Han Yu glanced at the direction of the staircase to see a faintly discernible piece of clothing.
Jing Zhi picked up the garbage with a cold face. 

It seems like as long as you are handsome, you can looking amazing even if you are a garbage collector, Shi Sheng thought as she handed him a garbage can.
Jing Zhi smiled at her faintly before putting the rubbish into it. 

The others did not utter a word as they knew that Young Master Jing was furious. Outsiders might not be able to tell that he was mad, but those who had followed him for some time knew that just from his expression.
He did not utter a word as he gracefully exited with the bin in one hand while holding Shi Sheng’s hand with his other arm.
“Jing Zhi!”
Someone came down from the stairs slowly. Her voice was a little hoarse.
But Jing Zhi did not stop his footsteps.
Mu Xin tried to chase him down only to be stopped by the guards.
“Jing Zhi!” Mu Xin screamed out of her lungs.
Why won’t he see me?
I love him deeply; why does he only only have Jing Xi in his eyes? Why? They’re siblings!
Han Yu shook his head lightly.
Prior to this, he admired this young lady quite a lot. She was bold and careful. However, since that incident occurred in Yao Guang Base, the little admiration he had for her crumbled.
After all, Zhao Wei Wei was utterly significant to him.
Although he disagreed with the methods they imposed on her, he could not do anything but obey to protect his family.


Shi Sheng and the others did not stay too long at Jing Cheng Base. They decided to leave right away as the Zombie King did not attack Jing Cheng Base.
The people were worried in the beginning and were always on guard. However, as time flew by, the Zombie King still did not show up.
two years later, Jing Cheng Base developed an antidote and the apocalyptic crisis was resolved.

Zombies could turn back into humans as long as the zombies’ organs were intact and could function properly. Naturally, those that did not have intact organs were beyond saving.

Although the apocalypse was over, humanity’s dark and twisted nature did not perish and the world was still a living hell. 
It was rumored that Mu Xin was arrested ever since. Not long after, a mad scientist captured her and secretly did all sorts of experiments on her. 
By the time she was rescued, she was already broken and would only mumble things that no one could understand.
However, there was one type she ran away from the base and was accidentally killed.


Back at the base.

That was the first New Year celebration since the end of the apocalypse and everyone was elated. On the streets, Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi held hands as they walked onto the empty streets. Waves and waves of laughter echoed behind them from the plaza.

“Xi Xi.”

“Yes?” a firework exploded and bloomed in Shi Sheng’s eyes like ripples as she tilted her head.
Jing Zhi could feel his heart beating with anxiety. But with a swift gesture, he planted a kiss on her forehead, “Happy New Year.”

He was already satisfied by the fact that she would be around him.
“Happy New Year.” Shi Sheng responded softly.
The street was eerily silent - as if there was something stalking them from the darkness. 
Shi Sheng’s gaze landed on the darkest spot in the area.
“Aunt, aunt...” A chubby little kid suddenly came out from the corner, stumbling towards Shi Sheng, “Aunt...”
“Xiao Ran, slow down.” Ye An was chasing after Ye Ran, dreading that she might trip and fall.
Ye Ran was already at Shi Sheng’s side, and with her arms wide open, she pouted, “Aunt, hug me.”

“You’re too chubby.” Shi Sheng spurned, looking at the direction she came from.

Ye Ran grunted, and her tears began to well up at the corners of her eyelids. 

When Shi Sheng carried her up, Ye Ran immediately hugged Shi Sheng’s neck and gnawed on Shi Sheng’s face, covering her face with her saliva.

“Do that again and I’ll release my hands.” Shi Sheng wiped her face with a displeased expression, now my face is all saliva!

Ye Ran pouted her mouth, “Aunt doesn’t like Ran Ran.”

“I didn’t like you in the first place,” Shi Sheng glared at her, she despised brats the most.
“Then why did you hug me?” Ye Ran asked seriously, “Brother said that aunt hugs me, it's because you like me. Aunt, you’re lying.”

Shi Sheng answered with honesty, “Because you’re about to cry.”
Ye Ran blinked her enormous watery eyes, her face full of confusion. After pondering about whatever was on her mind, her tears began to fall off her face.

The moment her tears fell off, Shi Sheng felt like she was not carrying a child anymore, it was instead a mountain, she was itching to let go of her.

“Why haven’t you learned to control your spiritual power after I taught you the rhyme for so many times!” Shi Sheng screamed in rage.

“I… I just can’t memorize it!” Ye Ran felt wronged, “the rhyme is so long, and I’m still so young.”

Shi Sheng, “...” if you were in another dimension, you would be dead by now!
“Aunt, don’t be angry, you can teach Ran Ran again, I’ll learn it seriously.” Ye Ran wrapped her arms around Shi Sheng’s neck with teary-eyes, said pleasingly.
The alarm in Jing Zhi’s heart went off, he grabbed Ye Ran and threw it in Ye An’s arm before dragging Shi Sheng away.
Ye Ran always uses the excuse of learning the rhyme to pester Shi Sheng.
He suspected that she knew the rhyme in the first place!
Ye Ran coiled Ye An’s neck with her arms and her little body was hanging onto his body. Her expression was different from just now. She lectured Ye An like an old woman, “Brother, why are you so stupid! Aunt is snatched away again!”
Ye An, “...” what does this has anything to do with me.

“Stupid brother!”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m stupid. Let’s go to the plaza now, they’re about to put on the fireworks show. Didn’t you say you want to play with that?”

Ye Ran’s pupils lit up, nodded obediently, “Alright, let’s go.”


Shi Sheng and Jing Zhi spent their whole life in this utopia-like basement.
Shi Sheng spent a long time in this dimension. She only went back to the system space after Jing Zhi passed away.
The system space was as quiet as ever, but it was a little different from before.

Shi Sheng walked to the screen, the system displayed her information shortly.

Name: Shi Sheng

Personality points: -255000
Life points: 25
Accumulated points: 30000 (3000 points were deducted in the previous dimension due to reparation, 3000 points were awarded from the mission rewards, the accumulated points remained the same)

Mission rank: A
Mission points: 86

Hidden mission: completed
Rewards of hidden mission: 2000 points
Tools bar: ‘The Crown of the Queen’, ‘The Heart of the Demon King’, ‘Dark Night’

Only 5000 personality points were deducted from this mission. This is rare.

Shi Sheng’s finger was swiping on the screen for quite some time. The system did not say anything as it did not want to trigger her.
Shi Sheng suddenly sat down after swiping the screen for a long time.
[Host… aren’t you going to start another mission?]
“I want to rest.”
[...] even you also need to rest? I thought you’re some kind of robot that doesn’t know what rest is.
Shi Sheng sat with her legs crossed, her chin supported with her hands, eyes drifting away. No one knew what she was thinking.
The system did not know how much time had passed.

It then only heard Shi Sheng’s voice.
“Enter the next dimension.”
[ The transmission begins...]