Zhang Ju thought that he might have gone crazy as he trusted what the lunatic said!

Mainly it was because she was too confident. Her solemn expression could easily convince people that she was telling the truth.
And it was proven that she was indeed telling the truth.

"I don't know why it's on me," Ye Feng tried to defend himself with all his might, "how can you simply arrest me?"

"Mister. Ye, there's substantial evidence that's you. If you have anything to add on, you can tell us in the police station." the cops cuffed Ye Feng swiftly.

Ye Feng's eyes turned red out of desperation, but no matter what he said, it could not change the fact that 'The Heart of Angel' was found with him.
Shi Sheng just so happened to walk past him. She stopped, "Mister. Ye, please be more careful when you're looking for another chick."
That was out of nowhere.

Ye Feng thought about it. He then understood what she meant by that. His face then turned blue. Someone used him.

"Liu Sheng Ge!" Ye Feng raged, "are you ridiculing me?"

"Yes, you're right, I'm ridiculing you." Shi Sheng nodded.
She would be crazy if she did not hit the male lead when he was down.
"Liu Sheng Ge, don't you get too merry, I'll be fine. This has nothing to do with me." Ye Feng calmed down. He had no idea who that lady was. Even if 'The Heart of Angel' was with him, it did not prove that he was the one that stole it.

"Well, if you managed to get out then I'll put you back in again."
Her smile was so bright, but Ye Feng could not feel the least bit of warmth at all. When his eyes met with her dark colored pupils, Ye Feng would feel as if he was standing on a cliff, where the cold wind was howling across his body, and he was on the verge of falling into the abyss.
Ye Feng swallowed his saliva with weight, with his voice cracked, "do you hate me that much?"

Shi Sheng got close to Ye Feng, with an eerie tone, "the person that hated you was Liu Sheng Ge. I'm… just someone who's trying to avenge Liu Sheng Ge, so I don't hate you, I only want you to die."

Shi Sheng purposely dragged the word 'die', as if it was a spike thrust into Ye Feng's heart unexpectedly.

His eyes popped open, and his mind cleared up.
"You… you're not Liu Sheng Ge..."

Liu Sheng Ge loved him that much; it did not make sense why she would treat him that way.

Why didn't he think of that?
"Miss Liu..." the cop saw that Ye Feng was getting worked up, stepped in immediately, "please refrain from talking to the suspect."

What if she enraged the suspect!

"She's not Liu Sheng Ge," Ye Feng pointed at Shi Sheng, telling the police, "she's not Liu Sheng Ge."

The police looked at Shi Sheng quietly.

Did you know kung fu that well until you hypnotized him? Look at how worked up he is!

The police did not care about Yeng Fe's shouting; he quickly dragged Ye Feng away.
"What does he mean by that?" Ye Jian came out of nowhere, "you're not Liu Sheng Ge? Then who're you?"

Shi Sheng turned her head to him, with her lips curled up, "I'm God."
... don’t you mean lunatic?
"Liu Sheng Ge, wait for me." Ye Jian caught up with Shi Sheng, "Liu Sheng Ge, are you sure you don't want to be my fiancée?"
"Gods can't fall in love with the mortals."

"Don't worry, I'm a God too, it's just that I didn't get to tell you."

"But I like mortals."
"I can be a mortal for you."
Everyone, "..." whichever mental hospital that released these otakus, please bring them back!

Ye Jian was following Shi Sheng on the way of leaving the auction, discussing whether gods can fall in love with mortals or not.
Shi Sheng walked to her car, Ye Jian still following her.
Shi Sheng suddenly grabbed Ye Jian's collar, spun around, and pinned him against the car window. Her pretty face was zoomed in in Ye Jian's pupils.

"...Liu Sheng Ge, please… be civilised." Ye Jian could not back off. He could only look at her with his neck in her hand.

"What are you trying to do?" Shi Sheng asked, gnashing her teeth.

"I, I, I… I'm courting you!" Ye Jian spoke nimbly, "can't you tell?"

Shi Sheng's fingers, which were holding Ye Jian's neck, squeezed tighter, "I'll give you one more chance."
"I really just want to court you." Let alone trying to be cool, Ye Jian thought that he might die in front of this woman if he raised his voice.

Shi Sheng had yet to nod. Her expression suddenly turned eerie. She opened up the car door and threw Ye Jian into her car.

Ye Jian, "..." what are you trying to do!

Shi Sheng got in the car swiftly, stepped on the accelerator, and drove away while Ye Jian was watching, confused.
Ye Jian did not have a safety belt, due to the inertia when the car tilted, his head hit the window with a loud 'bang' that knocked his eyes out.

Ye Jian got to experience Fast and Furious without a seat belt.

It was a touching speed.
Shi Sheng sped her car with Ye Jian to the foothills. She then carried him up. Ye Jian could feel his stomach tumbling.

"Liu Sheng Ge... urk… where are you trying to bring me?"

Here, in the wilderness, she is not trying to kill me, right?

"I'm going to kill you." Shi Sheng's voice matched with Ye Jian's thought.
Ye Jian subconsciously hugged a massive tree from the side, "Liu Sheng Ge, all I did was courting you. Aren't you being too cold blooded for wanting to kill me over this?"

Normal reactions should be saying that killing people was illegal, no?

"Yes, I know I'm cold blooded." Shi Sheng took Ye Jian's hands off the tree without changing the expression, "you don't have to remind me."

Ye Jian was already holding onto the tree with all his strength, but Shi Sheng still managed to take it off. She then dragged him up the hills.
When they were at the mountain top, Shi Sheng pushed Ye Jian to a cliff, "so, are you going to tell me why are you courting me?"

"Will you spare me if I tell you?" Ye Jian looked down from the cliff. His heart was racing.

"Depends on my mood."

Ye Jian,"..."

Why do I have to deal with this kind of woman!
Ye Jian looked up, he made eye contact with Shi Sheng, "are you really not Shi Sheng?" the Shi Sheng he knew was not this… intense.

"Is that important?" Shi Sheng furrowed, "or is it that the person you're trying to court is the original Liu Sheng Ge?"

Ye Jian eyed Shi Sheng up and down, "are you a player too?"

"I knew it." Shi Sheng let out an understanding expression.
Ye Jian was a little confused. Didn't the plot say that there will only be a player? Why would he meet other players?

There were other players!

So he was not the only one!

Oh my, it was an old friend, how exciting!

"Your mission is to court Liu Sheng Ge?" Shi Sheng eyed Ye Jian from the top to toe a few times.

Ye Jian nodded excitedly as he got to meet an old friend.
His mission was simple: he had to court those ladies who had been a female side for their lifetime, change their endings, then live together happily ever after.

"What's your mission?" Ye Jian asked with his eyes shining.
"To kill the male and female leads."
Ye Jian, "..."

The system told him that… if an outside force killed the male and female leads, the whole world would collapse!