Shi Sheng looked at the lawyer and motioned for him to continue.

The lawyer cleared his throat, his gaze unnaturally shifting away and falling to the side, "Miss Liu, I am very aware of your current situation. However, this amount is already the result of Mr. Ye bearing a part of it himself. If you really can't do anything about it, you can use this house of yours as a mortgage ......"

"What did you say? " Han Xiao couldn't help but screamed, "You guys are just after Chairman Liu's house, right?"

Chairman Liu is only left with a house now, but Ye Feng, an attractive young man, intends to make Chairman Liu homeless.

"Sheng Ge, I’m not that desperate, but you're the one who disappointed me." Ye Feng's face was wrapped in bandages, so his expression couldn’t be seen.

You’ve got no sense at all ! 

You’re so thick-faced

"Medical bills, right?" Shi Sheng grinned and rolled her eyes with a ghastly smile, "I don't have anything else, just a lot of money."

Shi Sheng suddenly grabbed Ye Feng and lifted him onto the floor next to the sofa.

"Miss Liu." The lawyer was shocked, "Do you still want to hit someone? That’s a criminal offense!"

"Chairman Liu!" Han Xiao's scream and the lawyer's voice overlapped. They can't afford to fight like this in case something bad happens !

Shi Sheng stepped on Ye Feng's back and clasped his hands behind his back. Ye Feng's face was pressed against the cold ground and he cried out in pain.

He didn't expect Shi Sheng would suddenly strike, so he was unprepared.

"Don't worry, I won't hit the important parts. At most, I'll pay some money." Shi Sheng smiled at the lawyer.

Fortunately, the beautiful chairman has been training her body.

The lawyer's body that just wanted to go forward stiffened. He didn't want to admit that he was horrified by a woman's eyes.

However, his body was completely out of control, it was as if someone had cast a spell on him.

The only sound in the entire hall was the sound of Ye Feng screaming. After Shi Sheng finished beating him up, she carried him to the other side of the room.

When the lawyer and Han Xiao rushed into the room, they only saw the corner of Ye Feng's coat sliding down from the balcony.


There was a loud splash of water from below.

Shi Sheng leaned against the balcony calmly.

But in her heart, she was wondering if it would be her fault if the man drowned.

Yes, Ye Feng does not know how to swim. Adding on with the fact that he fell into the water previously, he would be even afraid of water

The lawyer probably remembered something and quickly rushed downstairs. The place where Shi Sheng lives is not very high up, and below lies a swimming pool. There was no one at the pool at that time.

But when the lawyer rushed to the bottom, he found that Ye Feng had been rescued. A girl was lying on his body, giving him artificial respiration.

Ye Feng was taken to the hospital, and this time, he really had to be mummified.


"Chairman Liu, is something going to happen?" Han Xiao was frightened by the ambulance whizzing sound below that drilled into her ears.

"You don't have to take any responsibility for this accident, so what are you afraid of?" Shi Sheng patted Han Xiao's shoulder, "Go see if there's a better house, we'll move to another place."

According to Ye Feng's character, he would only seek revenge on his own and rather not call the police.

In order to prevent seeing men like these every day in the future, it is better to move house.

"Chairman Liu……” Where's the money? 

You're broke now, okay? It's not just a matter of moving houses.We need to save and then make a comeback.

"Don't worry about the money, you can just go and take a look."

Han Xiao: "...... " 
Chairman Liu is still a bossy chairman even when she’s broke.

No, she’s even bossier than before !

This is a little different from the bankrupt chairman she knew ...... 

The other bankrupt chairmans are all sloppy. They degraded from being successful to being in a hellish state overnight, being drunk, self-loathing and cynical.

The chairman of her family was great. Regardless of having bad food and bad sleep due to bankruptcy, she didn’t complain.

Don’t even mention the comeback. It feels like she's just sitting around every day, waiting to die ...... 

I didn't expect Chairman Liu to be such a person.

She only reacted when Han Xiao went out with her bag. Didn’t she just ask about Ye Feng?


Han Xiao was afraid that Shi Sheng didn't have much money on hand, so when looking for an house, she tried to find one that was affordable.

As a result, several places were rejected by Shi Sheng.

One day, Shi Sheng carried a magazine and placed it in front of Han Xiao. She pointed to the special effects-added property on it, "This house it is." 

Han Xiao's heart ached, wanting to cry, "Chairman Liu, this house costs millions, we ...... " 
can't afford it!

Shi Sheng placed her hands on the tabletop and leaned slightly towards Han Xiao. The corners of her eyes raised slightly, and her ‘handsome’ face was filled with dominance.

Han Xiao's heartbeat suddenly accelerated and she involuntarily leaned back.

Shi Sheng gazed at Han Xiao, her voice seemingly tinged with a bit of laughter, "Do you still remember the liquid funds that disappeared from Liu's Family Enterprise previously?"

Han Xiao's wildly beating heart abruptly stopped. There was a feeling that what she was about to say was something that was more than she could bear.

Shi Sheng ran her fingers across Han Xiao’s ear. When Shi Sheng’s fingers fell in front of her, a pale golden card was held between her white fingers, "We're not short of money. Be good, go and buy a house."

Han Xiao's cheeks turned red.

It took a while for Han Xiao to respond. Her red face looked extraordinarily cute.

"Chairman Liu, you transferred all the funds out?" Han Xiao felt his voice trembling.

There were a lot of liquid funds in Liu's enterprise. How easy would it be for someone to transfer out such a huge amount?

For the people who had been looking into this case for a long time and still didn't know where the money had gone, this seemed like a supernatural event.

"Correct." Shi Sheng stood up straight.

Han Xiao: "...... "
My chairman is too amazing. How on Earth did you do it …

Shi Sheng asked, "Do you think I'm breaking the law by doing this?"

The flush on Han Xiao's face faded, and after a long silence, she slowly said, "Chairman Liu, since you're willing to tell me something so important, I'll definitely keep it a secret."

Shi Sheng shrugged her shoulders and her attitude was indifferent, with a bit of arrogance, "Even if you spill it to others, it makes no difference. Who would believe it?"

Han Xiao's heartfelt words that were brewing were choked to a pulp by Shi Sheng's words. 

Shi Sheng did not testify with her own mouth. So, even if Han Xiao told others about this, no one would believe her.

Han Xiao was curious as to how Shi Sheng's did it, but knowing that it wasn't her place to ask such things, she went ahead to buy a house.

A house is over thirteen million.

This house was advertised simply and crudely----

“One hundred years of light, one hundred years of residence.”

Anyway, Han Xiao didn't understand what purpose the ad had other than to tell her that this place was called the Hundred Year Residence.

As for the other aspects, the environment was really nice. 小桥流水人家,枯藤老树昏鸦...... Ew! Each cottage looked like it was hidden among the mountains and lush greenery. Apparently it had the current state-of-the-art security system.

Han Xiao looked at the land that couldn't be seen at a glance ......

I wonder how many people would enjoy such a large area of land.

Rich people wouldn’t be able to relate.

When Han Xiao completed all the formalities, Shi Sheng moved in with her bag, and the house that she previously lived in was sold right away.