My name is Ye Ran, and my brother is Ye An.
I knew that my parents abandoned me since I was an infant.
Yup, the person that told me that was my Aunt.
Some said that my Aunt was cruel for telling me that. But I don't think so. Aunt is the kind of person that speaks whatever's on her mind. she doesn’t lie to you just because she sympathizes or pities you.
Brother keeps telling me to call her sister, but I've been calling her Aunt for a while. Why does he insisting on me calling her sister?
I can't seem to change the way I address her, so they give up on telling me to call her sister.
Aunt is bad-tempered. She even threw me into the wild once when I was young. In the end, Brother Zhu Feng had to go and find me.
However, I still like Aunt very much.
I don't know why, but her aura makes me feel very comfortable. I want to be around her.
But whenever I try to get closer to Aunt, Jing Zhi would come and snatch her from me.
Jing Zhi is Aunt's brother, and erm... her boyfriend.
I dislike him, if it weren't for him. I'm sure Aunt would only adore me.
Aunt would despise me whenever he's around, she would give him all the best stuff and spoil him.
I couldn't understand at that moment why all the other boys were the ones spoiling their girlfriends, but for aunt, it was the other way round. She was the one spoiling Jing Zhi.
I mean, okay, Jing Zhi does spoil Aunt too. however, if you compare, the way he spoils aunt was like nothing compared to how Aunt spoils him
he would always know when aunt will get mad and comfort her beforehand; he understands her every action and what she's going to do next with her glance.
I only understood that this is called two hearts beat as one when I grew up.
However, I didn't understand that at that time. I would always disrupt aunt and Jing Zhi, following them wherever they went.

This went on for a long time.

There were two things that I remembered deeply. One was when I was fourteen.

A fourteen years old teenager would always be rebellious.
I told Aunt that I might have feelings for my brother, as my brother was always being extremely nice to me, so I relied on him for many things. Since I've heard about Aunt and Jing Zhi's story before, I had no idea what I was thinking, but I thought I liked my brother.

Aunt did not have any reaction after she listened to what I said. The person that reacted was my brother.

He accidentally heard my conversation with Aunt. Later on, I suspected that aunt knew my brother was listening, but she didn't stop me from talking.

Ever since my brother heard what I said, he immediately got himself a girlfriend.
She was a pretty lady. She was very soft-spoken. I've met her a few times before, but I couldn't care less. now that I feel sad when I see them being together.
Later on, I was caught messing with that lady by Aunt.
She carried me like a carrying a chick onto a mountain. I was able to come to my senses as the cold breeze blew on my face.
"Aunt," I stood behind her, calling her with a pitiful tone.
"Do you know what's the feeling of liking someone?" She asked me.
"That means if I like them, then I like them!" I remembered I answered that way.
After that, I saw she smiled. It was a faint smile, but it was unforgettable. That smile was engraved into my mind.
I heard her murmur under her breath, "right. if you like them, you like them. "

She lowered her head to look at me. I could see my reflection in her iris.
She spoke, "if you dare to sleep with your brother tonight, then you do like him. However, if you don't dare, then don't mistake kinship with romance."