Shi Sheng stayed at the restroom for a while before changed into the original host’s clothes and left the toilet.

Luckily these people did not pinch her face, or not she would make sure they would pay for it!

Shi Sheng let out a sigh of relief and returned to her chair.
This incident had nothing to do with Ye Feng, but Ye Feng did stir up a fire, so the best method to settle this is to find the mastermind behind all this.
She did not worry about the money at all; it was something that she could earn back anytime…
Ye Feng’s mission might be to purchase the whole Liu Family Corporation. Before he bought every stock, the Liu Family Corporation could not go bankrupt.
Shi Sheng narrowed her eyes.
[...] The host must be up to something sinister.

Shi Sheng called the lady from earlier in, her name was Han Xiao, who was on the host’s side, it should be okay to trust her.
“Chairman Liu?” Han Xiao sounded worried, Is Chairman Liu okay? After what happened just now…
“Help me check the company’s finances for this period of time,” Shi Sheng typing on the keyboard while ordering her, “and don’t let anyone know.”
Han Xiao was stunned for a moment, but it was a long-standing habit of hers, so she did not ask anything.
As the secretary of the chairman, Han Xiao’s authority was relatively high, but to check the finances discreetly, it was not an easy task.
Shi Sheng walked downstairs, supporting her waist as she was getting off work. Every employee that passed by her looked at her weird.
However, when Shi Sheng went to the basement to her car, she saw a guy waiting for her there.
He was dressing casually, with a good looking face, his charming eyes were full of affection the way he looked at people was like everyone was his lover.
Ye Feng.
The male lead had appeared.
He leaned on her car, seemingly waiting for her.
Ye Feng saw her coming. He immediately straightened his posture, posted in a self considered chicly pose, “Sheng Ge.”
Shi Sheng walked over there, stone-faced, “nuh uh.”
Ye Feng was a little surprised, this Liu Sheng Ge, who is a complete office lady that works all day and night, knows how to use an internet slang?
Shi Sheng opened the door, as the door was about to close, a hand grabbed the door out of nowhere. With increased strength, Shi Sheng slammed the door close in her direction, making Ye Feng let go of his hand with shock.
He hit the car door with frustration, “Sheng Ge, Liu Sheng Ge, we need to talk.”
Shi Sheng slid down the car window slightly, with a smirk on her face, “Mr. Ye, are you trying to discuss with me what kind of position you like when you’re sleeping with someone else?”
Talking dirty the moment she opened her mouth, Ye Feng was too stupefied to move.
Shi Sheng suddenly started the car engine, with no intention to avoid hitting Ye Feng, Ye Feng had to back off.
The exhaust fumes that spurted out from her car was all over Ye Feng’s face.

He was unsure of what just happened, did Sheng Ge go mad in anger?
“Buzz-” Ye Feng’s phone was ringing. He took out the phone and saw the name on his screen, a trace of gentleness was shown on his face right away, “Qian Qian.”
“Ye Feng, I broke my ankle, can you come and get me?” a sweet woman’s voice coming from the phone, with a bit of grievance and coquettishness. Ye Feng’s mind raced like a cantering horse and agreed immediately.

Shi Sheng went back home and turned off all communication devices immediately. Now that those reporters were like flies that caught the sight of a crack in an egg.
Now that the related department was getting their hands into this. As she did not part take in the jelly-built building project, the buildings had not handed over, and no one was dead, it was not hard to settle this matter.
Things that could be solved with money and violence were no big deals for Shi Sheng.

And on this world, these two would always succeed in every endeavour.
Shi Sheng decided to treat her bruises first.
Looking at her perfect body in the mirror that was full of bruises, she was upset, can’t those guards arrive later?
At least let me get my revenge!

I’ll be paying their medical fees happily if I cripple them!
The news was about this, and Shi Sheng was vexed seeing all these, she turned off the television and browsed the internet.
Ye Feng had the most significant share of the Liu Family Corporation now. The host still occupied 15% of the share, which was considered to be quite a lot.

Shi Sheng supported her chin, what should I do with these shares?

To sell it with a big discount? Or buy one free one?
It’s better if I earn more money first. The male lead has virtual money that can be turned into real money if I don’t earn money, how am I going to compete with him?

Han Xiao had to spend some time to get the numbers while the rioters were piling up at their office day by day. All Shi Sheng was to ask the public relations to handle it; she did not care about the rest, letting those rioters do whatever they wanted.
“Chairman Liu, what do you need these for?” Xiao Han asked Shi Sheng anxiously while handing her the files.
Shi Sheng smiled faintly, “you can resign now.”
“What?” Han Xiao startled, “Chairman Liu, I… I didn’t think of leaving this company, I’m confident that you can get over this crisis.”
She had been watching Chairman Liu went from zero to hero. She knew how hardworking she was; she could not leave her side while they had this crisis.
She could not; she would not leave Chairman Liu at this moment.
Han Xiao’s was adamant about this.
“I’m just asking you to resign, I didn’t tell you to stop working for me.”

Han Xiao,”...” if I resign, how am I going to work for you?
“Just resign, and wait for my call.” Shi Sheng waved her hand at Han Xiao as if she was trying to chase a fly away from her.
Han Xiao left there with pure confusion.
What is Chairman Liu trying to do?
Shi Sheng got the numbers. She noticed that someone was buying the Liu Family Corporation’s shares like crazy; it was probably the main lead.
Shi Sheng used some trick to put her shares on the stock market, after making sure that the main lead had purchased it, Shi Sheng made an anonymous report.
Her false report was synced with the company’s account. Her trick was exceptionally particular if she had not labelled it; all the other departments would not notice at all.
Liu Family Corporation was under investigation due to tax evasion and tax fraud, plus the buildings’ collapsing incident, the Liu Family Corporation’s reputation was in the mud.
The finance department of the Liu Family Corporation was dumbfounded; someone among them must have done it. However, the amount was not that significant, and the technique used was completely different from their method.
Most importantly, the revenue of the company was not as much, so this sum of money would not be there without reason, every transaction could trace to the original data, submitted from the branch company to the headquarters and examined by them.
It was even stranger that, the paper copies disappeared.
It was started from the year before last, right when the company reformed to only the headquarters would be keeping the paper copies while the branch companies would keep the soft copies.
The liquid funds of the company would not disappear; no one knew where did it go.

The financial department was caught into a dogfight situation, where A would say that it was B, B would say that C did it and C would blame it on A.
Shi Sheng, of course, would not draw the fire to herself. After it was confirmed that she knew nothing about this in an investigation, and there was no evidence pointing at her, she was released to return home.
Due to sufficient evidence, whatever others said either had no proof, nor the evidence did not support their claims.
Liu Family Corporation was penalized with a large amount of fine and was announced bankrupt.
All of these were happening too quickly until Ye Feng did not have time to react.
He failed his mission, baffling.
If Ye Feng failed his mission, he would have to be penalized. Ye Feng lost 3000 points.
The points were hard to accumulate in the first place, now that he had deducted 3000 points, his points went to a negative number right away.