Xia Shu was born into a family of scholars. It was said that his ancestors had trained and cultivated themselves to attain immortality, and some could fly too.

His father was a soldier and did not believe these. He was killed in a battle.
Hence, his grandfather appointed him to be the successor of their family culture.
For as long as he could remember, he had been reading all the convoluted books.
His grandfather could not entirely understand what was in the books, so it was harder for him to wrap his mind around the content of the books by the time they were passed to him. In the end, he could only comprehend some of the fundamental theory.
When the apocalypse arrived, his grandfather was killed by a zombified mother. He had to face the dangerous apocalypse alone.
He was scared at the beginning. As time went by, he had accepted the situation and became calm and collected. He could slice down the zombies' heads easily whenever he faced one.
Later on, he met Jing Zhi and Zhu Feng.
That time a bunch of zombies had surrounded those two. Although there were only two of them, they were able to escape from those zombies with ease.
Xia Shu decided to join them because he always respected strong individuals.
At first, he thought that Zhu Feng was a steady person since he appeared to be someone that could give people a feeling of assurance.
However, after spending time with them, he then realized that Zhu Feng was an idiot.
But he did not know why he would find him cute. Whenever he saw him admitted defeat, he would feel good.
Xia Shu did not know about his sexual preference when he was young.
He only noticed that when he was in high school.
When he was living in the dormitory in his high school days, there was a guy who lived under his bunk bed, and they were quite close to each other.
One day, the rain was hefty. The windows were broken, and his bed was facing right at the windows. It was impossible to close it.
Then rainwater and the cold air kept seeping in through the windows. He could not sleep at all.
When he asked the dormitory teacher to take care of it, he said it was too late and asked him to squeeze in with someone, and he would ask someone to fix it the next day.
Naturally, he picked the guy that he was close with.
A single bed was not wide for two high school boys to begin with. There was no room for them to turn around at all, and inevitably, they made some body contact.
Xia Shu could feel someone was touching him while he was half asleep; he did not know if it was due to him catching a cold while he was at the top bunker. He was very dizzy, and his eyelids were too heavy to lift.
However, he could hear someone breathing heavily at his ear, feeling the warm breath on his cheek.
Someone was touching him, from his chest going all the way down, and grabbed his erected penis.
Xia Shu could not recall what had happened after that the next day when he woke up. Other than feeling fatigue, there was nothing strange. He suspected that he might get confused as he was too sick. He did not dare to tell that guy.
Yet, the guy had been nicer to him since that day. They had grown closer to each other; they would hang out and study together. They were best buddies in everyone's eyes.
However, the guy transferred to another school the next semester. He did not know why; the only thing he received was an overdue confession letter from the guy in a faraway city.

 At that time, he suddenly realized that his sexual preference might be a little different from the others.
He was lost at that period and delved into research of this subject. There was very little acceptance of homosexuality in his country at that moment, and it would be considered as a medical condition.  
Sometimes he would think of that guy. The blur memories became clear. He tried to contact that guy, but every letter he sent was like throwing a stone and seeing it sink in the sea without a trace. He did not get any response.
That probably was his first love that went by the board.
He finished high school muddle-headed and entered university.
The university he studied at had more guys than girls, so homosexuality was quite common in there, which had affected his view of homosexuality.
Some people courted him, but he had no feelings for them. Hence he rejected them.

He recalled he would be addressed as the God of Abstinence in his university time.
He only knew that he was a nobody compared to Jing Zhi after he saw him.
He was not fond of Zhu Feng at first because he was too dumb.
However, he then realized that there were perks of being dumb. At least in the apocalypse, he could still live happily.
Being with Zhu Feng, he did not feel like he was in an apocalypse.
Especially when Jing Xi was back to the team, this idiot would keep annoying him with his worries about Jing Zhi getting conned by Jing Xi.
Xie Shu wanted to give him a good slap on his face desperately.
Why would someone as smart as Jing Zhi would get conned? Only idiots like him would get conned!
At Ping County, when he was woken up by Jing Zhi and Jing Xi to watch the night, Xia Shu wanted to move Zhu Feng away from a garbage pile as he was about to roll into it.
Who knew this idiot would suddenly wake up. Xia Shu could only stand up and leave, pretended as nothing happened.
Zhu Feng stood up to follow him, but he stepped on something and tripped. His whole body suddenly lunged at him.
His teeth knocked on Xia Shu's lips, and he tasted his blood immediately. Whatever that portrayed as romantic on television when someone fell and kissed another person was nonsense.
Zhu Feng's eyes wide open, staring at him, his lips still stuck on his. Probably because he was sleeping just now, he had a brain fart and licked him.
Xia Shu knew that if he stopped there, he would be a monster.
Hence, he kissed Zhu Feng forcefully. After that, his lips were hurt, successfully making Zhu Feng forgot that he kissed him forcefully and made him feel guilty about it.
Zhu Feng said that he was cunning after that incident.
He smiled, "if i'm not cunning, would you be obedient and lie under my body?"
After that, Zhu Feng got real awkward. The way he looked at Xia Shu was complicated.
At Yao Guang Base, due to the room arrangement, Xia Shu and Zhu Feng had to stay in the same room.
Coincidentally, there was only one bed in that room.
The weather was scorching hot. Xia Shu took off his clothes after he went into the room. When that idiot came in and saw him naked, only with his underpants on, he exited the room.
At night, he took a long time to get into the room, "you can sleep on the bed, I'll sleep on the floor. Ha ha, the floor is cooler."
Xia Shu lying on the bed did not say anything, waiting for that idiot to come to the bed.
The floor was much hotter than the bed in that weather. There was no way he could fall asleep on the floor.
As expected, after a few minutes, Zhu Feng got up from the ground, probably inspecting if he was asleep. After a while, he could feel the other side of the bed was sunken.
At first, he did not plan to do anything to him since their relationship was still ambiguous.
However, Zhu Feng could not stay still. He kept moving around. The weather was already hot. Now that Zhu Feng was provoking him, he was in heat.
Xia Shu tried to endure it, but Zhu Feng was moving all over the place. He could not hold it anymore.
Zhu Feng had zero clues from being woke up by him till he did all the foreplay behind him.
Just when Xie Shu was about to penetrate him, Zhu Feng only realized, he shouted, "how dare you, trying to sleep with me when I treat you like my brother!"
"I've been wanting to sleep with you for a long time." Xia Shu held his hand, whispered into his ear while penetrating him slowly.
The pain was too much for Zhu Feng. He had to slow down. He invaded Zhu Feng's body and his mind as Zhu Feng was cursing him.
Zhu Feng accepted Xia Shu earlier than he expected. He thought he would have to sleep with him a few more times before he agreed, but he surrendered the next day.
In one of their intercourses, Zhu Feng complained indignantly, "you penetrated me the first time, now you get to sleep with me for a life time. you have to let me penetrate you at least once."
Xia Shu smiled without a word, responding to Zhu Feng with the rhythm of his body.
but I only penetrate you.