It had been more than a month since the fall of Yao Guang Base. Ever since Mu Xin and the mercenaries came here, she had been directly contacting Old Master Jing and opened a shop under his name.
As for how she did it, Shi Sheng was not sure about that.
Female leads always had a few grandpas who adored them anyway.
Because of Jing Zhi, Shi Sheng was getting more bothersome in Old Master Jing's eyes. The amiable and friendly geriatric that he used to be was gone because of this.
Old Master Jing blamed everything on Shi Sheng. He would always bring up Mu Xin whenever he disagreed about something. He even brought Mu Xin into his villa.
"Xiao Xi, starting from now, little Mu will live here. You have to get along with her, understand? Don't just think about all that nonsense all day."

Old Master Jing spoke as he pointed at the Mu Xin, standing beside him when Shi Sheng walked downstairs.
"Miss Jing," Mu Xin next to Old Master Jing, greeted obediently.
"Little Mu is greeting you, how can you be so rude?" Old Master Jing scolded, resentful of Shi Sheng's behavior towards Mu Xin, "just look at what you've become!"
"Grandpa Jing, don't be angry, we had a little misunderstanding between each other. I'm sure that everything will be fine after I explain to Miss Jing." Mu Xin comforted Old Master Jing softly while holding his hand.
Shi Sheng sat down calmly, stared at Mu Xin, "What misunderstanding?"

Mu Xin expected Shi Sheng to make a scene but seeing how she just replied to her unperturbed. Mu Xin was too shocked to come out with anything.
"Let's eat, Little Mu, just ignore her." Old Master Jing probably noticed the awkwardness, but still decided to take Mu Xin's side.
Shi Sheng shook her head before she began to eat.

No one could affect her eating.
At the dining table, Mu Xin and Old Master were not chatting about trivial matters; instead, they talked about monumental national events.
It was apparent that Old Master Jing adored Mu Xin more and more.
The two of them were chattering endlessly throughout the whole meal, making Shi Sheng ached to slap the bowl on their faces so that she could eat peacefully.
After they were done with their meal, Old Master Jing took Mu Xin to her room before leaving.
He also did not forget to warn Shi Sheng before he left.
Mu Xin's room was right beside Jing Zhi's room, while Shi Sheng's was the opposite of Jing Zhi's. The intention of Old Master Jing with this room arrangement was clear.
Old Master Jing brought Jing Zhi home in the evening.
Initially, Jing Shi thought that Old Master Jing had gotten over it. However, his whole face turned dark when he saw a stranger in his house.
Nothing had happened between Mu Xin and Han Yu. The person she liked at the moment was still Jing Zhi. Upon seeing the person that she had a crush on, Mu Xin got a little anxious.
However, Jing Zhi did not even look at her and went upstairs straight.
Shi Sheng was waving her sword in her room, and she almost sliced Jing Zhi when he walked into her room.
"Xi Xi… are you trying to kill your hubby?" Jing Zhi's stuck his back against the wall, patting his chest extravagantly.
Shi Sheng put away her sword, "why did you come back?"
Jing Zhi walked to Shi Sheng, with tenderness in his eyes, "because I miss you."
Shi Sheng blinked her eyes, requested with her pouty mouth, "give me a kiss."
Jing Zhi laughed, cupping the back of her head with his big hands and kissed her.
Just when they got into the mood, someone suddenly knocked loudly on the door continuously.
Jing Zhi sighed. He did not want to get up from Shi Sheng's body, "let's just leave here a soon as possible."
"I have no objection." Shi Sheng shrugged her shoulders.
"Jing Zhi, you better get out now!" Old Master Jing screamed in exasperation.
Jing Zhi got off the bed, tugged his wrinkled clothes, and went to open the door without buckling the buttons that were ripped off by Shi Sheng.
Old Master Jing was furious when he saw Jing Zhi in this demeanor.

"You... you guys are driving me crazy!"
"Grandpa, I've already told you that I only want Xi Xi and no one else, even if you disagree." Jing Zhi was adamant.
"She's your sister!" Old Master Jing was about to slap Jing Zhi, but he did not manage to at the end.
"Grandpa, I've done a DNA test on us. Xi xi and I are not related." Jing Zhi did not do that.
Old master Jing suddenly became quiet. After a while, he scolded, "you can't be together even if you're not related. How will the outsiders see us? If you still think of me as your grandfather, then stop this nonsense immediately. And you, Jing Xi, are you trying to make me angry?"
Old Master Jing pushed open the door and pointed at Shi Sheng.
Shi Sheng did not answer him. She just pretended that she did not hear him.
This circumstance was hard to understand in the first place; it would be useless even if she explained, so she instead saved some energy.
"Grandpa, I'll never leave Xi Xi."
"You…" Old Master Jing covered his chest and breathed heavily, his eyes roved between Jing Zhi and Shi Sheng before turning away with a cold snort.
Jing Zhi closed the door, looked at Shi Sheng in the eyes, and said slowly, "I'll fix this as soon as I can, I won't let you be aggrieved."
"I don't feel aggrieved at all." Shi Sheng held his hand.
Jing Zhi walked to her, Shi Sheng held him by his neck,"  I've already prepared to face this kind of stuff when I decided to be with you."
Jing Zhi gripped her waist, feeling helpless in his heart, of course, she had prepared for everything. however, he was still distressed.
He was distressed that she had to carry all the burden all by herself.

The rumors were spread very suddenly. In merely a night, the whole basement knew that Old Master Jing's grandson and granddaughter were in an inappropriate relationship.
Furthermore, someone witnessed them holding hands, which undoubtedly proven this rumor.
The way everyone looked at the Jing's family had become weird unconsciously.
There would never be a lack of gossipers no matter in which generation.  
In the end, the rumors had turned to criticize that Shi Sheng was shameless for seducing her brother. The target of being despised and loathed became Shi Sheng.
Whenever Shi Sheng was on the street, someone would find fault with her, for example, right at this moment.
"That's her, the shameless one, the one that seduces her brother."
"Stop her."

Shi Sheng's path was blocked, a few ladies went up and took turns to insult her.
Shi Sheng responded calmly, "why wouldn't I seduce my brother since he's so attractive?"
"Bah, you shameless slut. Even rabbits don't eat grass near their dens, and you couldn't even let go of your brother, what a lunatic."
"Rabbits don't eat the grass near their dens. That's because if they did, their dens would be exposed."
The ladies, "..." what kind of metaphor is that?
"We don't have to waste our energy to get some sense into her, let's just teach her a lesson and see if she would seduce Young Master Jing again."
As those ladies rolled up their sleeves, prepared to give Shi Sheng a lesson, she pulled out her sword and finished them.
"Why do you care who I'm with?" Shi Sheng stacked those defeated ladies up, said with a neutral voice, but in her voice there was a hint of irony in it, "are you, my mom or my ancestors? I don't have a mom this young. Since you're just a stranger to me, don't think of yourself as some justice warrior. You will die in a miserable death if you meddle too much about other people's business, so be careful."

The ladies that were stacked up like a tiny mountain, "..."
why did you stack them up?!
"If I were you, I would go for whoever I like. Just spike their drink if they resist, not that you can go to jail nowadays."
Those ladies, "..."
This mindset is very dangerous, okay?!