Shi Sheng thought Ye Jian came from the same world as her, but after communicating with Ye Jian, she found out that Ye Jian wasn’t from her world at all.

So is Ye Jian still present in the plot?

System, explain.

[......] Don’t really feel like explaining, [the host should know some of the same person raid text, Ye Jian is to this plot raid Liu Sheng Ge, change her ending.]

It means that the plot I am experiencing now is actually a plot with Ye Jian as the main character, right?

[I guess you can say it that way]  

Oh ......

Then Mu Bai is Ye Jian’s lover?

[......] host, are you thinking about something weird?

Aren't all delayed strategy articles like this? 

So should I kill Ye Jian now?

[......] Who told you that this is a delayed strategy article. The most fortunate person is Ye Feng, please do not kill the innocent!

Strange, this statement seems to be a little off.


Seeing that Ye Jian had no malice towards Liu Sheng Ge, Shi Sheng was generous enough not to kill the innocent.

[......] It was clearly Ye Jian who, had the fear of death, begged you, and you were in a good mood to let him go.  

Ye Jian: "......" not very eager to talk.

It isn’t easy to have a high status, but before he could succeed, he was crushed into a slag, blue thin, mushroom.

"How did you know then that the 'Heart of Angel' was on Ye Feng?" Ye Jian remembered a matter of business.

Shi Sheng gave him a slightly deep smile, "How do you know it was me who said?"

"...... ah!" Ye Jian's eyes wavered, "As the object of the raid, of course I pay attention to you at all times."

The woman across the table has such a frightening smile. 

Like the kind of perverted murderer who is ready to dissect a corpse.  

Although in Ye Jian’s heart, he has identified Shi Sheng as a taskmaster, but Ye Jian also found out that this taskmaster is obviously not a novice.

As a 小透明, he wants to hug the thighs of the old driver.

"I just said it casually." Shi Sheng spoke slowly. 

“Just off the top of your head and you're right?" Ye Jian was astonished. She indeed is experienced.

Shi Sheng said profoundly: "Maybe I have the ability to prophesy." What is there to guess about the plot? 

The woman who came in after Ye Feng looked very rich and fair, but her eyes were too alert. Upon entering the venue, she quickly surveyed the venue once, and then observed several times to observe the locations of plainclothes criminal police.

If Shi Sheng couldn’t tell, she wouldn’t dare to say that she is invincible.

In the plot, Ye Feng has a woman who is a killer, but this killer is also a divine thief.

Looking at them today, Ye Feng should have just met with this killer not long ago.

According to the normal development, it should be that Ye Feng safely left with the 'Heart of Angel’ and rightfully claimed it as his own.

When the killer was looking for it, somehow ...... The killer immediately switched sides and became Ye Feng's woman.

But now Ye Feng was caught ......

Wouldn’t the killer tear Ye Feng apart?

It is still quite exciting to think about.

Looking at Shi Sheng’s pompous expression, someone as stupid as Ye Jian would also know that she is fooling herself.

When she got up to go down the mountain, Ye Jian hurried to follow.

"What rank are you?"

"What's your name? Do you remember what you were doing before you did the mission?"

Ye Jian’s string of questions made him a chattering lunatic. 

Ye Jian: I’m just very excited to see my hometown

“Be careful Liu Sheng Ge, I think Mu Bai has some problems." Ye Jian suddenly popped out a sentence.

Ye Jian originally intended to pop the next sentence, but Shi Sheng unexpectedly picked up the conversation.

"What's the problem?" That pervert certainly has a problem.

"I don't know, anyway, I think he is quite strange." Ye Jian stuttered, seeing Mu Bai, he wanted to go up and dislike him.

Generally, the people he dislikes are certainly not good people.

“He is not your lover?"

Love ...... lover!

"What nonsense are you talking about, I am straight, okay ! Very straight" Ye Jian exploded.

"Usually people who say they are straight, will soon after find themselves bent." Shi Sheng’s eyes intentionally swept to the lower half of Ye Jian, "you can try it with that pervert, who knows, maybe you might be?"

# On the correct direction of the delayed beauty article #

"Liu Sheng Ge! I'm going to get angry!" Even if you're a hometown, you can't talk nonsense, he's a straight man!  

"I can hold you down even if you go to heaven."

Ye Jian: "......" this task can not be done!  

Shi Sheng went down the mountain and started the car.

A series of actions flowing.

"Eh, Liu Sheng Ge, let me get into your car." Ye Jian pulled the car door and found that it could not be opened.

When she slid down the window, waved his hand, "Walk back yourself."

"This is the middle of nowhere and soon it will be dark. How dare you actually let me walk back myself, is there no colleague love?" Ye Jian pulled the car door.

Colleague love? You are a fucking string of data, having colleague love for you would be weird.  

"No, bye!" Shi Sheng stepped on the gas pedal, the car started, and filled Ye Jian face with exhaust gas.

So frustrating!

But dad can't beat her!


Already taken care of a lunatic, but there is still a pervert waiting for her to pass.

Mu Bai ......  

Shi Sheng does not want to make a decision too early.

This bit of poison.

It is obviously an invincible male who pretended to hit the face article that scampered into a crime article, and now scampered into the strategy article.

This kind of channel will soon be beaten. 

Shi Sheng decided to find a way to kidnap Mu Bai with the threat of force to see if she can get any info from him. 

If that doesn’t work out, I’ll just destroy him. 

After all, he’s a dangerous person. I’m just being fair. 

There is always a feeling that someone wants to calculate me. 

Before Shi Sheng could even kidnap Mu Bai, Mu Bai was automatically delivered to her door. 

When she went back, Mu Bai happened to be outside the door. Han Xiao was standing inside talking to him and did not open the door.

Very good, well done!  

Shi sheng drove the car over.

Mu Bai heard the sound. His body’s self-awareness of danger was faster than the head. His body quickly got out of the way and the car brushed past his shirt.

Shi Sheng unfortunately shook her head. This pervert’s reaction is quite fast. 

How about one more time?  

Shi Sheng was ready to reverse the car.

The voice of Mu Bai sounded at that moment: "Miss Liu, are you trying to kill me?"

Even after what just happened, Mu Bai still had a calm look, as if nothing had just happened.

But in contrast to the pale girl inside the door, it was obvious that just now, Shi Sheng did intend to hit Mu Bai with her car. 

"Yes, so you stand still." Shi Sheng poked out her head, and her tone was brisk.

Mu Baii: "......" Stand still for her to hit?  

"Chairman Liu, please calm down. Killing is against the law." Han Xiao opened the iron door and ran out from inside, picking at the window of Shi Sheng’s car, "You are not trying to go to prison as a bully ...... prison flower, right?"

If you want to kill people all the time, please take medicine for your illness!  

"Who said that killing someone will definitely go to prison?" Shi Sheng rolled her eyes at Han Xiao. 

Han Xiao was confused. 

Where else can you go?  

Shi Sheng’s eyebrows curved, "Hell."


This cold joke is not funny at all.