Jing Cheng Base was in chaos. While Old Master Jing was still alive, all parties did not dare to make any hasty move, but now that Old Master Jing was gone, all of them wanted to be the leader, even when the zombies were attacking the basement, they were still fighting about who should be in charge.
Just right before the zombies were about to enter the basement, then they would only stop fighting among themselves and hurried to send forces for more support at the border.
The combat power of regular zombies was not high, but too many of them were there, piled up against each other to climb up the border. The scene was tragic and stunning.
As of the mutated zombies, they were more potent than the superusers.
"I can't do this anymore." a soldier retreated, crying.
Someone behind him patted his shoulder, spoke with determination, "even if we can't, we will still have to do it, think about our families behind us."

"Yes!" the soldier was emboldened with courage, darted at those zombies with a weapon in his hand.
The blood and flesh of zombies obscured the sight of that soldier. He could only use his superpowers with his instinct to kill zombies.
As his comrades were falling one by one, and the border was covered with zombies. On the verge of despair, he heard a massive explosion from the front.
Countless zombies were blown up to the sky, scattering all over the sky like clouds of dust.
"Someone's in the sky!"
Someone next to the soldier shouted out of the blue, pointing at the dark, gloomy sky. The soldier looked up, saw a vast metal sword floating in the sky, and a silhouette standing atop.
Someone came.
Was he God?
Right before the soldier put on the brightest smile, he froze abruptly. He looked down slowly, seeing a rotten hand was drawing out from his abdomen slowly. The next second he felt a sharp pain at his neck before losing his consciousness entirely.
In mid-air, Shi Sheng looked at the bomb Zhu Feng threw, commented lightly, "that thing is kinda useless, the range is too small, and it made a lot of dust."
Those were the bombs they bought back from the military basement, Xia Shu had been keeping some of them, the one Zhu Feng threw was one of those.
"Don't just stand there talking and do nothing." Zhu Feng threw those bombs rapidly, sounds of explosion kept blasting from below.
It was already not bad that so many zombies could die.
It was impossible to kill those mutated zombies with bombs.
Shi Sheng took out an energy bomb. Let me show you how to be cool.
Zhu Feng,”...” <i> act cool my ass!</i>
Shi Sheng threw the energy bomb somewhere with the most zombies. When the bomb hit the ground, the zombies were blown to bits. Even the zombies from surrounding also fell into the hole created by the explosion. Although it was not as strong as the bomb's hits, they were not able to move.

"100% organic with zero pollution."
Shi Sheng showed them this type of energy bomb before, but there was no chance to use it, so Shi Sheng kept it.
Seeing the bomb's power, they were just happy that they did not lose their life over these bombs.
The thought about them carrying these bombs the whole time petrified them.
After Shi Sheng threw the energy bomb, the zombies were like receiving some signals. They began to back off.
The wave of zombies retreated and disappearing quickly from everyone's eyes.
The zombies retreated...
The survivors had a hard time digesting that fact.
Shi Sheng stared at the direction of the zombies' crowd retreated before landed on the ground with her sword while pondering about it.

"Is this… Young Master Jing?"
A handsome man like Jing Zhi, who also was Old Master Jing's grandson, of course, it would stick to people's minds.
A crowd of spectators discussed with a low voice.
Relieved for staying alive after such a horrible accident, some appreciated Jing Zhi, while some were also starting to judge the inappropriate relationship between Jing Zhi and Shi Sheng".

"Young Master Jing and Miss Jing look good with each other, seeing them standing together soothes my eyes after looking at those nasty zombies day and night."

"I can't believe that they would come back, both of them are so good looking. Why are they together "r?"
"If weren't for them, we would have died by now. What's wrong with Young Master Jing and Miss Jing being together? Who knows how long we can survive?"

"I Can't believe that Young Master Jing saved our lives."


"Miss Jing," Han Yu came out from the crowd, covered with whoever blood that was, looking like a mess, "thanks for saving us back then."
Han Yu knew who was the real leader among them. Jing Zhi would listen to whatever Jing Xi said, so it was quicker to tell Jing Xi instead of Jing Zhi.
Shi Sheng responded with full honesty, "ï was just trying to show off to Zhu Feng." who knew these zombies would retreat after that.
Han Yu "..."
Zhu Feng, "..." <i>why do you have to show off to me, I didn't want to watch anyway.</i> he thought to himself, feeling a little traumatized.
Xia Shu patted Zhu Feng's shoulder, comforting him.
"Let us leave here." Han Yu was indeed the male lead, handling such an awkward situation unperturbed.
When Han Yu came back at the same time as Old Master Jing fell sick. When Shi Sheng saved Zhao Wei Wei, Han Yu promised that when Old Master Jing was ill, the people from the Han Family would take care of him.  
After Old Master Jing died, the Han Family was able to be benefitted from this tragedy. They were more respectable in the basement.

Hence, when he came up and brought the people away. No one would say anything.
"May I know why did Miss Jing come back to the base?" Han Yu was the one driving. His attitude was just right. It did not make anyone felt uncomfortable without losing his status.

"I'm here for someone' .s funeral."
Han Yu understood immediately and stopped asking the question.
He sent them to the graveyard. It was a graveyard before the basement was built. Even after the base was built, there was remained as a graveyard. Those who fought to death were buried here. Due to not enough space, the place looked like a mess with tombstones all around.
Naturally, Old Master Jing's body occupied a portion of the land. Even his tombstone was much bigger than the others.
Han Yu waited for them outside the graveyard. While he was waiting for them, people were looking for him, and by the time Shi Sheng and her team were done, Han Yu ad settled some tasks.
Xiu Shu thanked Han Yu on behalf of the team, "thank you, Mr. Han, for bringing us here. You may leave now if you have other tasks to settle, Young Master Jing wanted to take a look at his villa."
Han Yu furrowed his brows and was hesitant to tell Jing Zhi something, "Jing Zhi, the villa..."
Shi Sheng looked at Han Yu, he lowered his head, expressions were unclear, only proceeded to speak after a while, "let me bring you there."
Shi Sheng knew the reason behind Yan Hu's behavior when they arrived at the villa.

The villa was heavily guarded with guards everywhere; it was even impossible for a fly to get in there.
Because Han Yu had a special pass, and Jing Zhi was Old Master Jing's grandson, the guards dare not stop them. They could only let them in the villa with guards that were armed with guns.
The main hall of the villa was in a mess. Everything was all around the place. Things that Old Master Jing loved when he was alive were thrown onto the ground everywhere.
There were also some of Jing Xi's belongings. Those were even more unbearable to see.
"Why are there so many guards here?" Xia Shu asked Han Yu with his brows furrowed. <i>Since Old Master Jing was already passed away, why are they guarding his villa like this?</i>
Shi Sheng could a; ready guessed what happened, but Xia Shu and Zhu Feng had no idea; hence they were confused and weirded.