Ye Feng was a bit anxious as the price was almost beyond his budget.

It was so strange. Apart from Shi Sheng who was raising the price with him, there was also a man in a suit that he didn't know.

Ye Feng forced himself to continue bidding, and Shi Sheng called twice before giving up, because she found that a man in a suit had no intention of giving up at all.

The amount of the auction skyrocketed, and it had become so high that even the local tycoons kept quiet.

The world of tycoons is indeed pretty scary.

Ye Feng was about to give up as this price was no longer something he could afford. But just as he had this thought, his eyesight swept to Shi Sheng who was sitting not far away. Looking at the undisguised sarcasm on her face, Ye Feng's heart was instantly filled with anger.

Why on earth was she sitting here so frankly and looking at him with such a mocking expression?

She's the one who's broke. ......

The two voices in his head kept conflicting with each other.

--Keep bidding. You can't let her look down on you, show her what a fool she is for giving you up.

--Give up bidding. You no longer have any extra funds, don't make a mistake because of a woman.  

While Ye Feng was struggling between his thoughts, someone else from the back joined in the battle. 

It was a middle-aged man, dressed in a suit, looking no different from the others.

The crowd was in an uproar. Today's show was probably something that can only be seen once in a lifetime. 

"Nine hundred million!" The man in the suit opened his mouth for the first time, but he directly raised 790 million to 900 million, spanning a hundred million.

The eyes of the crowd brushed together to look at Ye Feng - It's your turn, Rich God.

Ye Feng’s cold sweat broke out. Before he could speak, the middle-aged man behind him had already spoken.

"One billion."

"1.1 billion." Shi Sheng suddenly called out.

All of the tycoons: "...... "

Are you guys talking about mud? You guys are adding by a hundred million dollars!

And this bankrupt chairman, where are you going to get the $1.1 billion if no one will bid after you?

Ye Feng looked at Shi Sheng’s expression and felt that she was provoking him. His brain was hot and he called out, "1.2 billion!"

There was a strange silence. The man in a suit and the man at the back stopped raising their bid.

The auctioneer waited a while before speaking, "Once on 7, twice on 7, three times on 7! Congratulations to the gentleman who got Lucky and may your future be Lucky"

It was a huge profit.

The auctioneer's face was almost smiling.

Ye Feng: "...... " 
Why didn't anyone raise the bid?

Many people got up to congratulate Ye Feng, regarding him being young and talented blablabla......

Ye Feng's available funds were definitely not that much, so he had to scrape together the funds to make up for it.

The final result was that all his efforts were in vain, and he still owed a lot of points to the software.

Ye Feng felt that something was wrong. Those two people who called for the final price were not summoned by Liu Sheng Ge to trap him, right?

Quite possibly!

I didn't expect this woman to be so cruel.

Ye Feng probably hated Shi Sheng right now.


Shi Sheng left the venue and was stopped by the man in a suit from before.

"Miss Liu." The man in a suit bent slightly, then took a small box out from his pocket, "A meeting gift."

Shi Sheng: "...... " 

What the hell?

What's the meeting gift for?

Something was wrong.

Shi Sheng stepped backwards and went down from the other side. The tall figure of the man in the suit immediately jumped in front of Shi Sheng, "Miss Liu, meet and greet."

The tone of his voice and his expression was exactly the same!

Meet your grandfather!

Ahhhh, a lunatic!

Shi Sheng kicked the man in the stomach. The man didn’t think Shi Sheng was that strong and didn't take it seriously. He only got befuddled when he fell onto the ground.

By the time the man regained consciousness, Shi Sheng was nowhere to be found.

The man got up from the ground and walked frustratedly towards a direction, crossed the street and got into a car parked on the side of the road.

The car was quiet.

"Young master, Miss Liu didn't want it."

"What did you say?" A soothing voice sounded from the side, and the lighting in the car was so dim that the person's face could not be seen.

"Miss Liu, meet and greet." The man in the suit repeated in the same tone of voice.

"You stupid bastard, who told you to say that!" The one called Young Master suddenly reached out a hand and slapped the man in the suit's head wildly, "Who told you to say that! Who!"

The man in the suit covered his head, "That's what you said before, Young Master."

He repeated it correctly. Not a word less, not a word more. Why did the young master hit him again?

The man in the suit was thrown out of the car and the car drove off.


Shi Sheng scampered into Han Xiao's car.

"Chairman Liu? " Han Xiao's heart lifted when she saw how anxious Shi Sheng was. Chairman Liu wouldn't really have done anything, right?

"Drive off quickly, there’s a lunatic behind us" Shi Sheng urged Han Xiao.

Han Xiao looked behind the car and could vaguely see a figure coming this way. It was so far away that she could only tell it was a man from his height and shape.

Han Xiao immediately started the car.

Shi Sheng started cursing when the car left that road .

One man in a suit was enough. There was even a weird lunatic!

You scared the hell out of me.

Am I that attractive?

Han Xiao weirdly looked at Shi Sheng touching her own face and hands. What on earth was Chairman Liu doing?

Han Xiao's heart is a bit frazzled.


The news on the next day was grand.

Lucky bracelets were bidded for sky-high prices.

Actress Liang Qing Qing’s interesting panties event all seemed so unimportant.

Everyone was talking about Lucky's sky-high bracelet price.

If it wasn’t for the auction process that was strictly confidential, Ye Feng would also be on the headlines by now.

There were also people who questioned whether the Lucky bracelet would really bring people luck.

So the person who won the bracelet became the focus of attention. Everyone was curious as to who this divine tycoon was and whether he would really be blessed by the God of Luck.

But if you come to think about it, if someone can get over a billion dollars for a bracelet, that person is already very lucky even if he/she doesn't have a Lucky bracelet.

At the same time, ever since the auction, rumors have been circulating in the circle that Shi Sheng is being kept by someone, and all sorts of news have emerged.

There were even people who raked up the original owner's previous relationships, checking out all the men who had a relationship with her. In the end, it somehow turned out to be ‘the chairmans who had a close relationship with the beautiful chairman in those years.'

"Chairman Liu, look at what they wrote here ...... three hours of night meeting with a chairman, left early morning ...... This is obviously because Chairman Zhao was in a hurry the next day to leave the country, that’s why you could only meet him at night to discuss. How did this turn into a night meeting ......"

Han Xiao pulled out several untenable sayings in a row. Her face was red as she was speaking aggressively. 

These reporters are really too much. They didn’t even report about Lucky bracelet but chose to dig into Chairman Liu’s personal affairs!

Shi Sheng leaned against the couch leisurely, "Why are you so aggressive? Let them say whatever they want, as if everything they said that is false will become true ?"

"Chairman Liu, you don't know how terrible public comments are right now. A while ago, a young girl jumped off a building because of this. Even if you didn't do it, they’ll still think that you did it. These internet mobs have no sense of rationality at all."