Everyone was coming for 'the Heart of Angel' at today's auction.
"Don't you think that these morons are retarded for wanting to spend money for something that will bring people misfortune?" Shi Sheng was gossiping with Zhang Ju.

Zhang Ju did not want to gossip with her. He was working.
He was a professional; he would not gossip during working hours.

He could only roast her in his heart, did you forget to take your medicine? Why did you ask me if they're retarded when you just said that they're morons?
Shi Sheng said nonchalantly, "you don't have to waste your effort, according to the law, even if someone came, you guys unquestionably can't stop them."
"Which law?" Zhang Ju asked, why can't we stop them? Come on. We're cops, alright. How dare this lunatic underestimate us.

Shi Sheng replied to Zhang Ju seriously, "the law of a novel."
The male lead was here if someone were to come here to snatch it. The whole incident would have nothing to do with the cops. The only person who would triumph was the male lead.

Zhang Ju almost spat blood out of absurdity.

Is she here to look for trouble?

Before processing to the auction of 'The Heart of Angel', the beginning part of the auction was going well. Shi Sheng could sense a rush of extraordinary power the moment 'The Heart of Angel' entered the auction hall.

The spiritual aura of this story was relatively weak. Since the appearance of 'The Heart of Angel', Shi Sheng could feel the spiritual atmosphere was even more fragile. Suddenly there was no spiritual aura in the whole area.

All of the spiritual aurae escaped from this auction hall.

They were not absorbed by another entity. They escaped from here.

The spiritual aura is terrified of 'The Heart of Angel'? What kind of material is this thing made of? Is it this powerful?

After the auctioneer explained a bunch of useless information and revealed the cover, the necklace was presented in front of everyone.
Its color was brighter than 'Lucky'. It was like a living heart as if the next second, it could start beating.

Shi Sheng could not refute the fact that the details of 'The Heart of Angel' were indeed refined.

However, it gave out an aura, which Shi Sheng disliked.

It was not the evil of darkness. It was some sort of enticement.
It was enticing people to obtain it, to possess it.
Shi Sheng suddenly twitched her mouth out of the loathsome.

"I'm guessing that the jeweler fed it with blood before," Shi Sheng communicated with the system in her heart.


"Hmph, does he have a death wish?"

[He was dead a long time ago.] The system reminded Shi Sheng.
"So he's leaving behind his mess for others to clean up." Shi Sheng continued to groan, "I'm not going to clean up his mess, this is not something easy to deal with."

That was not any kind of diamond; it was a type of jade.
The ancient records of her world called this kind of jade blood jade. By feeding it with blood could make it spiritually intelligent so that it could be controlled.

The best kind of blood jade is partially transparent. The bigger the blood jade, the higher the spiritual intelligence could be nurtured.
But if the nurtured spiritual intelligence did not have the correct guidance, it would turn into an evil spirit that devours on desires. To acquire more desires, it would stir up the desires of human hearts and thereby strengthen itself.

There were sayings that once the evil spirit obtained a certain amount of desires, it could leave the blood jade and own a physical form.
are you trying to make me take care of this thing?
What kind of joke is this?!
It's strenuous and unrewarding. I strongly reject this mission!

[Host, you're the only one who can complete this mission.]
Bulls***, what about the male lead!
Based on this kind of setting, it is obvious that the male lead will be sent to his death.

"Even if you say that I can save the milky way with this mission, I'll still not accept this."
[...] Host, can you stop being so stubborn? I'm trying to help you to earn points, think about the amount of points you can get!

”That’s too troublesome.”

[...] you only have to slash once, with your sword, and the mission will be over. What's so troublesome about it?
" Waving my sword around it very exhausting!"

[...] The system was speechless. There was no other host who was as stubborn as her in this world.

If she said that she wouldn't accept the mission, she definitely wouldn't bat an eye.

Hence, when 'The Heart of Angel' was auctioning, she only sat there and watched with cold eyes.
Compared to 'Lucky', the baseline price of 'The Heart of Angel' was starting at ten figures. The typhoons could only watch. They did not dare to make a sound. Only the ultra typhoons were bidding.

Zhang Ju probably had not seen such a gruesome scene. His expression was bizarre.

"Miss Liu, are you not bidding?" Zhang Ju suddenly turned his head and talked to Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng shrugged, "I don't have money."

Zhang Ju, “...” this fickle lunatic.

The lights in the main hall switched off suddenly, and the entire auction hall was caught in darkness. Screams of panic filled the hall.
"Calm down, sit in your seat and don't move." Zhang Jue shouted, but no one listened to him. Loud footsteps with a mixture of screams and shrieks were all around. The crowd panicked and gushed out from the auction hall.

Shi Sheng stood somewhere near the wall without a sound, avoid getting hurt by those who tried to escape panicking.

The lights came back after two minutes.
The whole situation was in chaos. Shi Sheng spotted Mu Bai and Ye Jian first. They were standing no far away from where she sat earlier.
When the lights came back, Ye Jian looked around for Shi Sheng first, and when he noticed her standing by the wall. He rushed towards her.
"Liu Sheng Ge, are you okay?"
"I'm still alive."

Ye Jian, "..." I didn't ask you if you're dead or not.
Mu Bai only watched her from afar; he did not go over there.

"Ah!" someone screamed out of nowhere, pointing at the auction stand, "'The Heart of Angel' is missing."

The auctioneer and emcees were lying on the floor, no idea if they were dead or unconscious.

'The Heart of Angel' on the auction stand was gone.

Zheng Ju looked at Shi Sheng, who was leaning at the wall expressionless, complicated. what this lunatic said came true.

After the police investigations, they discovered that the thief was someone from the emcee side. As for whether the person had an accomplice, this was still unclear.

They picked the emcee because they worked here for many years and had a clear background check, but they were still caught unguarded.
Everyone at the auction was asked to take a testimony. Ye Jian was forced to be separated from Shi Sheng. The huge problem was, who was going to take Shi Sheng's testimony.

In the end, it was done by Zheng Ju, since he was nearest to her.
Although her testimony was of almost zero use.

"Miss Liu, did you see anything when the lights were off?"
Shi Sheng took a glance at Zhang Ju. Just as Zhang Ju thought she was going to roast him, she suddenly blurted out a sentence which made Zhang Ju stunned, "I know where 'The Heart of Angel' is,"

Zhang Ju's face was grave, "Miss Liu, this is not something to be joked about."

"If you don't believe me then that's fine." Shi Sheng spread her hands. She did not intend to talk.

"... tell me." Zhang Ju bit his teeth.

"I don't want to tell you anymore." just now, I wanted to tell you, but you don't want to listen. Now that you want to hear me out, then I have to say to you? I'm unwilling to do so!

Arrogance was written all over Shi Sheng's face.

Zhang Ju was about to explode in a fury. If anyone had sedatives, please give it to him.

Give this lunatic the sedative.

In the end, Zhang Ju had to disregard his dignity and kept questioning Shi Sheng for quite a while, then only managed to get a name out of her mouth.
"Are you sure?" Zhan Ju asked with a solemn expression, "if you're spurting nonsense, I'll undoubtedly send you to the mental hospital."
Shi Sheng responded with a bright smile, "look at Zhang Ju saying this. Since you think that I'm mad, so my words can't be trusted, unless you're crazy too."

Shut up, you lunatic!

Zhang Ju,"..."