This sentence had grasped everyone.
That moment they thought she would make a move, it was because of this case, due to her being a suspect, seeing that she just tied up a person and was about to murder him, why would not they overreact?
Hence, this was not their fault!
It was the lunatic’s fault!
Why would she tie up someone for fun?

Now they had caused trouble!
Zheng Ju glared at these people ferociously. They lowered their heads immediately.
Here, one matter shall not mix with another matter. Even though the lunatic was a suspect, they had no proof. Firing a gun at her was absolutely prohibited.

When Shi Sheng heard that she was suspect of murder, she looked dumbfounded.
“What did you say?” she thought that she was hallucinating.
The cop coughed, “someone reported a case at 3am today, there’s a fire that broke out in the Shan Shui Century, the firefighters discovered a body after they put out the fire. The victim was Liang Qing.The cops discovered your fingerprints at the crime scene while they were investigating the crime scene. Ms. Liu, can you tell us where you were today from 1am to 3am?”
“It’s in the middle of the night, of course I was sleeping!” Shi Sheng glared like a fiend, “this is amazing, I can leave my fingerprints all the way there while I was sleeping.”
I don’t even know where Liang Qing lives, moreover leaving my fingerprints?
No, the point is-
Liang Qing is dead?!
She, as one of the female leads, is dead?
The cop, “...” This Ms. Liu is indeed mental, right?
“Cough cough… Then, does Ms. Liu have any alibi?”
Shi Sheng looked at the cop weirdly, got mad angry, “do you ask someone to watch you while you’re sleeping?”
The cop responded weakly, “I have a partner.”
I don’t have to ask anyone to do so!

“You think you’re so great having a partner is it! I don’t have a partner!”
“Ms. Liu, please calm down.” the cop thought he triggered Shi Sheng and comforted her immediately.
The lawyer who was watching the whole time, “...” Why am I here?

This lady appears to be loud and fussy, does not to be reliable. She knows it very well about what she should say and not say.
So, why am I here?
The cop was fooled by Shi Sheng and could not get anything out of her. He quickly switched to another officer to question her.
However, before the next officer could ask about anything, he was chased out by Shi Sheng.
If you were solemn, she would be more solemn than you. Whatever skills they pulled, she was not bothered by that.
In the end, Zhang Ju had to interrogate her.
Zheng Ju pulled out a chair and sat down. He looked up to her and introduced himself after flipping through the records made by the previous cops.
Shi Sheng looked at him askance and did not speak a word.
Zheng Ju did not care about it as well. What kind of people had he not faced? He could handle this lady with ease.
“Ms. Liu you said that you were sleeping today from 1am to 3am, right?”
Asking the same question again, are you nuts? Do you think that I’ll change my testimony?
“No, I was stargazing.”
[...] Didn’t you say that you won’t change your testimony?
“Ms. Liu, we’re at the precinct, please take this seriously.” Zhang Ju’s face sunk, She had changed her testimony a few times since then!

“Oh, then you need to settle what happened just then before we can discuss about the murder case.” Shi Sheng replied calmly.
Those idiots almost beat me to death!
How dare they take advantage of me with a murder case? Do they think I’m a retard?

Zhang Ju, “...” this lady is way too collected.
    他以拳抵唇,咳嗽一声, “这件事确实是我们警方的错,会给柳小姐一个交代。”
He coughed with his hand covering his lips, “this incident is indeed the fault of the precinct. We’ll provide Ms. Liu an explanation.”
Shi Sheng waved her hand, “I don’t want to hear any nonsense, just let they pay for the furniture they broke, and some psychological indemnity, or not I’ll see you at court.”
Zhang Ju, “…” wow, Miss, you’re so reasonable.
Reasonable my a**!
He just received intel from the villa that a piece of the broken furniture was not affordable with one year of their salary.
“Why, are you trying to renege on that? Did I break those furniture?”
Zhang Ju was uneasy as if he was sitting on a needle made mattress. He wanted to get out of there badly.
Which mental hospital released this lunatic! Faster drag her back there!
After Zhang Ju tried his best negotiating, it was decided that those cops would apologize to her. The precinct and the cops would pay the compensation. As for the rest that they could not afford, she was willing to let it slide.
After Shi Sheng accepted their apologies, she waved her hand generously, “it must be so difficult to find someone as reasonable as I’m.”
Those cops, “...” it indeed is hard to find a lunatic like you.
If they did not pay her, she threatened to tell the media. They were not afraid that she would be violent. They were scared that she would not, that she would play some dirty trick.
She Shing was not a retard. To be violent in the precinct was like handing them her head.

The cops were crying their hearts out in the toilet, my money! The salary of a cop was not high, to begin with, now that not only their savings were gone, and they might also even face demotion.
They had the impulse to commit mass suicide!
“Now can you tell me what were you doing when the fire borke out? Do you have any witnesses?” Zhang Ju tried to calm down as much as he could. He would not have mercy if she were the murderer!
“I was sleeping,” Shi Sheng said carefreely, “I don’t have a habit of letting people watch me while I’m sleeping.”
“In another word, Ms. Liu you don’t have witnesses that prove the you were sleeping at the moment.”
“Other than my prints, what evidence do you have that proves I was at the whatever Century?”
As Zhang Ju was about to answer, the national anthem suddenly rang out. It came out from Zhang Ju.
He glanced at She Shing before reaching for his phone and went out to take the call.
By the time Zhang Ju came back, his facial expression was graver than before.

“Ms. Liu, the security camera of the Shan Shu Century has the footage of you entering the condominium and the surveillance camera of Bai Jia Residence had captured you left your home at 12am. Ms. Liu, do you have any explanation?”
“Oh, so what?”
Shi Sheng’s nonchalant attitude maddened Zhang Ju to an ungodly extent. He wanted to slap her so badly.
So what?!
That means you’re the arsonist!
Zhang Ju swore that he had wanted to slap a lady so hard in his life.
Shi Sheng supported her chin, “let me hint you two way of approaching this. First, that person disguised as me. From what I know, the clarity of surveillance camera at night isn’t high, even high-end villa areas like Bai Jia Residence isn’t capable of restoring the footage 100 percent. Second, someone might have hack the security camera. It’ll be easy to figure out if it’s the first type. If it’s the second type… then you’re in trouble, out killer is very skilled.”
Zhang Ju,”...” he had never met a suspect like this in his many years of being as a police officer.
She did not have any reaction when evidence is pointing at her. Instead, she helped him to analyze the situation calmly.
Okay, maybe she did remove herself as the suspect while she’s analyzing, but this is not something a normal person can do.

Zhang Ju was thinking of hiring a psychologist here.
This suspect isn’t only arrogant. She’s excellent at this as well.