After she settled the retarded male lead, Shi Sheng turned around to see the dumbfounded Han Xiao with the idiotic dog.

Han Xiao thought that she walked into a wrong scene, or she was not fully awake.

Is that my chairman?
She could not use the ‘casual Chairman Liu’ and the ‘working Chairman Liu’ to hypnotize herself anymore.

What if Chairman Liu was possessed?
The more Han Xiao thought about it, the more terrified she got, she broke out in cold sweat. Seeing that Shi Sheng was heading towards her, Han Xiao backed off unconsciously while shivering.
“I’m not going to kill you, don’t worry.” Shi Sheng glared at her.
Han Xiao cried internally, Chairman Liu, right now you’re even more terrifying.
“Send this idiotic dog away,” Shi Sheng pointed at the samoyed who was lying on the floor, with her face filled with loathsome.

“Oh, sure...” Han Xiao nodded involuntarily.
Han Xiao did not know where The Siow Family lived; she also did not want to go there. Hence, she sent the dog to the guard station and asked them to send it there.
On her way back, Han Xiao’s thoughts were intertwined.  

Is Chairman Liu being possessed by a ghost or not?
Should I ask for a talisman before I go back?
Han Xiao thought that it was a good idea and ran to the nearest Taoist temple instantly to ask for an exorcism talisman. A lady who was queueing with Han Xiao struck up a conversation with her.
As they were chit-chatting, Han Xiao told the lady her struggles without realizing it.

The lady was shocked, “why didn’t you resign then?”
Han Xiao’s face blushed, “my chairman is  very handsome.”
The lady immediately showed an understanding expression, then Han Xiao continued, “the salary the chairman pays me was twice the usual rate.”

The lady was speechless. With looks and money, this young lady isn’t even scared of ghosts, that’s impressive.
After Han Xiao got the talisman, she put it close to her body before rushing back.
Shi Sheng was not in the living room. Han Xiao moved to the bedroom carefully. The talisman did not have any reaction; she let out a sigh of relief.

All she asked for was to be at peace.
“Can’t believe it took so long for you to send a dog back.”
Shi Sheng’s voice appeared from behind, startling Han Xiao to broke out in cold sweat, her heart felt like it was going to pound out from her chest, her breathing rate had skyrocketed.
My gosh!

She touched the talisman with her fingers; she could not feel anything.

Luckily, luckily.

Han Xiao took a deep breath and looked around. Shi Sheng was holding a bowl of ramen. She might have been at the kitchen just now, and she did not notice that when she came up.
Since… Cooking ramen did not require a lot of movement.
“Chairman Liu, where did you get your ramen from?” Han Xiao said that after holding back for some time. She did not recall buying this. Moreover, the brand was so strange. She had never seen one.
Shi Sheng, “...” She got it from the space, probably was left behind by whoever was last there.
# Host who never knew how to cook, in your face for eating ramen. #

Shi Sheng placed the ramen aside, responded with a deadpan tone, “I found it in the kitchen, didn’t you buy it?”

Han Xiao shook her head, “I’ve never bought ramen.”
“If you didn’t buy it, does it mean that i’m the one that bought it?” Shi Sheng glared at her, “maybe you mistook it.”
“I’m hungry already.” Shi Sheng cut off Han Xiao.
Han Xiao, “...” I’m sure I did not buy that.

However, seeing Shi Sheng’s determined expression, she began to doubt herself, is it possible that I might have bought it?
it’s unlikely that…
this house is haunted, right?
Han Xiao was terrified by her thought until she got goosebumps all over her body, it’s must be me mistook it!
She only felt a slight sense of security after she turned on all the lights in the kitchen.

After the incident of Ma Feng, Xiao Ling Long’s father, Xiao Mao, sent her an invitation to a jewellery auction out of nowhere.
There could be only two reasons why Xiao Mao invited her. It was either Xiao Ling Long’s idea or… someone was plotting something against her.
It does not matter which is which, they are pretending to be a prick against the male lead, I want to be a pretentious prick too!
“Chairman Liu, we can’t go.” it was evident that they were not well-intended.
Shi Sheng sitting with her foot raised, with a sloppy demeanour, with no image at all, “do you know what we should do when our enemies are flushed with their success?”
Based on our current situation, it was only plausible to wait patiently… then make a comeback, although Chairman Liu doesn’t seem like she’s intended to make a comeback.
So what should we do?
Shi Sheng smiled faintly, her slight pink lips opened and closed lightly, “be a pretentious prick.”
Han Xiao was stupefied.
To pretend as a prick you need to have the capability first!
If we’re going to go there like that, can we even walk out the auction alive?
Even if we aren’t beaten to death, we would still be a laughing stock.
Han Xiao’s discouragement was useless. Shi Sheng still went to the auction on that day.
Without bringing Han Xiao.
Han Xiao was exhausted, I can’t believe that Chairman Liu asked me to wait for her outside, is she planning to run away after she’s done being a prick?

The moment Shi Sheng stepped through the door, a couple came up to her, the man gazed over her body, sinisterly, “Isn’t this Chairman Liu? Who’s your plus one?”
“Chairman Liu?” the lady who was holding the man’s arm sneered, “the Liu Family Corporation is already bankrupt, what kind of chairman is she?”
“Dear, you can’t say that , she was a chairman after all, we have to be respectful.”
The lady pushed the man, said coquettishly, “I think you’re just interested in her.”
“No way dear. I will only be interested in someone like you, as for someone like Chairman Liu...” the man’s gaze scanned her body from top to toe, “it would be so boring in bed.”
These two were here to taunt Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng began to smile, and her smile was so bright. It became more eye-catching under the reflection of the surrounding lights.
Her smile entranced the man for a moment.
Shi Sheng walked towards him slowly, with her smile getting wider, it became unusually eerie in the next second. The man drew a cold breath out of horror; there was a sudden pain on the back of his foot.
Shi Sheng stomped on the man’s foot and returned to her original position, her smile was still there, but this time it was filled with malice, “whether I’m fun in the bed or not, it’s something that you’ll never get to know.”

“You’re so shameless!” the lady reviled.
“The only way to be invincible in this world is to be shameless,” Shi Sheng touched her cheek, narcissistically, “furthermore, I’m much better looking than you.”
With Liu Sheng Ge’s face, if she was in the entertainment industry, she could survive solely with her face, and with her body, even if she were useless, people would still hire her.

This was to hit where it hurt.
To compete with a woman, it was all about looks, as for men, it was about luxury goods.
The lady’s face was furiously livid, no one is competing of beauty with you!
“Chairman Liu is much cheekier than before,” the man held back the pain sensation, said with anger.
There were spectators all around them. Since the Liu Family Corporation went bankrupt, the beauty chairman who was under the limelight went missing for a while.
At that moment, the first time she made an appearance was to be so arrogant. Undoubtedly was to make these conspiracy theorists speculate if she somehow was able to get close with a rich man or if she had a secret trump card.
When the Liu Family Corporation went bankrupt, many were beared with a sordid mind to wait for her to ask for help. Who would not want such beauty after all?
What made everyone surprised was that she, as the legit, proper owner of the Liu Family Corporation, she did nothing to save her company, sending the Liu Family Corporation to its death with her eyes wide open.
Now her attitude was arrogant as hell, who would not speculate about her?
As they were conjecturing about Shi Sheng, she spitted out a quiet sentence, “a beggar can never be bankrupt. If I’m going to die, why don’t we die together? We should share the blessings together. Isn’t that right, everyone?”
Everyone trembled in shock as she said that.
What kind of blessing is that?
This Liu Sheng Ge must have gone crazy because of her company, right?