The murderer of Liang Qing was a serial killer five years ago. He was highly intelligent and extremely perverted. He was not caught five years ago, so he wanted to do something big. Therefore, he spent a long time figuring out the trajectory of Liang Qing's formation, and he also happened to know that Shi Sheng and Liang Qing had had a fight.

That was why that incident happened.

"How did he get my fingerprints?" Shi Sheng raised a question.

Zhang Ju frowned and didn't answer, but Mu Bai took over. "There was a fire alarm reported at your villa, and he mixed in with the inspectors to enter the villa and got your fingerprints."

A fire alarm?  

Shi Sheng had no recollection of this.

However, this confession was from Han Xiao, did it happen during her absence?

Although she was at the villa most of the time, she would occasionally go out, and when she did, Han Xiao would be the only one at home. If it wasn't a big deal, Han Xiao wouldn't let her know.

These people definitely won't tell Shi Sheng the details of this case, so Zhang Ju quickly changed the subject, "Miss Liu has suffered these few days. We will hold a press conference in a few days’ time, so Miss Liu will still have to be patient for a few days."

"If there’s nothing else, I'm leaving." I don't want to stay with perverts.

I am going out to let loose and breathe some air. 

"I'll see Miss Liu off." Mu Bai suddenly stood up.

Shi Sheng: "...... " No, please don’t send me off. I’m resisting the itch to kill you.

For the sake of your life, please don't send me.  

However, Mu Bai and Shi Sheng’s hearts were not linked as one, so he took a big step, walked to the door, and pulled open the door of the meeting room like a gentleman.

Shi Sheng sat back down, "I want to take a break, Mr. Mu Bai can leave first."

There seemed to be a very slight twitch at the corner of Mu Bai's mouth. His eyes flickered for a moment, then he nodded at Zhang Ju and left the conference room.

The middle-aged man hurriedly followed Mu Bai out. On his way out, he seemed to glance at Shi Sheng. His speed was so fast that even Shi Sheng didn't manage to notice it.

"Miss Liu ...... You don't seem to like Mr. Mu Bai very much?" How could Zhang Ju not see that Shi Sheng did it on purpose as it was too obvious.

"He’s a stranger, why should I like him?" Shi Sheng looked at Zhang Ju with the look of a retard. "Is he RMB? Does everyone have to like him?"

Hey! How can a girl talk like that! 

He just casually asked. Why was she so aggressive towards him?

And don’t you girls like Mu Bai’s figure, face and worth? 

Well, I guess this lunatic thinks differently compared to normal girls.

At least she was once a chairman.

I've heard that she's been a bit abnormal since she went bankrupt.  

Zhang Ju felt like he was going to have a heart attack. He quickly left the conference room and casually dragged a policeman inside to wait for the lunatic to leave.


When Shi Sheng left the police station, the reporters pestered her again. Compared to the previous reporters, this group of reporters are even more aggressive and are close to stabbing her in the head with the word "murderer" and dragging her out for execution.

This time, Shi Sheng’s temper isn’t as good. She pulled out a sword, ready to kill.

If it wasn’t for the police station who quickly sent out a group of policemen to separate the two sides, tomorrow's headlines would probably be -.

The bankrupt chairman had a nervous breakdown and went on a killing spree in front of the police station.

"Fuck you, before you dare to come before me, you’ll be dead!" Shi Sheng pointed at the group of frightened journalists and threatened them.

our existence is so insignificant,  thought the  policemen.

The reporters thought innately, It turns out that Liu Sheng Ge is really mad. She’s mad but she’s not taking any medication, why would you release her!

Shi Sheng was sent back in a professional car. The police department will never want to see this lunatic ever again.

Shi Sheng, who was remembered by the reporters, couldn’t escape being blackmailed.

In the end, the internet did only spread that she is a murderer, but also that she has gone crazy.

Han Xiao was pissed to death.

These reporters are simply talking nonsense, how has her Chairman Liu gone mad?  

Till one midnight, when Han Xiao saw her chairman fiddling with a camera in the dark, she became a little uncertain ......

Chairman Liu isn't really mad, is she?

Han Xiao was so anxious that she couldn’t sleep all night. The next morning, she saw a hot discussion topic the moment she woke up.

It was a video, and the background of the video looked familiar.

Han Xiao had a good look at the background. When she recognized it, she was so shocked that she threw her phone away while screaming.

She stared shockingly at the phone that was dropped on the floor for a long time before she got out of bed, opened the door and ran to Shi Sheng's room.

"Chairman Liu, Chairman Liu ......" Han Xiao pounded on the door and shouted anxiously.

"Why are you shouting early in the morning?" Shi Sheng pulled the door open. Her hair was a little messy, her face a little flushed, and she was frowning and looking extremely impatient.

Han Xiao was only relieved when she saw Shi Sheng standing in front of her.

"You scared the hell out of me."

"What nonsense are you saying? I'm going to sleep." Shi Sheng slammed' the door shut.

A gush of wind hit Han Xiao’s face as the door was slammed. She stood still for a while before heading to her room, picking up her phone and clicking on that video from earlier.

Previously, she was unprepared by the sudden emergence of a bloody face. This time, she was less frightened as she rewatched the video. Just that previously, she didn’t watch the video till the end. After that bloody face, there was a spoken sentence. 

 --Come on, try to represent the moon to destroy me! Retards!

Han Xiao: "......" My chairman might really be crazy.  

The video had a lot of responses from netizens. People who think that they’re normal would think that Shi Sheng was a mad person. She should be sent quickly for psychiatric treatment, or frankly speaking, just let her die.

And people who thought they were abnormal actually started to defend Shi Sheng.  

This matter continued to go on until the police station held a press conference to announce the murderer and the cause of Liang Qing's death.

The people who defended Shi Sheng before immediately got bold and confident.

A slap in the face, right?

Bullying our chairman?

Do you guys really think that she’s a murderer?  

The netizens who were once aggressive didn’t dare to make a sound. They felt mocked by the lunatic.

Because the evidence was sufficient, the case will be closed. This matter came to an end.

Shi Sheng once again went into the lifeless ‘eating, drinking, waiting to die and receiving delivery’ mode.



There were always random people delivering things to her. At first they were normal people, then they became Bai Ju residential area’s security guards.

From a crazy person to a grandfather who was passing by, the little girl from school, a delivery boy, and now it became courier delivery.

Shi Sheng has always been resistant to things of an unknown origin. Who knows if there is a bomb inside?

If she hasn’t been cautious, and she would have been capsized hundreds of years ago and been thwarted.