Shi Sheng did not want to run a company, so she only asked Han Xiao to be her life assistant, since she did not know how to do any chores.
Han Xiao was not ambiguous, and the salary Shi Sheng paid for her was higher when she was working as an assistant. Naturally, she accepted this job gladly.

Although she did not understand how could Shi Sheng spent so extravagantly when she was already bankrupt.

Bankrupt Sheng, “...” I have tons of money, okay?
It was all covered by the news. Since those buyers got their compensation, they stopped rioting.
Shi Sheng just stayed at home to eat, earn money, and wait for death.
“Chairman Liu, faster take a look at this.” Han Xiao, who was hanging the clothes fussed and shouted at Shi Sheng.
Shi Sheng’s sight moved from her laptop screen to Han Xiao, seeing Han Xiao was waving at her hectically.
Shi Sheng tilted her head, her pyjamas were all wrinkled, and there was a piece of bread in her mouth, which appeared to be endearingly silly.
Shi Sheng put down her laptop, headed towards the balcony slowly and peered eyed down from the windows.

A limousine, and a hot guy with flowers.
“It’s Ye Feng. Chairman Liu, are you still in contact with him? Please don’t think of me as a blabbermouth, but you’re way out of Ye Feng’s lengue, this guy is obviously amorous and dissolute.” Han Xiao criticized.
She had seen Ye Feng flirted with Liang Qian a few times. And she told Chairman Liu, she would not believe her until she saw it for herself. Now she could not let Chairman Liu got blinded by this gigolo.
Downstairs Ye Feng thought he saw Shi Sheng. He waved his hand at her, that face seemed to be a complete gigolo with the glamorous roses.
He was good looking, but he did not have the dominance and honourable demeanour of someone who was born with a silver spoon. If he was put amid the rich and powerful, he would have been crushed in any minute, and run away from home as he could not tolerate his family.
Even if he had that demeanour, he also could not compete with them.
And he dares to court me, isn’t he brave?!
Shi Sheng turned around and headed back, Han Xiao looked at her, confused.
When Shi Sheng was back, she was holding a basin of water, judging from the degree of heat emanating from the water, it presumably was the water she boiled for cooking.
As this thought flashed through Han Xiao’s mind, she saw her Chairman Liu splashed the water right down.


Ye Feng screamed in pain. Although not all the water was splashed onto him, half of it was poured on his face and hands. His skin burned to red instantly.
The roses that were dazzling and gorgeous a minute ago were as fuming with steam.
Han Xiao,”...” is Chairman Liu okay?

No, will Ye Feng die from this boiling water pouring right at him?
Han Xiao quickly looked down while grabbing the handrail.
The water was not boiling water, and there was a massive distance between them, by the time the water reached Ye Feng, the temperature was already slightly cooled down. His body was somewhat red and swollen, but it did not seem to be a big deal.
Han Xiao then only let out a sigh of relief.
Ye Feng covered his face in anger and glared at the people upstairs. Now that she has nothing, how can she still have the nerve to be against me!
Liu Sheng Gem, just you wait!
I’ll make sure that she will toss and turn around in the bed and beg for me to please her!
Before Ye Feng got to speak a piece of his mind, a group of guards came from aside and surrounded Ye Feng.
“Sir, someone complained that you are harassing them, please leave here.” the guards said with a well-trained tone.
How dare she tells the guards that I’m harassing her!
Liu Sheng Ge, damn you.
Ye Feng glared at Shi Sheng hatefully before opening the car door while tolerating the pain and left there.

“Chairman Liu, are you alright?” Han Xiao asked Shi Sheng carefully.
Just now, the domineering demeanour of Chairman Liu was much cooler than she was in the office.
“Of course I’m fine.” Shi Sheng waved her hand while heading back to the living room.
Han Xiao quickly followed her,” Chairman Liu, did you get over Ye Feng already?”
Shi Sheng sat onto the sofa, her whole body was like sinking into the soft couch, “there are billions of people out there, it’s not that hard to find another man, what’s there for me not to let him go?”
The Liu Sheng Ge that liked him was dead.
And she was not the same Liu Shing Ge.
Han Xiao blinked her eyes, before that Chairman Liu’s condition was not good, and it was all because of the gigolo Ye Feng. Nothing made her happier than seeing that she got over him.
With Chairman Liu’s capability, making a come back isn’t even a problem.
“If Chairman Liu can get over him then it’s all good, Ye Feng that gigolo doesn’t deserve you at all.” Han Xiao said with joy overflowing, “Chairman Liu, I’ll cook now.”
Shi Sheng looked up to take a glimpse at Han Xiao, who was busy in the kitchen, with her hand supporting her chin.
The corner of Shi Sheng’s lips curved upwards for a smile before she lowered her head to continue battling with the densely packed data.

Shi Sheng did not expect Ye Feng to see her with lawyers.
Ye Feng was only slightly burnt, but they had to wrap him up like a mummy, with the injury assessment stating as if he was going to next in the next seconds.
“Ye Feng how can you be so shameless, are your burns really that severe?” Han Xiao was furious after she read those reports, “this is extortion and blackmail, I’ll sue you.”
“Ms. Han, please calm down.” the lawyer said with a solemn expression, “those burns are on Mr. Ye’s face will gravely affect Mr. Ye’s daily life. There’s is even the possibility that he might be disfigured, these claims are reasonable.”
Ye Feng was sitting next to his lawyer calmly while Shi Sheng’s head was lowered looking at her laptop without acknowledging his presence, which infuriates Ye Feng unconsciously.
“This is non-sense!” Han Xiao threw the documents at the lawyer, responded with fury, “do you think I haven’t been to law school before?”
With Ye Feng’s injuries, the most they should pay for the medical fees were around tens of thousands of dollars. However, they were asking for 500,000; they thought they were brainless.

The lawyer came prepared, he took out another document, “Ms. Han, these claims are not only for the medical fees. It’s also incldued Mr. Ye’s car, that car was a limited edition, because of what Ms. Liu did, that car is needed to send back to the factory for reparation. The reparation fee was enormous, asking for 500,000 dollars is Mr. Ye being merciful already.”
Han Xiao skimmed through the document; every claim was written clearly, with no loopholes.
That was when Han Xiao only turned to Shi Sheng panicking, this sum of money, how are they going to find this amount of money to pay him?

“With merely a basin of water could make you car send back to the factory for reparation, is that a car or a toy?” Shi Sheng raised her head, sneered at him, “usually there’s nothing to scare about if a real luxury car was to crash with another car, why is your car so fragile?”
Shi Sheng did not hold back about what she said; it almost sounded like accusing him of buying a phoney.
“Ms. Liu, the receipt is here, you can check for yourself.” The lawyer said before Ye Feng could say anything,
Shi Sheng shut her laptop, with an indifferent expression, “the fact that you dare to bring it to me. Which means that you’ve done your homework ,why should I bother to find out.”
The lawyer’s face remained unchanged, “it doesn’t matter if you are going to admit or not; this evidence is valid. If Ms Liu is not going to pay the claims, then we’ll have to see you at the court.”