Ye Feng saw Shi Sheng, but he did not go over to her. Instead, he and Xiao Ling Long went in the direction of the restroom.
Shi Sheng was sitting alone in a corner, bored out of her wits.
Just before the auction was about to begin, Ye Feng then only appeared with Xiao Ling Long. Strangely, Xiao Ling Long changed her outfit.
Xiao Ling Long complexion was peach-colored, appeared to be shy and timid, following around Ye Feng like she was his wife.
Tsk tsk…
Ye Feng’s speed of sleeping with women was not bad.
Liang Qing and Xiao Ling Long should have slept with Ye Feng at this moment. The maniac next door girl might not have slept with him yet, and the cold-blooded killer had not shown herself.
Out of four of Ye Feng’s side chicks, he had already slept with half of them.
Nonetheless, Shi Sheng saw Liang Qing walk into the lobby in another outfit, with her facial expression similar to Xiao Ling Long...
This is super awkward!
Shi Sheng supported her forehead with her hand, admired the author.
As the auction began, Ye Feng had been raising his bids generously.
The items he auctioned for were all kinds, anything that you could name it.
Shi Sheng narrowed her pupils, is that his mission?
Ye Feng did not have to pay for the money Ye Feng spent on tasks. However, there was an upper limit too. If the item’s bidden price was more than its value, Ye Feng had to pay for the balance.
Shi Sheng raised her number sullenly.
“Number 52.”
Ye Feng saw her raising her number, immediately submitted his bid to be against Shi Sheng.
“Number 7.”

“Number 36.”
“Number 52.”
“Number 7.”
The auction suddenly became their two-person show.
The extras that were doing nothing in the background began a conversation.
“I heard that Ye Feng and Liu Sheng Ge were quite close with each other? What’s up with these two now?”
“Before that Ye Feng was buying the Liu Family Corporation’s stocks, but the Liu Family Corporation went bankrupt, is Ye Feng Liu still holding grudges against Sheng Ge...”
Ye Feng bought the Liu Family Corporation, and things that went wrong with the Liu Family Corporation making everyone think that Ye Feng would be penniless.
However, this was not on his mind at all.
“Where is this Ye Feng from?” they went to search for Ye Feng’s information, but other than that he was a university student, they could not find out anything else.
“Is he from a plutocrat family who’s here to spendthrift?”
“Ye? This surname...”

“Number 7 going once, number 7 going twice, number 7 going thrice. Deal.” the auctioneer announced.
Everyone stopped talking and looked up at the screen, which was showing the final bid price.
A piece of jewelry worthed merely one million dollars was bid to be five million dollars by these two…
Normal tyrants could not understand the god-like level of them.
The auctions afterward, when Ye Feng did not raise his number, Shi Sheng would lift her number sourly, and the moment she did that, Ye Feng would immediately follow suit.
It became the auction of those two again.
Shi Sheng’s nonchalant attitude upset Ye Feng very much. Now that she has nothing, how can she still be against me? Did she think that I will always like her?
“Let us have the last auction item of today, ‘Lucky’.”
The emcee proceeded to put the auction item on the display counter. It was a diamond bracelet.
There was an uproar from the audience. Most of them were here today because of ‘Lucky’.
The original material was the same as the Heart of Angel. It was made with the remaining material of the Heart of Angel after Carl John engraved the Heart of Angel.
Although its price could not compete with the Heart of Angel, based on the fact that it was made with the same material of the Heart of Angel and with Carl John’s reputation, this bracelet was every collector’s target.  
Carl John gifted it to his wife and named it ‘Lucky’.
The implication of this bracelet was lucky. He hoped that this bracelet could bring luck to his wife. It indeed brought luck to people.
It was the complete opposite of the Heart of Angel.
Of course, those were just rumors.
“‘Lucky’ was lost for a century, not long ago we had the honor to accept the request of the collector of ‘Lucky’ to auction this bracelet. Due to personal reasons, he wanted to auction this item. Everyone must be clear that this bracelet can bring luck to the owner, so who will be lucky enough to win this bracelet?”
The auctioneer explained the history and the value of ‘Lucky’ in detail.
“The opening bid is $80 million, with a minimum increase of $1 million each time. The auction shall begin now-”
“$82 million.”
“$83 million.”

As soon as the auctioneer’s voice trailed off, someone had already placed a bid.
The value of the Heart of Angel no one could give a clear price tag could be up to several billion; even it had the nickname of ‘Curse’.
With this bracelet, which had an opposite effect of a curse, its value increased in folds.
At that moment, whoever that was bidding were the ones that could not afford the bracelet at the end, those with the capability to buy ‘Lucky’ had not placed their bids yet.
Shi Sheng reckoned Ye Feng with her eyes.
Although Ye Feng tried his best to conceal it, his facial expression had shown that he was ultimately excited to bid that bracelet.
Plus, Xiao Ling Long appeared to want that bracelet as well. She was pulling Ye Feng’s hand coquettishly.
Shi Sheng pondered about it with her hand supporting her chin, I have no interest in this bracelet, then…
I’ll raise the bidding!
Since the male lead was loaded.
He would not lack this amount of money.

Hence, when they were in the climax, those who were bidding at first stopped bidding. That was when only those with the ability to get ‘Lucky’ started bidding.
Even time Shi Sheng bid, she increased the price by $10 million, making some people frustrated.
Chairman Liu is bankrupt. What kind of prank is she pulling here?
“Chairman Liu, do you have the money to afford it?” someone could not hold back and ask with a peculiar tone.
“It doesn’t matter since I’m not the one paying fro it,” Shi Sheng answered as if it was inevitable and right.
“Liu Sheng Ge, you’re increasing the price purposely.”
“That’s right, it’s not illegal right?” Shi Sheng smiled ruefully, “do you have the face to call yourselves a rich person if you can’t even afford this?”
Everyone, “...” Aren’t you being too honest?!
It was true that the auction did not set a rule that the bidders could not raise the price intentionally. After all, the higher the bidding price, the more commission the auction house would get. Who would not want to earn more money?
Shi Sheng looked at there people, calm and undisturbed, “there’s only two ways to settle this, it’s either you people continue to bid, or you can throw me out of here.”
She stopped and advised them kindly,” right… I would suggest you do the first one, since it’s impossible for you to get me out of here.”
Everyone,”...” how can this broke chairman be so arrogant! Someone needs to come and drag this bankrupt chairman out!
The last statement was uncannily similar to the sentence ‘why don’t we die together’.
What happened previously had freaked out these people. It felt like this bankrupt chairman was trying to avenge society.
Hence, they decided to continue bidding...
The price was as high as $460 million.
Ye Feng had never stopped bidding. Shi Sheng would raise the price every time Ye Feng placed his bid. It was evident that she was up against him.
Some people were glaring at Ye Feng in a fury.
Because of Ye Feng’s disloyalty, now that they had to bear the unfortunateness with him.

As the price was rising, these people could only gaze at the price tag and lament their inadequacy. They had always thought that they were loaded. It was at that moment they realized that they were dirt-poor.
“$656 million.”
This was the highest ‘Lucky’ could go; anything higher than that was not worth it.

The bidders were giving up one by one.
Only three were left.
Ye Feng, Shi Sheng, and a man in a tuxedo.
The man in a tuxedo was sitting up straight. He did not speak a word, only raise his number quietly.