Han Xiao was startled by Shi Sheng's sudden drawing of her sword. It was only when Xiao Ling Long screamed and ran away that she regained consciousness

She didn’t seem to have prepared such equipment for Chairman Liu, right? 

The sword looks so real.

When did Chairman Liu get it back?

Han Xiao was full of questions.

Shi Sheng took her sword to poke the Samoyed dog that was lying on the ground, and it barked pitifully.

Han Xiao's mouth twitched. Why did it feel like Chairman Liu had always wanted to poke the dog to death?

Dogs are innocent !

I’m begging you !

"I'm sorry Mr. Liu, I've caused you trouble." Han Xiao apologized guiltily. If she hadn't brought the dog back, Xiao Ling Long wouldn't have come to look for them.

Xiao Ling Long wouldn't have said such nasty things.

Shi Sheng poked the dog for almost half a day. The barking sound made Han Xiao's heart melt.

Such a cute dog, how can you do this to it, Chairman Liu?

"How much for one of these things?" Shi Sheng blurted out coldly.

Han Xiao was stunned and replied cautiously, "Ordinary ones aren't expensive."

An ordinary Samoyed was only a few thousand.

But the people living here were damn rich. Who knows if the dog was gold-plated or not, the price would probably be a few times more expensive.

It's beyond the reach of ordinary dogs anyway.


Xiao Ling Long returned quickly with her men, just in time to see Shi Sheng poke her dog.  She grabbed the person next to her and rushed over, "Liu Sheng Ge, don't touch my Xue Xue!"

Ye Feng was surprised to see Shi Sheng. He was still vividly aware of what happened last time, and there was some darkness in his eyes.

He went to the previous place to look for her, but the place had been sold and he couldn’t find anyone.

Now that he actually saw her in such a high-class area, how could Ye Feng not be surprised.

This woman actually had money to live in such a high-class area?

Probably because someone had Xiao Ling Long’s back, Xiao Ling Long rushed directly in front of Shi Sheng, "Let go of Xue Xue."

Shi Sheng laughed and continued to poke the dog twice. "If I poked it, what can you do to me?"

It's great to have a man having your back !

Lao Tzu ......

I'm a man with a sword!

Samoyed Dog: "...... " Ow, I'm innocent.

Han Xiao: "...... " 
Shi Sheng’s behavior is getting worse and worse It must be that she'd never seen the president in her normal life. Yep, it should be that.  

"You!" Xiao Linglong was so angry that her face was red. She grabbed Ye Feng's hand and shook it, "Brother Feng, you must help me save Xue Xue"

That voice was as soft as a kitten, and it was numbing to the heart.

Most men like to pamper little women, and Ye Feng was obviously like this.

When Xiao Ling Long acted coquettishly, Ye Feng couldn't fight much.

"Sheng Ge, let go of Xue Xue. Why do you have to deal with a puppy?"

"I'm not dragging it anyway" Shi Sheng was looking at Ye Feng with the same look as a retard, "It didn't leave on its own. Are you blaming me now?"

"Brother Feng, she also tried to kill me just now" Xiao Ling Long complained aggrievedly, her petite body leaning against Ye Feng.

"I also want to kill you now." Shi Sheng raised her iron sword, her smile filled with malice.

Xiao Ling Long shivered in fear and dodged behind Ye Feng.

Glittering tears were already hanging in the corners of her eyes. Her poor little face was just heartbreaking to watch.

"Liu Sheng Ge, are you crazy?" Ye Feng's eyes were filled with anger towards Shi Sheng.

"If you don't bring your little beauty, I might really go crazy." Shi Sheng's line of sight shifted from all around. Is there any surveillance here? Is it troublesome to kill people here?

[...... host, please don't have such dangerous thoughts.] The system dutifully warned, though it was of little use.

And when Ye Feng heard this sentence from Shi Sheng, he didn't know what else to think but -.

Shi Sheng was jealous, she still liked him in her heart.

Women are really bitchy.

If Shi Sheng knew Ye Feng’s thoughts, she would’ve murdered Ye Feng here.

Ye Feng inevitably eased his demeanor. "Sheng Ge, put down your sword. If you like dogs, I'll give you one. Return this dog to my junior"

Shi Sheng inexplicably looked at Ye Feng who eased his demeanor. Had he taken the wrong medicine?

Xiao Ling Long also felt Ye Feng’s transformation. She glared at Shi Sheng and seduced Ye Feng.

"Brother Feng ...... "Xiao Ling Long grabbed Ye Feng's arm. "Liu Sheng Ge is really crazy. Look at her gaze, it looks like she has transformed into another person. The previous incident must have hit her pretty hard. "

Ye Feng looked up and down at Shi Sheng a few times and his gaze rested on Shi Sheng's chest for a few seconds. He also felt that Liu Sheng Ge transformed into another person.

Especially when facing him, the look in his eyes, as if he would dissolve in her eyes in the next second, not even a scrap left.

"Sister Liu, I know a doctor. Do you want me to introduce you to him? If you are sick, you should be treated. I can help you pay since you lack money." Xiao Ling Long continued to play dead.

Hey! I'm a hot headed person ! 

Shi Sheng held the sword and slashed over.

The iron sword whistled through the air, and a brutal pressure crushed over. Xiao Ling Long's small face went pale. Not sure if she was too shocked as she didn't even avoid it.

This time Ye Feng was prepared. He brought Xiao Ling Long to the side to dodge. The iron sword grazed his back, and the coldness pierced his back.

Ye Feng involuntarily shivered. It was so cold.

It felt like wearing pants and suddenly falling into the icy snow.

He didn’t have time to stand still when the coldness swept over again. Ye Feng flung Xiao Ling Long to the side, and they both rolled into the flower bushes at the side.

Shi Sheng had just taken two steps forward when a yellow-orange object suddenly fell from above and smashed at Shi Sheng's feet.

The buzzing sound instantly poured out, and hornets flew out from the hive.

Shi Sheng: "...... " 
I must be really lucky!

The iron sword swung through the air. The hornets that hadn't flown near were lifted by a gust of wind and flew dizzily through the air, breaking up the formation.

Shi Sheng swung over again, and a group of hornets flew over to Ye Feng and Xiao Ling Long.

"Ahhh ......" Xiao Ling Long's screams were heard.

Ye Feng was busily protecting Xiao Ling Long and chasing away those hornets. However, it wasn’t effective, so Ye Feng could only protect Xiao Ling Long while running away.

The hornets 'buzzed' and chased out.

The two were finally saved with the help of the security guards.

However, the both of them were stung badly, especially Ye Feng, whose entire face was swollen. Xiao Ling Long's face was protected by Ye Feng, so it was nothing serious. Only her arms were stung badly.

"Brother Feng" Xiao Ling Long grabbed Ye Feng's hand. Her small face was full of tears, and her voice was even more aggrieved, "Liu Sheng Ge is doing this on purpose."

Ye Feng's expressions changed. He hadn't been this frustrated ever since he had that magical software.

Xiao Ling Long couldn’t stop talking. "...... Liu Sheng Ge is bankrupt, but how does she still have the money to live here? Brother Feng, do you think she has a boyfriend?"

It seemed like a nice thing to say, but the implication was - Shi Sheng was being kept by someone.

After all, how could a bankrupt president afford to live in such a high-class area?

Ye Feng's face sunk.