The relationship between Jing Zhi and Old Master Jing had gone worse as the rumors were all around the basement. Every time Jing Zhi and Old Master Jing fought, Mu Xin would be the mediator.
Old Master Jing's anger would subside after seeing Mu Xin.
Mischievousness of author x1

Healing halo of female lead xN
Under the female lead's healing halo, Old Master Jing decided to marry Jing Zhi and Mu Xin.
That’s right, he married them without an engagement.
Shi Sheng could not take it anymore. She dashed to Old Master Jing's study.
"Grandpa, you're so hilarious, I'm not as good as you claim."
Mu Xin said while blushing, seeing that Shi Sheng came in, she quickly lowered her head.
"How rude!" Old Master Jing reprimanded Shi Sheng, who was getting more irksome in his eyes.
Shi Sheng glared at Mu Xin without a word. Mu Xin mumbled, "Grandpa, I'll head out first."

Old Master Jing did not oppose it. Mu Xin quickly got up and left the study.
"I kept quiet for the whole time because Jing Zhi told me he could handle it." Shi Sheng was blunt, "but it seems like I can't stay quiet anymore."
"You shouldn't be with Jing Zhi in the first place," Old Master Jing's face was sullen, "do you know how the outsiders speak about the both of you?"
It was not acceptable for him to have people talk behind him at his age.
"Jing Zhi and I are not related, why can't we be together?"
"Both of you are siblings, after living together for so long, what you have between both of you is kinship, not love." Old Master Jing's attitude was adamant, "Jing Zhi and Little Mu's marriage is already decided. Stop making a scene if you don't want me to chase you out of my house. After your brother's marriage, I'll look for a family for you too."
"Did Jing Zhi agree with this?" what makes you think that you can marry me off with someone like an idiot?
"It doesn't matter if he agrees or not. As long as he's my grandson, he has to listen to me!"
Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. If it were not for… she would have chopped him into pieces with her sword.
Jing Zhi said that Old Master Jing was stubborn. He was indeed right about it.
Shi Sheng scared that she might lose control and sliced Old Master Jing. Therefore, she left the study.

Mu Xin stood outside at the door with a smirk on her face.
"What a retard." Shi Sheng spoke as she walked past her.
Mu Xin's smirk was frozen, what does she mean by that?

On the next day, Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi disappeared at the same time. Old Master Jing had sent people to search all over the base, but they could not find them.

Xia Shu and the others were gone too. The entry record of the base did not have their departure record.
They disappeared into thin air.
Of course, these people did not expect Shi Sheng to fly them away.

"Xi Xi, thanks.
"What for?" Shi Sheng looked at Jing Zhi, confused.
"You didn't lay a finger on grandpa." she was bad-tempered, but she managed not to hit anyone this time.
"Don't flatter yourself; it has nothing to do with you." Shi Sheng rolled her eyes. She was honest about it.
She had her reason not to do that, and it had nothing to do with Jing Zhi.
If she had the nerve to hit Emperor Lao Tzu, she would not care that Old Master Jing was Jing Zhi's grandfather.
Jing Zhi said with a gloomy tone, "can't you just inveigle me?"
"Nope, I have no intention to lie to you."
Jing Zhi,”...” such honesty, but he liked it.
After leaving the base, Jing Zhi met with those people in the beginning. They had already built up a small basement as they already had sufficient weapons and accumulated quite some food.

Shi Sheng calculated the timing and had them to prepare resources for winter.
They heard about Shi Sheng's request about before and were not surprised by it, so they prepared what she asked.
When they were almost done preparing, the hot weather suddenly cooled off, and it started snowing without any signs.
They did not have too many members in the basement, so the food was enough for all of them to last for five months in the bleak winter.
After winter was over, all sorts of natural disasters began to happen non-stop, and the zombies and mutated animals had become more violent too. The environment for humans to live was getting worse day by day.
The condition of Jing Cheng Base was not looking good, but luckily the female lead was there to support them.
The female lead's supermarket was exposed since the bleak winter, but no one dared to bear any ill intention towards Mu Xin as Old Master Jing supported her. However, the number of people relying on Mu Xin was not a handful.

Many were not willing to go out of the base anymore. Since there's a supermarket here, why do I want to go out to be sent to my death?
The female lead did not want to help the masses with her resources in the supermarket. Hence, those in opposition with Old Master Jing immediately made up all kinds of rumors to frame the female lead, saying that she was trying to control the base, making lots of conspiracies about her, forcing her to donate her resources.
As the weather was getting colder, Many were ended up dead in the basement. As the decision-maker, old Master Jing had decided that he could not let so many people died.
Hence he did not raise an objection when those in opposition wanted to put Mu Xin on house arrest.

The female lead probably did not think of this. She was powerless by herself. She even lost her advantages too from the beginning. She did not have to lay all her cards down if she did not try to get close to Jing Zhi through Old Master Jing.
As the bleak winter passed, Old Master Jing suddenly fell sick. The sickness came down on him menacingly, and was notified of a medical emergency right after being sent to the hospital.
By the time Jing Zhi received the news, Old Master Jing had already passed away.
As his grandson, Jing Zhi, still brought Shi Sheng back to Jing Cheng Base to visit him.
"Why are there so many zombies?" Zhu Feng looked at the front side of Jing Cheng Base, surprised, "the news that came by earlier didn't inform us that zombies are surrounding the basement."
Shi Sheng leaned against the car seat, glancing at the zombies before turning her head sharply to look at the back of the car.
Due to her large scale of movement, Jing Zhe was concerned, "Xi Xi, what's wrong?"
Shi Sheng's brows furrowed, "nothing."
Is that an illusion?
She could sense that something was watching them, just like back then when they were in the village.
"These zombies seem to be in a group." Xia Shu, the analyst explained, "the zombies at the back are barely moving, the mutated ones are fighting in the front line, while the normal ones are just climbing the city wall."
Xia Shu glanced through the zombies' crowd with binoculars, and finally stopped at one spot, "Young Master Jing, take a look at that zombie."
Jing Zhi looked at the direction Xia Shu pointed with binoculars.
Amidst the zombies' crowds, there was an elegant young man, sitting on a mound of dirt built a few moments ago. He was wearing a tuxedo, as graceful as a royalty from the middle age.
   "It's a royalty zombie." Shi Sheng supported her chin with her hands, explained like a walking encyclopedia, "it recovers the memories and appearance as a human. However, compared to superusers, royalty zombies are the new generation of humans that are successfully mutated; they have a longer lifespan and stronger strength than humans."
It was too early for a royalty zombie to be here.
The team was already used to Shi Sheng blurted out all sorts of new terms and all sorts of information.
"If that's so, do humans still have a chance of survival?" Zhu Feng mumbled to himself.