"Chairman Liu, here's the information you asked me to check." Han Xiao handed the information she had managed to get to Shi Sheng.

There wasn't any head office behind Li Gong's company. He started the company from scratch, and they were clean.

Shi Sheng was silent.

She also remembered the man who came to deliver her things recently.

The last time I caught the man in the suit, I asked for his young master, but he was a no-name person.

What the hell is this?

Shi Sheng still hasn't figured out who the young master who somehow gave her something is. The police sent someone to pick her up to bring her to the police station.

Outside the police station, a bunch of reporters blocked the door, and the police officers who were driving were stunned.

"Why are there so many reporters?" The police officers didn't dare to drive near them. They would be blocked if they went close.

Liang Qing's case has brought about a lot of attention, and the police station has recently raised its security a notch.

The police officer contacted the people inside and asked them to find a way to get rid of the reporters. However, the people inside had no idea how to chase them away, as these reporters were crazy.

"Drive in! We’re not afraid of them !" Shi Sheng, who sat in the backseat, started making comments, "They are obstructing business, you can arrest them."

Police officer:"...... " 
In this world, it's better not to offend reporters, as they can hold you up to heaven with just a pen, but they can also use it to trample you down to hell.  

The police officer did not want the reporters to find out, but there are still sharp-eyed reporters who found the car parked on this side and swarmed over, constantly slapping the window.

The sharp and quick questions were protected by the glass, but it was still ear piercing.

"Miss Liu, may I ask what kind of grudge do you have against Miss Liang?"

"Miss Liu, you were made the first suspect by the police, yet you were released under the condition of being under the age of twenty-four. May I ask what the deal was?"

"Miss Liu, did you murder Miss Liang?"

Police officers were constantly in contact with the police department to get them to send some men out to chase away these scary creatures.

The police probably hated being in a hassle with reporters, because sometimes an unintentional phrase could be interpreted differently by a reporter, thus creating a big online fuss.

Even in such a tense atmosphere, Shi Sheng still sat calmly, with a hint of a smile on her lips.

The police officer was cautious of that smile and got goosebumps. What is this lunatic trying to do?  

Just then, Shi Sheng suddenly opened the car door and swaggered down. The reporters below were forced to retreat, and then quickly gathered around after Shi Sheng stood firm.

The police officer's face changed. "Miss Liu! You guys get out faster, she's getting off!!!"

The latter sentence was spoken by the police officer into the phone.

“Miss Liu, I heard that you had a confrontation with Miss Leung not long ago. Did you kill her as a result?"

"Miss Liu, may we talk about how you are feeling at this point?"

Shi Sheng looked at the reporter who said she killed someone. The calm eyes, against the reporter's slightly sharper gaze, splintered and ran a spark in the air, then Shi Sheng's overwhelming eyes won over the reporter.

The reporter's momentum suddenly weakened, and the blood vessels in his body seemed to freeze.

He felt like he wasn't standing in front of a girl, but a demon grinding his teeth, ready to pounce and bite his throat out.

The reporter really didn't know how he could feel this way, when he was clearly standing in front of a young, beautiful girl.

"Did the police announce that I was the murderer?" Shi Sheng's red lips slightly opened, and the atmosphere suddenly became tense. "Who just said that I killed someone? Stand out!"

I'll show you what it means to kill!

The reporters were silent.

Even as a suspect, she had more vigor than they did.

"Are you lying, Miss Liu? You're guilty, aren't you? You aren’t afraid when you do this to Miss Liang, but what about when you're dreaming at night?" Someone suddenly questioned in a loud voice.

Shi Sheng squinted at the questioning man, who looked very angry and had red eyes. He’s probably a fan of Liang Qing.

"What did I do to her?" Shi Sheng felt funny. How come these people seem like they saw her kill someone and had this righteousness to seek justice?

"Are you guys Conan or Bao Zheng? If you're so awesome, why would this world even need the police?"

The reporters: "...... " 
How can this woman?

It doesn't fit their script!

Director, start again!  

You got to have some evidence to assume, don't you? By guessing and assuming for no reason, what the fuck is that if it's not retarded?  

A group of reporters were shocked by Shi Sheng. Only when Shi Sheng pushed them into the police station did these people manage to come back to their senses. However, she was already inside so they couldn't break in, could they?

Shi Sheng walked at a fast pace, and the police officer trotted after her, his face still a little confused.

How amazing is this Miss Liu !  

He is not accustomed to those reporters. They like to assume everything they listen to, and they can make any small matter into something big.Even after exposing other people's privacy to the public, they can still be complacent.

While there are good reporters in this profession, there are even more reporters who use special tactics to get attention, and a few people have been driven to death each year by their public opinion.


When Shi Sheng entered the police station, she was greeted by Zhang Ju from the previous time. This time, they were not in the interrogation room, but in a conference room.

There are two other people in the conference room besides Zhang Ju.

Shi Sheng saw the middle-aged man who was standing first.

Odd Uncle!  

The middle-aged man cocked his head slightly, "Hello Miss Liu."

The corner of Shi Sheng's mouth twitched and she looked at the man sitting in front of the conference table.

Shi Sheng was a bit aesthetically fatigued. She felt the same regardless who she looked at, so she just felt that the man in front of her was quite good looking. He had sharp eyebrows and starry eyes, a straight nose, and lips that are a bit redder than normal people, but his skin tone was very fair, so he doesn't look weird.

Shi Sheng was more concerned about Mu Bai, who carried a depressing aura. It wasn’t obvious, as ordinary people might not be able to sense it. But Shi Sheng, who had observed countless people, could see it at a glance.

It's as if this man is hiding his real self. What's shown in front of people could be just an illusion.

Shi Sheng blinked her eyes and a dark ray of light flashed very quickly under her eyes. This man ......

Not phoenix rhetoric.

But it's dangerous.

Stay away or kill.  

Shi Sheng quickly made a decision in her heart. Killing him is more troublesome, so it's better to stay away.

Mu Bai sensed Shi Sheng's sizing him. He raised his head slightly, his lips pursed into a line, and nodded as a greeting.

"Miss Liu, come, let me introduce you to him. This is Mr. Mu Bai. Regarding this case, we are very grateful to Mr Mu ...... " Zhang Ju blabbered a pile of nonsense.

But Shi Sheng also brought up the information that she needed from it.

She was let go so quickly last time because of this man’s efforts.

This time, she was called here because the murderer had been caught.