The man in the suit succumbed when Shi Sheng raised the money tenfold.

However, Shi Sheng only got the following dialogue.

"It's our young master."

"Who is your young master?"

"Our young master."

"What's your young master's name?"

"We just call him young master."


This retard!  

The serious look of the man in the suit made Shi Sheng doubt. Maybe he really didn't know what his young master's name was.

His young master was quite right to use him.

Even if he was bribed, it would be useless.

Just as Shi Sheng was about to let the man go, the door was suddenly banged open and armed police officers swarmed in from the outside.

The scene became bizarre.

The kidnapped man in the suit and Shi Sheng, who looked ready to slash with a sword.

The cops broke out in a cold sweat. If they had come later, would this man have been chopped to death?

"Liu Sheng Ge, drop the murder weapon!" The police pointed their guns at Shi Sheng. Han Xiao was subdued and escorted to the side, looking at Shi Sheng cluelessly.


I wasn’t even planning to murder anyone

Shi Sheng moved her fingers and put down the iron sword slowly.

The police officers were staring at it, not even daring to breathe.



The one who fired the gun was a seemingly young cop, who fired and dropped the gun himself first. He held his head and howled 'ow'.

Killing, he's killing!

The others didn't bother about the young policeman. Everyone's attention was on the iron sword in Shi Sheng's hand.

That iron sword just now actually blocked the bullet ......

Shi Sheng craned her neck to look at the iron sword. The body of the sword was like a mirror image, reflecting the group of policemen on the opposite side.

Shi Sheng suddenly raised her sword in a manner as if she was going to immediately slash the man in the suit. The air was frozen for a moment, and Shi Sheng's sword got closer and closer to the man in the suit. ......


With this order, the policemen with their guns raised immediately started shooting, and countless bullets cut through the air and flew towards Shi Sheng.

I ...... day!

The retards!

The bullets were fast, hitting her back with a splintering sound.

Yet not a single bullet hit her. They either swung away from the iron sword, blocking it, or they missed.

After half a day of firing, the bullets ran out. The people on the other side were still standing intact.

"Backup, Centennial Residence 12 requesting backup." The police pulled out their radios and started contacting their headquarters. Today was simply unorthodox.

Shi Sheng poked her iron sword into the ground, positioned herself, and bellowed in a dominating manner. "I said ...... Bang! Phew--"

Shi Sheng silently looked at the chandelier that shattered on the floor. Her heart broke into pieces.

I am indeed super lucky

Shi Sheng tugged at a stool and sat down. She looked across at the expressionless man in the suit and toasted him for being a man!

"What are you guys doing in my house?" Shi Sheng's voice was unstable. "Are y’all crazy? Y’all started firing the moment you came in!"

The latter phrase was raised sharply and frightened the people across the room with a collective jolt.

"You kidnapped a person ...... and you still have a reason?" Policeman A had the audacity to answer, "Do you know that kidnapping is against the law?"

"...... Who told you I kidnapped someone?" Shi Sheng glared.

Say it, I'm sure I won't murder him.  

"I'm telling you, girl, you're still young. I can see that you've gone through good education, so why did you do such a self-destructive thing? " The policeman warmly admonished, "Put down your weapon and we'll talk about it. If you have anything, you can let us know. If we can help, we will definitely help you"

Shi Sheng looked askance at the policeman who spoke, "Can you give me a billion dollars?"

Police: "...... "

This girl must be mad right? 

She’s crazy, she must have some kind or sickness, or maybe she’s a lunatic

"Did you tell them that I kidnapped you?" Shi Sheng kicked the man in the suit.

The man in the suit shook his head mechanically, his facial expression being very stiff.

To the cops, it seemed as if she was threatening the hostage. It was so disrespectful to the cops for her to threaten her hostage in front of them.

"Look, I didn't kidnap him. I just asked him a few questions." Shi Sheng’s innocent face suddenly looked serious, "You guys fired at me for no reason. I'm going to sue you!"

Police: "...... "

This feels like the most bizarre case they've experienced this year.

The suspect even dares to sue them!  

Shi Sheng used her sword to cut open the rope that tied the man’s hands. 

Another deliberate silence from the police. 

Why did she let the hostage go?
Was she scared?

A policeman gave the man in the suit a wink, signaling him to hurry over.

The man in the suit didn't move for a long time. The policeman was confused. 
What's the situation now? The hostage has no bomb on him, but why didn't he move?

"...... numb legs." The man in the suit uttered two words.

The shootings scared him to death.

Just at this moment, the sirens were blaring outside.


Police Station.

Shi Sheng sat with her hands folded on her chest, her feet arrogantly teetering on a chair next to her. The man in the suit and Han Xiao were separated.

The police station was in a strange silence. From time to time, people laid eyes on Shi Sheng.

I've heard that this woman can dodge bullets and sue the police.

How awesome.

The lawyer hired by Shi Sheng arrived quickly. After hearing Shi Sheng's explanation and looking at the law enforcement video, the lawyer felt that he had spoken in vain. If it was for him, he would also have felt that this girl was trying to do something treacherous!

Ahem, he's his client's lawyer now, so he can't think of his client that way.

After the lawyer communicated with the police department, as well as the testimony of the neighborhood’s security guard and the man in the suit himself, it was finally determined that Shi Sheng wasn't a kidnapper.

"Sue them!" Shi Sheng slammed the table. "If I wasn't powerful, it would be a beehive by now. They must be sued!"

"Take it easy Miss Liu, it was really too suspicious of your behavior at the time, our law enforcement ......"

"Don’t you give me bullshit. Just tell me, if I'm a weak chick, where would I be now?"

Police: "...... " Anatomy table?

Lawyer: "...... " This client seems to be sick, does she talk or not?  

The policemen who were present at that time were standing in a line, heads down, not daring to breathe.

A middle-aged man in front of them was pacing back and forth, "You guys, how many years have you been doing this, and you're still making this mistake. Now, people are even going to sue you guys!"

"...... Zhang Ju, you were not present. At that time, Miss Liu seemed like she was going to slash someone" The scene at that time, she looked like a madman carrying a sword. Even if an experienced detective who had worked all his life would suspect that she was going to kill the hostage.

"Now, we know that she didn't do it at all. There's plenty of evidence and witnesses!" Zhang Ju was having a headache. When Shi Sheng first arrived at the police station, she also saw that arrogant look he had, but they didn’t bother it.

"Then it's also not right for her to just tie someone up ...... " 

Isn't that suspicious? The point is she's still armed.  

"She's also a key suspect in another case, and she's in the mood to sue us?"