Bai Nian Residence, villa no. 11.
The LED television was playing with the news on, and it was about Siow Ling Long's murder case.
"Young Master." The man in suit came out of nowhere, standing behind the sofa, paid the couch a respectful bow.
A head raised from the sofa, and then the neck, and a profile…
"Young Master…" the driver stepped forward shaking, "Miss Liu told me to tell you this."
The driver was scared that he might get choked to death by Young Master after finishing his sentence, so he leaned in the direction of the man in suit for a sense of security and quickly repeated what Shi Sheng said.
The newscast of the living room stopped abruptly. The whole place was dead quiet.
The driver's heart was racing, is Young Master going to strangle me to death?
The driver watched Ye Jian stood up from the couch, walked around it, and stopped in front of him.
The driver's legs began to shake, please forgive me, Young Master!
His slender hands were reaching at him, the driver's pupils constricted as the hands were getting nearer, he tried to breathe in some fresh air, but for some reason, the oxygen could not reach his lungs.
The hands moved past his neck and landed on his shoulders, and tapped it with a strength which was neither too light nor too heavy, "go and get your reward."
The driver seemed to breathe again only after Ye Jian left the villa. His body went limp on the ground.
He was scared to death.
Shi Sheng saw someone was outside her villa when she went home. That person leaned on the carved metal gate with his slender legs crossed.
At the moment, the sunlight was just right. It shone at the branches and leaves, through the canopy, and scattered into dappled spots of light, which was reflected onto him.
Shi Sheng could tell that the person was not Feng Ci with a glance, so she brought her sword with her.
Her menacing look seemed like she was looking for revenge.
At first, Ye Jian wanted to act cool in front of her, but he was scared by her brooding aura. He kneeled on the ground right away.
"Liu Sheng Ge, let's talk like a civilian." he reached out his hand, motioned Shi Sheng to stop.
Shi Sheng hit the metal gate with her sword, the sound, 'dang' was echoing with her voice, "why should I talk to you? Who on earth are you?!"
Ye Jian looked at the shining metal sword. A taste of smile showed up on his face, "you know exactly who I am. It's not fun asking this question."
A breeze went through his hair, and the spots of light flashed across his clear pupils like flickering light and passing shadows.
Shi Sheng's sword was near to Ye Jian.
"My name is Ye Jian, Ye as in Ye Zi(leaves), Jian from Xi Jian(streams)." in no less than three seconds, Ye Jian's knees were already on the ground.
Shi Sheng's sword pressed against Ye Jian again, asked viciously, "why did you send me gifts?"
"Because I'm interested in you!" Ye Jian replied with his face sullen, "you match the criteria to be my fiancée, you have no money, but you have good looks and a good body."

No money? Good looks? Good body?
What on earth is this?! Who told you I don't have money!

I can't control my inner strength anymore.
Ye Jian could feel a chill was approaching. The sunlight was reflected from her sword into his eyes, with traces of chill seeping into his organs.

The metal sword slashed through the air. The whistling sound was magnified by a thousand times.

Ye Jain did not expect she would dare to make a move.
Okay, to be fair, almost everyone would not think of this.

Ye Jian dodged away at the last minute, although he was fast, the sword still sliced through his shirt, the fabrics fell from the air softly, the sharp metal sword stabbed through them and drove straight at Ye Jian.
Ye Jian stepped back ungracefully. He grabbed a branch from aside and hurriedly climbed up that tree.
'Hu!' a moment before, he was still surrounded by the branches and leaves. At that moment, those branches and leaves were raining down from the sky. The atmosphere was filled with a murderous aura. Taking any steps might get slashed into pieces.
Ye Jian stood atop a tree trunk that had no leaves and branches. That figure appeared to be slightly depressing by any way looking at it.
"Li Sheng Ge, I'll be back." Ye Jian shouted that classical line suddenly, and jumped off the trunk in a flash, ran out of that area.

"Don't run away if you dare."
"Do you think I'm a retard?" Ye Jian took a moment to reply, "why don't you chase me instead!"
"That damned retard!" Shi Sheng suddenly raised her hand and swung her sword at him. Like a tornado, the fallen leaves were swept up into the air and surging towards Ye Jian.

Ye Jian's facial expression changed a little, quickly ran away.
As he ran around a corner, the tornado made of fallen leaves suddenly lost its power, all the leaves crumpled to the ground like a fairy scattering flowers.
Ye Jian let out a sigh, apparently, there is a limited distance.

This Liu Sheng Ge is a tough one.

Most importantly, her sword…
Ye Jian narrowed his pupils, headed towards another alley, and disappeared in the blink of an eye amidst the faintly discernible trunk.

When the workers saw the branches without leaves, they were all stupefied.

All the other trees nearby had their leaves. Why are this tree's leaves gone?

That tree was in front of Shi Sheng's house. Obviously, they had to ask her.

And this was the answer they got-
"I don't know, why would I stare at a tree all day long? Maybe it didn't like its clothes, so it's getting ready for a new outfit."

What the ****, you think the tree is a person, is it? Change outfit, how is it going to change outfit? It's already bald!

They then heard Shi Sheng said unhurriedly, "maybe it likes to streak."

The workers,"..." hello, is this the demon? I want to file a report. We have a lunatic here; she said that a tree likes to streak.
Workers miles away from her place were even stunned when they saw the ground was covered in leaves that were suspected to be on that tree.
Was that a supernatural event?
It had frightened people to death.
They checked the surveillance camera immediately, but the recordings were deleted. This had made them believe that this was indeed a supernatural event.
After that, that tree kept streaking.
It did not die, but it did not grow leaves either. Specialists from different fields also had no idea how it occurred.

After this tree went on the news, it became a spectacle spot of the Bai Nian Residence. It also became a mystery of the Bai Nian Residence.
That was, of course, said after the incident happened.

The police could not find any suspect for Siow Ling Long's murder case. Every suspect that the police inspected had an alibi. Although the cops were working hard, they still could not find any leads. It then became an unsolved case.

Siow Mao had lost his beloved daughter. That time she was murdered, she was out with Ye Feng. Moreover, Ye Feng seemed to be in an ambiguous relationship with Liang Qing, making Siow Mao disliked Ye Feng in the first place.

The partnership between Ye Feng and Siow Mao was dissolved.

Ye Feng failed his mission again.
[User will receive punishment if five missions were failed. User would lose his binding eligibility too. Please remember this. ]

The text on the phone was bolded with red color. It was inordinately conspicuous.

Veins were popping up on Ye Feng's forehead, the strength holding the phone kept increasing.
He had already failed three missions. If he failed again twice, he had to accept the grave unknown punishment.
I can't fail any mission anymore.
Failing three missions had already put pressure on Ye Feng, and the reminder from the software was like a tremendous diamond crushing on Ye Feng, suffocating him, but he did not want to give up on this diamond that would bring him endless wealth.

Ye Feng returned to the homepage, looked at the only mission on the screen, and clicked 'accept'.