You go up first."

Zhu Feng was not happy, "Why?"

"It's hot outside." Xia Shu said with a blank expression.

Zhu Feng blushed suddenly, then he hung his head and headed to the administration building.

 When Zhu Feng left, Xia Shu brought Shi Sheng to a shady place and relayed Jing Zhi's words.  "Jing Zhi is preparing to leave the base, so you can get ready."

"Where is he going?" 
<i> Jing Zhi couldn't convince Old Master Jing successfully and was ready to run away? </i>

    Xia Shu looked at Shi Sheng and suddenly cleared her throat, using Jing Zhi's tone, "As long as I’m with her, it's the same wherever I go."

    Shi Sheng: "......"

"I don't like it here either, so it's better to leave." Xia Shu looked in the direction of the administration building. The atmosphere in this building made him uncomfortable, he might as well kill zombies outside.

After negotiating with Xia Shu, Shi Sheng headed back.

"Jing Zhi is so handsome, his superpowers are so powerful."

"Is Jing Zhi gay? Do I have a chance?"

"Come on, with your looks, even if Jing is gay, he still wouldn’t like you, at least the person has to be like me."

"Jing Zhi......"

Shi Sheng’s whole journey to the building was mostly hearing about how Jing Shao was.

It wasn't long ago that he came back. With his looks and strength, he was quickly recognized by many people, plus he attracted both men and women. 

As she was thinking about that matter, she unknowingly walked to a street with fewer pedestrians.

As she was ready to walk back, the remaining light suddenly swept over a shop.

There was nothing much about the shop.

The main thing was that there were a few familiar figures inside the shop.

Jing Zhi was already very impatient, but Old Master Jing and Mu Xin were talking very happily.

When he lifted his head, his eyes suddenly swept over to the person standing across the street, and his face slightly changed, "Grandpa, I'm going back first."

Jing Zhi didn't wait for Old Master Jing's reaction and strode out of the store.

Old Master Jing was extremely furious, but Mu Xin calmed him down with a few words.


Jing Zhi dragged Shi Sheng to a shady place with fewer people.

"Xi Xi, what are you doing here?" Jing Zhi tidied the hair from her ear temples.

"I missed you." Shi Sheng smiled slightly, "Don't you miss me?"

Jing Zhi looked around and saw no one. He then lowered his head to hold her lips, expressing how much he missed Shi Sheng with his actions.

Jing Zhi took a while to let go of Shi Sheng, "We'll leave the base after a period of time"

"Well, Xia Shu told me already"

The outside world was dangerous, but he could protect her.

As Jing Zhi sent Shi Sheng back, he met many people along the way. They were curious about the girl Jing Zhi was holding hands with.

Later on someone said she was Jing Zhi's sister, and the excited crowd calmed down.

<b> It’s his sister. They still had a chance. </b>

"Why is Mu Xin here?"

"Who?" Shi Sheng suddenly popped out a sentence, Jing Zhi was completely confused.

"...... " 

<i> Can you please at least remember the name of the female host, too bad she only can be a villain </i>
"It's the woman who was in the store just now." 

"I don't know."

<b> He didn't care about other women, so why did he need to know why she was there? </b>


Jing Zhi: I only have you in my heart, not her.

Shi Sheng: What’s up with you?

Jing Zhi: This is a confession.

Shi Sheng: What about the flowers? Where's the diamond ring? Where's the candlelight dinner?

Jing Zhi: Isn't it enough that I'm here?

Shi Sheng: ......