The psychologist was quick to arrive, but he was not alone, someone came along with the psychologist.
Zhang Ju at first did not know who they were referring to, when he realized, "are you talking about Mu Bai? The one from the Mu Family?"

"Yeah, him." the policeman replied with his face full of admiration, "can't believe I get to meet him in real life, it's like a dream comes true. I had heard about him and had been admiring him since I was in the police academy, it's a pity that he didn't join the police force."
Who was Mu Bai?
The name Mu Bai had a well-known reputation in all the elite police academies. Even seniors like them were familiar with this name.

He was able to solve a serial body dismemberment case when he was 15 and got into the police academy when he was 17. He then solved many nefarious crime cases with the 100 per cent accuracy. His prodigy halo had blinded countless average Joe's eyes.
At that moment everyone wanted to hire Mu Bai. However, Mu Bai went to study abroad instead of getting into the police force. Nothing had been heard from him since. The only thing persisted was his legend.
Now, this legend was showing up in their precinct.

Was the sky going to rain blood?
Mu Bai was standing in the police station for them to watch.
He was followed by a middle-aged man. If Shi Sheng were there, she would immediately recognize him. He was the weird man who stayed until the end of the auction and tailgated her.
"He's so handsome!"
"He's much better looking than the photos in the celebrity column. I heard that his family was loaded, don't know if it's true or not."
"That's true, I was in the same batch as him. That time the academy had forbidden any special treatment, but the Mu Family donated a mock homicide lab building, that's why he could drive himself to and from the academy, and most of the time he wasn't even at school."
They caused a commotion; if this happened to an ordinary cop, he would have been fired a long time ago.
"Of course, the key point is he was indeed good at solving crime, even if he wasn't at at academy, his practice and learning would always be way ahead, the second place was in a long from him." If he were not gifted, no matter how much he had donated to the school, the academy still would not allow special treatment for him.

This was a point which everyone agreed upon; they all graduated from the academy too.
Zhang Ju ushered Bai Mu into the office as the crowd was watching him.
"Mister Mu, may I know why you are here?" Zhang Ju eyed this talented man, and from that point, he was still glowing and dazzling, appeared to be someone from the top.
Some people were this lucky; they were not only born in a great household, but they were also gifted with incredible talent.

"You are released now, but you can't leave the city, be ready to be summoned any moment."

When Shi Sheng heard that while playing a cop's phone, she raised her head with shock, "weren't I the suspect? You relish to let me go? What if i run away?"
The police who delivered the message, "..." Thank you very much for thinking this so thoroughly for us.
Han Xiao instantly went up to Shi Sheng the moment she walked out from the interrogation room, "Chairman Liu, you can finally return home."
Han Xiao had been staying in the precinct for as long as Shi Sheng was in there.
Luckily, luckily nothing unpleasant happened to her.
She Sheng left the police station without knowing why.
When she was out, she recalled about the man in a suit, "Where's the guy in a suit?"
"He was picked up by someone, I saw him entering a Bentley and I recorded the plate number."
Shi Sheng took over the number from Han Xiao and turned around to go back to the police station.
The cops saw that the lunatic that they just sent away came back in, they looked like hell.
They were already so broke until they could only afford to eat soil; they did not want to have nothing to eat at all.
Shi Sheng grabbed police from aside and asked him to run this license plate. The cop scowled miserably, "this is against the law."
Although he said that, he still ran through the system for Shi Sheng.
The car was registered under someone with the name Li Gong. He was the senior CEO of a company.
Li Gong? Lee Gong? This name was epic.
Li Gong was someone with a family and had a good reputation without any record of misconduct. He did not even have any sugar babies, then why did he send her flowers?
What was wrong with him?
When Shi Sheng was leaving the police station again, she bumped into Ye Feng at the entrance. He was wearing a black trench coat, coming from outside with a cold look. When he saw Shi Sheng, there was a spark in his eyes, he charged straight at Shi Sheng.
"Liu Sheng Ge, how can you be so evil, how dare you kill Qing Qing!"
Han Xiao stepped forward and blocked the truculent Ye Feng, "Mister Ye, Chairman Liu has nothing to do with this case."
"Nothing to do with her? How is that nothing to do with her when her fingerprints are at the crime scene?"
"There's no hard feelings between Chairman Liu and Miss Liang, why does she want to kill her? Mister Ye please watch your language, or I can charge you with false accusations." Han Xiao might seem to be useless most of the time, but she would be unhesitant when facing the severe business.
"She's just jealous!" Ye Feng gnashing his teeth, hatred filled his irises.
"Jealous?" Shi Sheng pushed Han Xiao away, her lips curved upwards with mockery, "jealous that she can find a promiscuous man?"
A promiscuous man? Was she insulting him?
"Liu Sheng Ge!"
"Why? Do you want to hit me?" Shi Sheng stuck her face out at Ye Feng, full of provocation, "do it then!"
  you dare to touch a single strand of my hair I'll beat you up here until your chicks can't recognize you.
Ye Feng looked at the fair and clean face in front of him. His was getting more agitated, his handheld into a fist, raising to-
"Mister, please don't make a scene at the police station." two cops came from the side and pulled them away, "Miss Liu, please leave."
Don't make a scene here.
"How can she leave? She's the murderer!" Ye Feng's voice raised uncontrollably.
"Did you witness me kill anyone?" Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "if I were to kill anyone, don't worry, I definitely won't let these retards find any evidence, I'll make sure the corpse won't be found."
It was slightly troublesome to destroy a corpse in this modern generation story, but it did not mean she was able able to destroy the evidence entirely.
The cops,"..." is that alright for her to say that? She didn't even care about us!
"... Mister Ye, right?" the police shifted the topic quickly after he eyed Ye Feng, "Miss Liu currently is just a suspect, not a murderer, so Mister Ye, please watch your language."
The police brought Ye Feng into the precinct, purposely separated those two, since they both were the key suspects of this case.
Han Xiao let out a sigh of relief after Ye Feng was brought into the police station, and vilified him, "this Ye Feng accused you for being the murderer without any sensible reason. I heard from some people that before Liang Qian died she was with him, it might be possible that he killed her."
Shi Sheng glanced at Han Xiao, "why did they suddenly let me go?"
"Eh?" Han Xiao's face filled with question marks, "weren't you exonerated?"
"You think we're washing clothes is it? It's not as easy as that." Shi Sheng rolled her eyes, "did anything strange happen out there?"
"Strange…" Han Xiao pondered, "does it count if a handsome man came? But he didn't stay for long, he left after about half an hour."