Due to Shi Sheng’s terrifying comment, the spectators that were gathering around backed off one by one.
Never mess with a lunatic, who knows she would go crazy and chop people up in the next second.
“I can’t believe that you’d actually come.” a charming voice carrying some intense disdain came out next to Shi Sheng.
Shi Sheng turned around to see. A lady was leaning against the wall, flirtatiously with champagne in her hand. Her long legs were exposed by the slits of her cheongsam, looking incredibly seductive.
Liang Qing, she was an A-class actress.
She was also the lady who exhorted the original host to accept the fact that Ye Feng had side chicks and asked her to share Ye Feng.
“Liu Sheng Ge, look at how miserable you’re,” Liang Qing sympathized and pitied, “if you agreed to be with Ye Feng in the first place, do you think you’ll still end up like this?”
“Or maybe I should be like you?” Shi Sheng raised her brows slightly, “watching your man go out with other women as a couple?”
Deep down in Liang Qing’s heart, she might have felt a little revolted, but she did not show it in her expression.
Instead, her face filled with affection, “I’m willing to be with someone like Ye Feng, as long as I have a place in his heart.”
Please allow me to disagree with this logic.

I’ll only allow my man to be mine and only mine, I’ll kill whoever lays a finger on him.
“Oh? What if he’s just a penniless dude?” When Ye Feng was destitute, even the campus belle did not bat an eye at him. The penurious Ye Feng was nothing even if he had good looks.
Hence, money was indeed a useful item.

It was a necessity of an evil capitalist.
“How can Ye Feng be poor?” Liang Qing glared at Shi Sheng with contempt.

Shi Sheng smiled at the corner of her lips, “he was a poor dude to begin with.”
Ye Feng was born in rural areas. His family was not well off; the reason he could afford to go to university was due to being sponsored. If it were not for that app, he would still be a poor kid who was busy looking for part-time jobs.
“Liu Sheng Ge, you’re jealous of him right?”
Jealous? What kind of joke is this? What’s about him to be jealous?
Alright, fine, I’m jealous, jealous of him having that app just because he’s the male lead.
I didn’t even get a newbie gift pack.
[... host, are you going to keep using this gag forever?]
Liang Qing took two steps at Shi Sheng, posing as if she was a queen, “Liu Sheng Ge, you chose to abandon Ye Feng in the first place, it’s all your doings that you’re in this situation.”
“I don’t care about someone who has slept with so many people.”
Liang Qing’s expression changed faintly, “what’s wrong with men nowadays to be with a few women?”
In this industry, who did not have a bunch of sugar babies discreetly?
Ye Feng was wealthy and good looking. It was much better compared to those older men.
Shi Sheng grinned, replied imperiously, “yeah, there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s why I’m planning to get a few more sugar babies.”
Liang Qing laughed as if she heard some hilarious joke, “Liu Sheng Ge, are you still in your fantasy? With your status now, it’s more proper if you’re someone’s sugar baby. Oh, right, since you’re here, doesn’t that mean you came with your sugar daddy? It’s unexpectable that the beauty chairman who was under the limelight would sink this low to be someone’s sugar baby.”
Shi Sheng wondered if all Ye Feng’s side chicks were all insane, that all they could think about was be a mistress.
Other than that, did they have anything else in their minds?
“You’re right, I have a sugar daddy, unhappy? If you’re unhappy about it, let Ye Feng be your sugar daddy then! Moron!” Whoever was shameless was invincible, even I become afraid of myself when I am shameless.
Liang Qing was choked by her statement.
How shameless she can be, to be so egoistic when she has a sugar daddy.
“He… I wonder who’s this lucky sugar daddy who has the honor to provide for you,” Liang Qing snickered, “he must have ‘crazy good taste’.”
“No matter how ‘good taste’ he has, it still won’t top Ye Feng’s taste,” Shi Sheng smiled insincerely.
What’s it in these women that he laid eyes on.
Shi Sheng’s sight fell on Liang Qing’s chest, as Liang Qing expression changed, she continued as if she had an epiphany,” maybe Ye Feng didn’t care about inner beauty, he likes outer beauty, that’s why he was interested in me, didn’t know it’s a crime to have such a good body.”
Liang Qing lowered her head to look at her chest before looking at Shi Sheng’s, her face turned even unsightly.
Her body fell short by a considerable amount when it came to comparing to Shi Sheng’s.
“Liu Sheng Ge, just how licentious are you in private?” Liang Qing said with hatred, “no wonder people would still want to be your sugar daddy even when you’re bankrupt. You must be skillful when it comes to pleasuring men in bed right? Shall I introduce clients for you to help you expand your business.”
Shi Sheng squinted her eyes, with an obscure smile, “how can I rob you of your business; nowadays it’s so hard to earn with this kind of job, plus the pay isn’t even good. I think it’s better Ms. Liang to save the business for yourself.”
Liang Qing only got it after a while. She raised her hand in wrath to slap Shi Sheng, can’t believe she said that I’m a prostitute.
Shi Sheng quickly dodged to the side, causing Liang Qing to hit the railing behind Shi Sheng. There was an enormous sound.
“Ah!” Liang Qing screamed in pain.
There’s always some retard that’s trying to harm me.

I’m scared.
Shi Sheng gave her a jerk from the back, Liang Qing stumbled backwards a few steps, causing her to be imbalanced on her high heels and dropped to the ground.
“Click! Click!”
The flashlights went off abruptly, Liang Qing’s last scream had already caught the attention of many. There were a few reporters came out from nowhere at took as many photos of Liang Qing on the ground as they could.
When Liang Qing fell on the ground, her legs were wide open, the erotic underwear she wore was all exposed to the reporters.
Liang Qing did not care about the pain on her wrist. She pulled her legs together immediately and grabbed a piece of her cheongsam to cover it. The ache on her wrist and her immense anger made her look twisted. There was no sight of beauty in her at all.
However, the reporters already had enough photos.
They had already thought about the titles of the photos.
#The glamorous goddess of the screen wore erotic underwear to the jewellery auction.#
#The goddess of screen fought with the former beauty chairman, and the show was stolen by her erotic panties.#
Shi Sheng spread her hands innocently, you can’t blame me on this one, who told you to hit me? I didn’t take out my sword and slice you already for being merciful.
Liang Qing’s whole body was shivering in vexation.
Liang Qing was hurried away by her manager. At the same moment, Xiao Ling Long came in holding Ye Feng’s arm.
They were wearing matching outfits, when both of them were standing together, the man was handsome, and the woman was pretty. It was like a match made in heaven.
When Liang Qing saw this, she got mad unconsciously.
Although women were able to accept and admit that their man had side chicks, deep down, they still hope that their man would bias towards them.
Now that Ye Feng was a little well known, many knew about this young man who appeared out of nowhere was fetching and generous, that he could throw his money away recklessly.
Their appearance was undoubtedly high-profile, Xiao Ling Long leaned against Ye Feng like a helpless little bird, enjoying the stares from all the envious, or jealous debutantes.