The second time Shi Sheng saw Ye Feng was half a month later. Shi Sheng on a whim, so she took Han Xiao out for a hotpot.

As they entered the hotpot restaurant, they saw Ye Feng and Xiao Ling Long's sitting together ambiguously, treating the hotpot restaurant like a high-class western restaurant.

As another suspect in the Liang Qing case, not much news about Ye Feng was being circulated. Of course Shi Sheng felt that it was because she was too awesome and attracted the attention of thousands of netizens, which was why Ye Feng was not noticed.

"How long has Liang Qing only been dead, and now he's in the mood to cuddle with another woman." Han Xiao who was deeply hostile towards Ye Feng looked disgusted, "Chairman Liu, you were right not to want this guy in the first place."

"In this world, there's a saying which goes 'if you don't get intimate with a woman, you'll die'." Shi Sheng replied seriously to Han Xiao.

Han Xiao: "...... " General Liu is talking nonsense again.  

Shi Sheng found a corner and sat down.

"Ladies, may I ask if you want your meal slightly spicy or extra spicy?" The waiter dutifully inquired.

Shi Sheng heroically jerked her sleeve, "We’re eating hotpot, of course we want extra spicy!"

It's been a long time since I ate hot pot, I miss the taste.  

Shi Sheng is able to eat spicy food, but Han Xiao can't. She took a bite and couldn’t take it anymore. But as she watched Shi Sheng eat happily, she was too embarrassed to say anything, so she could only endure and take a few bites. Her forehead is full of cold sweat from the spicyness.

"I'm going to use the bathroom, don't eat my meat!" Shi Sheng suddenly got up.

Han Xiao nodded slightly. Chairman Liu ate such a spicy hot pot without any expression, how amazing.  

When Shi Sheng left, Han Xiao didn't eat anything. She was waiting for her chairman to come back so she could pretend to eat a little.

However, Shi Sheng didn't come back. The waiter came over first, and also carried a small hotpot, which had clear soup.

The waiter placed it directly next to Han Xiao and left with a smile.

Han Xiao: "...... " Damn it. My chairman noticed.

Chairman Liu is so caring!  


When Shi Sheng came out of the bathroom, the floor may have just been cleaned and was a little slippery. Shi Shi wasn’t steady, and her body suddenly slid towards the front.

Just so happened a person was walking towards her. Seeing that they were about to collide, Shi Sheng suddenly braced the wall next to her, did a cool side flip, and landed on the clean ground beside them.

Mu Bai who was just about to reach out to help her: "......"

Where's the heroic rescue?

She's not following the script again!  

He withdrew his hand without a trace, nodding his head slightly, "Miss Liu, what a coincidence."

Although the person across him wasn't even looking at him, he was a gentleman, and he wouldn't lose his manners.

Shi Sheng patted her chest. You scared me to death.  

Shi Sheng looked up when she heard a slightly familiar voice. She saw the face of Mu Bai, then turned her head and walked away at an extremely fast pace.
Damn it, I saw a pervert!  

Mu Bai: "...... " Do I look frightening ?

He watched Shi Sheng's back for a while before recollecting his gaze and entered the men's restroom a few seconds later.

When Shi Sheng returned to her seat, she saw that Han Xiao had already eaten, so she sat down and continued to eat.

"Chairman Liu, thank you." The redness on Han Xiao's face from being spicy is still there. Saying that at this point made her seem shy and timid.

"Next time if you don't like it you can just tell me. I'm not a pervert who would force you to eat the same thing as me." Shi Sheng said vaguely as she stuffed the meat slices into her mouth.

"Ahem ...... " Han Xiao choked. Chairman Liu, if you continue to be like that, I might be gay.  

After eating hotpot, Shi Sheng called for the bill, but she was told by the waiter that the bill had already been paid.

Shi Sheng: "......"

Not only did some random pervert send me stuff, but there’s also a pervert who paid the bill... this is going to be a mess!

Which one should I kill first?  

"Brother Feng, my dad said he wants you to visit our house. Come home with me, okay?" Xiao Ling Long's voice was heard. If she didn’t pick at Shi Sheng before, Shi Sheng actually quite liked Xiao Ling Long.

She was cute and innocent, and has a sweet voice and long legs. This is the type of girl she likes, unfortunately ......

The girl doesn't like her!  

"I'm busy today. I'll be there tomorrow, you go home first."

"Ah?" Xiao Ling Long let out a disappointed sigh, but didn't dwell on it, "Alright then, I'll call you tomorrow."

Shi Sheng was standing at the cashier. In most places, the cashier was against the door, so as Ye Feng and Xiao Linglong walked out, they bumped into Shi Sheng.

The funny thing is, before Ye Feng wanted to deal with Shi Sheng, a team of people at the door suddenly poured in, stopped Ye Feng and Xiao Ling Long, and started mocking them. 

"Isn't this our Young Master Ye Feng? Whose girl are you taking out with you? You're rich, aren't you? Why bring a girl to a place like this? " The leader was a teenager who was about the same age as Ye Feng.

Ye Feng bought a Lucky bracelet last time. Now, he was too poor, plus he also owed the system a lot of points, where money waves.

"This little girl is quite lively. Last time, who was it......"

"Liang Qing, that's the actress who died." The little brother beside him reminded him.

"Yes, yes, yes, it's that woman, tsk tsk, that body, that posture, it's a pity ...... Ye Feng you can’t get too lucky."

Ye Feng suddenly seemed like someone got on his nerves. He punched the teenager. The teenager was unprepared and was knocked back several steps. He then held his cheeks from the hit and spat fiercely, "Fight him!"

Shi Sheng and Han Xiao were standing close. If they suddenly start fighting, they might unintentionally injure them, so Shi Sheng quickly took Han Xiao outside.

When they left the restaurant, Shi Sheng calmly dialed 110. 

If you have anything, just look for the police. The police will protect you so you don’t have to worry.

Because Shi Sheng said that there was someone killing people in public, the police came very quickly. The small cop who was once destroyed by Shi Sheng happened to be there. When he saw the lunatic standing outside, his legs became weak.

Damn it, this lunatic didn’t go to the hospital for treatment, but came here to cause trouble.  

"You guys came quite quickly." Shi Sheng, as a crime reporter, walked up to the little policeman.

The little policeman gulped, wanting to cry, "You called the police to report a murder, can we not come faster?"

If you're mad, take your medicine and don't bother us.

You're going to get arrested for simply calling the police.

Even if you're sick, you'll be locked up for electrotherapy!  


The shop was already under control, but the crowd suddenly screamed one after another.

Shi Sheng and the policeman looked at the shop at the same time.


Xiao Ling Long is dead.

She was found dead in the bathroom of the hot pot shop.

Originally, the fight wasn’t a big deal, and those who ate in the shop did not care much. It was till someone went to the bathroom, found Xiao Ling Long lying on the floor, and  screamed. It then caused panic inside the shop.

The little policeman looked at Shi Sheng with a burning gaze.

“.....”   What are you looking at, it's not like I did it.