Since they moved into the Hundred Year Residence, Han Xiao found that her own chairman was even more idle. She has been eating, drinking, and sleeping all day long, exactly like an elderly's routine.

Han Xiao tried several times to ask questions to find out when exactly Shi Sheng was planning to make a comeback, but basically, the topic was immediately carried away before she even asked.

"Chairman Liu, I found a dog outside." Han Xiao shouted as soon as she walked in the door.

Shi Sheng lifted the book off her face and squinted at the door. It was a snow-white Samoyed, and it's still a puppy.

Han Xiao brought the dog in and looked very happy, "This dog is really cute. I've always wanted to get one, but I didn't have time."

"How dare you simply bring home dogs in this area?" Shi Sheng covered the book back over her face, "It’s master is probably looking for it, so you’re  going to pay for this !"

People who lived here were rich and famous, so the dog must have been owned by someone.

"I asked the security guard, they don't know who it belongs to." Of course, Han Xiao wouldn't be that reckless. "I told the security guard that if its owner is looking for it, he can come here to look for me."

Han Xiao probably really liked dogs and had a great time playing with that Samoyed dog.

No one came to look for it by dinner time. Han Xiao called the security guard, and he also said no one came to ask.

[Branch Quest: Angel's Heart.]

Shi Sheng: "......"

What the hell is Angel Heart?

I ...... oh!

Isn't this men’s urban literature ? Why did you change the channel?

Or does the man have a woman who is actually an angel? This is awesome!

The host has a lot on her mind. [Angel’s Heart, also known as 'Curse', is a diamond that is very famous in this dimension, and the host's mission is to get it.]

You want me to get a diamond for this mission? It's not edible, it takes up too much space, and there's a bunch of weird diamonds in her space right now.

[...... and destroy it.] The system added.

Shi Sheng winked, "This can happen"

I knew the host was more interested in things like destruction.

Angel’s Heart, why does this thing sound familiar?

"Check Angel’s Heart’s data."

No, I rejected, yet the system still read uncontrollably, [Angel’s Heart, produced from the Kazofia Deep Sea, independently polished and carved by the famous sculptor 'Carl John' over a period of seven years. Because of its rare color and unique shape, it was given the title of Angel’s Heart ...... Angel’s Heart has traveled through many countries, but everyone who owns it will be cursed, so it is also called 'Curse'] .

 Cursed Jewel?

But why does this task have to be done by me?

What's that got to do with you?

[This mission has got something to do with the man.]  
The system continued to explain uncontrollably. It wanted to shut up so badly, but it couldn't.

Boo hoo, Master, come back soon, the host is going to spoil me.

"What's their relation?"

The system was relieved. This question required a higher authority to answer.

After not hearing an answer from the system, Shi Sheng said, "I better modify it when I get back"

 No, host, please let me go!


After Shi Sheng finished communicating with the system, Han Xiao was still playing with the dog.

The time Sheng dragged over the computer and started cracking again.

Angel's Heart ...... Angel's Heart ......

"...... Rumor has it that it ended up in the Royal Family of C." So much for the online report on Angel’s Heart, "Nation C?"

What the hell !

"What did you say, Chairman Liu?" Han Xiao couldn’t hear what Shi Sheng was babbling about and asked a question.

"Nothing." Shi Sheng shook his head.

Still being suspicious, Han Xiao patted the Samoyed dog, and at that moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Han Xiao went over to open the door and the Samoyed dog followed her. As soon as the door opened, the Samoyed dog barked twice and scurried out the door.

Initially, Shi Sheng didn’t bother who it was, but the outside suddenly sounded like a quarrel and the sound was getting closer. Han Xiao was being pushed and her body fell right into the doorway, knocking it open.

Shi Sheng took a few steps over, and outside the door stood a young girl dressed delicately, with a curly hair perm, looking very pure and sweet.

"...... Isn't this Liu Sheng Ge?" As soon as the young girl opened her mouth, the innocent sweetness disappeared in an instant, leaving only a sarcastic scowl. "How dare you still live here, not being kept by anyone?"

Shi Sheng helped Han Xiao up. Her gaze then swept over the young girl and the corners of her mouth curled up slightly, "Xiao Ling Long."

That young innocent junior of Ye Feng.

Xiao Ling Long knew that the original master and Ye Feng were pretty close and had been jealous of her.

A trace of hatred flashed across Xiao Ling Long's face extremely quickly. She held a high profile and snorted, "Surely, the servant and the master who raised her would be the same. How dare she steal my Xue Xue, where’s your upbringing?"

Han Xiao explained, "Miss Xiao, I've already said that your dog went missing. I've already informed the security guards about it. I didn't steal your dog."

If this would happen with someone else who didn't have a conflict with Shi Sheng, only an explanation would be needed and everyone could forget about it.

Unfortunately, this was Xiao Ling Long.

"Speak nicely. Why didn't you send the dog back to me?" Xiao Ling Long sneered, "Is it because  Liu Sheng Ge is unable to pay your salary, so you came to steal my Xue Xue. If you really need money, I can sponsor you guys a little"

Han Xiao was very frustrated. If she knew that the dog's owner was such a person, she wouldn't have picked the dog back up even if it means getting beaten to death.

"If you simply blabber again, I'll slash you." Shi Sheng was suddenly ferocious.

It’s definitely a terrifying sight when she becomes fierce and vicious.

Xiao Ling Long took a step back, "You ...... Liu Sheng Ge, you have nothing, and now you have to rely on a man. What else do you have to be arrogant, and do you still think you are the chairman  of Liu's Family Corporation?"

Speaking of which, Xiao Ling Long's voice got louder again.

She wasn't the Miss Liu that was praised by everyone anymore, so what was she afraid of her for!

People at home kept comparing her to Liu Sheng Ge, and she is still down on her luck!

In this circle, it is Liu Sheng Ge who is the most popular.

A person who is too popular can also attract haters. Liu Shengge is one of those people.

Aside from men, there are a whole lot of girls in the circle who don't like her.

But it's different now.

She's no longer that strong woman Shi Sheng Ge that she used to be. She's broke and she's down.

Xiao Ling Long inevitably straightened her back, unafraid to meet eyes with Shi Sheng.

Fuck you man! 

Shi Sheng slowly revealed her hands that were placed behind her. A glittering light flashed from the bottom of Xiao Ling Long's eyes. A sudden chill ran out from the soles of her feet and forced its way to her brain.

As Shi Sheng raised her hand to slash, Xiao Ling Long's face changed dramatically. She turned around and ran away screaming, "Liu Sheng Ge, you’re crazy."

The Samoyed didn't run after Xiao Ling Long. It was shivering and making low whimpering noises on the ground.

It was probably frightened by the iron sword.