Shi Sheng's alibi was sufficient. When she went out of the shop, it was shown on the security camera that Xiao Ling Long was standing behind Ye Feng. Though she seemed pale, she still looked normal.

The strange thing was that the security camera broke immediately after Shi Sheng left, but it managed to capture Shi Sheng to be outside all the time, and she had a witness, Han Xiao.
Hence, besides the fact that the fake report she made somehow became true, there was nothing strange about her.

The cops that arrived there one by one were giving Shi Sheng 100% of their attention.
Is the grim reaper following this lunatic? When she said someone would die and they really died.
Since the victim was the daughter of the famous jeweler, Siow Mao, Zhang Ju had to go there.
Of course, the main reason was he heard that the lunatic Shi Sheng was there too.

"Miss Liu..." Zhang Ju said helplessly.
Shi Sheng's lips curled upwards with a smile, "Officer Zhang, long time no see."
"..." I don't want to see a lunatic with violent tendency, "cough cough, long time no see. Miss Liu, are you here to have your meal?"

"Do I looke like I'm here to kill people?"
Zhang Ju, "..." If you do that again, I will call the mental hospital!
They already had someone to check if she was indeed mental, but this lady was clear-headed. Other than blurting out some scary sentences, she had no other behavior that was way out of the ordinary.

They could not lock her up just because she had oddly dangerous thoughts, right?
If they were to arrest people because of this, the precinct would be too crowded.
"Miss Liu, did you see anyone suspicious?" As no one was willing to take Shi Sheng's testimony, Zhang Ju had to do it himself.
"I find everyone suspicious."
"... why did you make a false police report?"
"That way you guys would come here faster."
I want to arrest her so desperately!

Zhang Ju let out a sigh after he was done questioning her the mandatory questions. He said something that had to be said, "you may return now, if you recollect anything remember to call us. You don't have to come here, we don't want to hold up your precious time."
I did not want to see her again.
I did not want to see her again. +1
I did not want to see her again. +10086

Shi Sheng was despised by the cops collectively.

The reporters came shortly, they filled in the blanks in their brains after seeing Shi Sheng and the police were there.
After the incident of Shi Sheng wanted to slice people in wrath, these reporters dared not get too close to her.
That time no one noticed where she got her sword, as they tried to recall, she might hide it with her, like that kind of sword which could be clasped around her waist… a lunatic that could conceal a sword with her was perilous!
Due to Siow Ling Long being murdered in public, the police could not cover it up, so they did not have much time to solve the case.

Nevertheless, all usable footage captured by the shop's surveillance camera was destroyed, and every suspect had the perfect alibi.
Let alone Shi Sheng, the lunatic, Ye Feng was in a fight at that moment, and many people could testify for him.

Where did the murderer come from?
"Zhang Ju, both Liang Qing and Siow Ling Long had an affair with Ye Feng… this Ye Feng is pretty good."
Zhang Ju flipped through the intel silently.
One was the famous star 'Screen Goddess', the other was the pearl in the palm of a renowned jeweler. Both of them were related to Ye Feng.

This Ye Feng was quite strange, before that he was a broke guy, it was heard that he had to work several jobs a day, but for some reason, he got money out of nowhere, and suddenly became the new tycoon among the riches.

Shi Sheng thought that she was quite unlucky.
After all the trouble, she finally got to go out for a meal, but there was a murder case, and the car broke down on her way back.

"Chairman Liu… do you know how Siow Ling Long got killed?" Han Xiao asked carefully. Siow Ling Long was standing behind Ye Feng when they were heading out, but how long did she stand there?

"Yeah, do you want to know?"
"Wait, you know?" Han Xiao was surprised. She was just trying to chit chat with Shi Sheng. She did not expect she would know.
"Is there anything that I don't know?" Shi Sheng smirked arrogantly.
"How did the murderer destroy the surveillance camera in such a short time and managed to kill Siow Ling Long in the restroom?" Han Xiao asked with interest.
Shi Sheng supported her cheek while glancing at the outside of the car, "all the killer needed to do was to destroy the security camera. Siow Ling Long entered the washroom herself. As for killing part was even easier, it was mere chemical intoxication."
When she entered the washroom, she slipped and fell. There were a lot of customers at that time, so there would not be any janitors. Nothing significant happened at the moment; hence, she did not care too much about it.
She only recalled that after Siow Ling Long was killed, and the faint, odd smell in the toilet.
Han Xiao was confused, "What do you mean?"

"Why did Siow Ling Long go to the toilet? Ye Feng was getting beaten up at the moment, why did she go to the toilet?"
"Why would I know why she went to the toilet?" she did not go to the restaurant to crack the case. She was there to eat.
Shi Sheng suddenly opened the car door and went down.
"Chairman Liu, what're you doing?" Han Xiao shouted, Shi Sheng ignored her, Han Xiao quickly got down the car to follow her.
Shi Sheng walked towards a black Bentley in strides. She opened the car door, pulled the person in the driver seat out, and inspected the car's inside.
There was no one inside. It was empty.
Shi Sheng pressed the driver against the door, "who ordered you to follow me?"
The driver trembled with fear, "no… no one told me to follow you."
Shi Sheng raised her hand to hit the driver. The driver shielded his head with his hands immediately, "I, I… I'm here to deliver a parcel, I don't know anything else."
The driver pulled out the rose at the boot of the car.
Shi Seg,"..." That retard!
Shi Sheng grabbed the collar of the driver's shirt, said with a gloomy tone, "tell Ye Jian if he dares to pull this kind of trick again I'll make sure he'll be dead."
The driver continued to shiver in fear.

He did not remember saying anything at all.
He was sure that he did not say anything.
Shi Sheng let go of the driver and patted his shoulder, with a faint smile, "help me pass him a message, don't be a coward and come and find me himself."
The only thing the driver could think of was how scary this lady was smiling in front of him.
The message she wanted to pass along was to insult him, right?
The driver was scared that Shi Sheng might hit him. He nodded his head repeatedly. She indeed was the lady Young Master is interested in. look at how violent she is. I'm scared about how I am going to survive after this.
Han Xiao was confused watching that. She could not catch up with her chairman's thinking at all.  
Who is Ye Jian?
Is he the person that sent gifts to She Shing without any reason?
How did Chairman Liu know?
How hard was it for Shi Sheng to find out who was behind this?
She could control the security property of Bai Nian Residence, looking it up online, and the person would appear on the internet. It was easy for Shi Sheng to identify a person's identity.
Ye Jian.

One of this story's villains, but he was mental. It was heard that he was emotional, and he had violent tendencies. It was even scarier since he had some weird fetish.
What kind of weird fetish he had was unknown. It was not described in the plot.
As for why he was one of the villains…
Because there were too many villains in this arc, and everyone was exceptional, Ye Jian was considered one of them. He could not dominate the whole arc.