Everyone knew that the bankrupt Chairman Liu Sheng Ge was mental.

“That black-hearted woman, catch her, don’t let her escape!”

“We want a refund!”
“Give us a refund, you devilish woman, give us back our hard-earned money!”
Shi Sheng was pushed around by the crowd, her hair getting pulled, it was so painful that she became clear-headed immediately from her blurry consciousness.
There were quite an amount of people surrounding her. Everyone was pulling her furiously, some pinched and squeezed her arms, and some clutched her waist and breasts. It was okay if they were clenching, they even gave it a wring, she almost screamed out of pain.
My … Gosh!
This scenario is way over the line!
Where’s my sword?
Before Shi Sheng could take out her sword, a bunch of people came from the side and pulled away from those rioters and carried Shi Sheng into a building at the side without an explanation.
These people carried Shi Sheng into an elevator and entered an office. All of them then left, to which only a lady was left behind.
The lady looked at Shi Sheng worried,” Chairman Liu, are you okay? Should i get you a doctor? ”

Shi Sheng waved her hand, calmly,” you can leave now.”
“Chairman Liu...”
Shi Sheng glanced at her coldly, the lady lowered her head immediately, “of course.”
Shi Sheng saw a restroom at the side, she dragged her body to there, then locked it from the inside, and sat on the floor while leaning against the door.
She took a few breaths before taking out her tablet.
“I want to receive the plot.”
[Ready to transmit.]

No, i don’t want to transmit, for real!
[This is a man’s urban harem episode. ]
Ye Feng was an impoverished college student. He managed to get a campus belle girlfriend due to his good looks. However, his girlfriend was utterly materialistic. She dumped Ye Feng right after she found out that he was destitute.
Ye Feng went for a drink after that break-up and fell into a river accidentally. After someone saved him, he noticed that he had a new app on his phone, ‘How to be A Self Made Millionaire’.
Ye Feng realized that the app would send him missions to make him spend, and the virtual currency in the app was connected to the money in real life.
He needed to complete the missions of the app to earn points and up level. All he required to do was to keep spending.
Since then, Ye Feng started his journey of becoming rich from being a loser.
Those who are born with a silver spoon? Tie my shoelace!
official nth-generation? They’re all under me!
Whatever beauty chairman, first-class actress, innocent junior, voluptuous assassin, the girl next door all flew into his arms. In the end, Ye Feng had almost 3,000 beautiful women in a harem, more badass than Chairman Liu herself.
It was a proper harem episode!
There was nothing that could not be solved with sex!
The female lead Liu Sheng Ge was the only child in the Liu Family. Her parents passed away when she was young. She was trained to run her family corporation. By the age of 24, she inherited her family cooperation, in merely four years, she managed to inflate her net worth from zero dollars to a nine figures number.  
Liu Sheng Ge naturally was the beautiful chairman. However, this lady only wanted someone loyal to her. Indeed, Ye Feng was dedicated to her at first, but he met more women, Ye Feng inevitably grew to be unfaithful.
He had been flirting and sleeping with other women while hiding it from Liu Sheng Ge. when he was caught red-handed by Liu Sheng Ge. Those women had the nerve to console Liu Sheng Ge.
Saying they did not mind sharing someone as excellent as Ye Feng with another woman. They were even willing to let Liu Sheng Ge be the main chick.
When Liu Sheng Ge met something like this, as a decisive and adamant individual that she was, she slapped the lady on the face.
Undoubtedly, the lady complained to Ye Feng. When Ye Feng was in a heated argument with the lady, he decided to confront Qiu Sheng Ge after being provoked by her.
Both of them had a huge fight. Ye Feng told Qiu Sheng Ge that he was extremely disappointed with her.
Ye Feng thought that if other ladies could compromise, Qiu Sheng Ge was unreasonable for not willing to compromise.
After continually being provoked by Ye Feng’s side chicks, he only lusted for her body and nothing more.
What Qiu Sheng Ge did not give Ye Feng. Ye Feng could not forget about it. At this moment, he received another mission from the app; it was to buy the Liu Family Corporation.
There was no reason for Ye Feng to decline this mission that could kill two birds with one stone. Hence, he bought the shares of the Liu Family Corporation, became one of the shareholders.
He then embezzled the company’s stocks bit by bit, became the biggest shareholder of the Liu Family Corporation. He could turn Liu Sheng Ge’s efforts into nothing with a word.
Ye Feng made sure he would put the Liu Family Corporation to its death, he made the company bankrupt straightaway.
He wanted to let Liu Sheng Ge know.
Look, I can crumple your company into bankruptcy like a piece of cake, you must be blind to not be with me.

Liu Sheng Ge could only blame herself for being so foolish. Someone kidnapped her as she prepared to make a comeback in another country.
The person that kidnapped her was none other than one of Ye Feng’s side chicks. It was the girl next door, Dong Wan.
This woman was a maniac, she liked Ye Feng, thinking that whoever did not like Ye Feng was a sin. Hence, when Liu Sheng Ge did not like Ye Feng, it was a deadly sin in Dong Wan’s eyes.
She tortured Liu Sheng Ge to death.
When Dong Wan was done, she left all kind of bruises on herself callously, saying that Liu Sheng Ge had gone lunatic and wanted to kill her, she had no other choice but to murder her.
After Ye Feng knew about this matter, instead of reporting to the police, he helped Dong Wan to get rid of the body.
Liu Sheng Ge did not have parents nor siblings, and her company was bankrupt. Even if she died, people would only think that it was her could not bear with the reality and committed suicide.
Liu Sheng Ge was exasperated!
Her final wish was simple, could be concluded in a word—revenge!
This plot…
There are so many points for me to ridicule until I don’t want to ridicule at all.
There was a mirror in the restroom, Shi Sheng stood up and headed to the mirror.
The lady’s face in the mirror was flushing, her features were exquisite, with a hint of the sternness of able women, that fell into the imperial sister kind.
She touched her body from top to toe and gave an extra touch on her breasts. That was the best body she had had throughout all the other worlds.
No wonder the male lead could not forget about her body, even she wanted to sleep with herself.
However… it hurts!
Those retards that groped and fondled my breasts, what the heck! They didn’t even pay for it!
She arrived at the horrible timing as Ye Feng had already bought the Liu Family Corporation and was planning to crumple the Liu Family Corporation from the inside.
The Liu Family Corporation had just developed a new real estate. There was an earthquake a week ago at the neighboring city, and the earthquake aftershock brought down these two buildings. Those who bought those real estates were rioting about it.
Why did other buildings not collapse other than yours? Doesn’t it mean that your real estates are questionable?
That building did have some problems. Workers were skimping on the funds given. After being skimped by almost all workers, the quality of the building was not up to par.
After that incident, the people involved ran away with the money. Only a few small fries were caught.
The owners were asking for refunds now.
As the chairman of the company, Liu Sheng Ge, by default, was the first to be attacked.

As for her looks, had helped her to be hated even more by the housewives.