"Mr. Mu, what do you want me for?" Shi Sheng did not get out of the car, his eyes crossed Han Xiao, and looked at Mu Bai.

"Just here to deliver something to Miss Liu." Mu Bai put a somewhat large box on the front of Shi Sheng's car.

That box looked familiar.

Because she had also seen it at the auction before.

"What's inside this?" Please don't tell me that it's 'Heart of Angel'.

"Heart of Angel" Mu Bai's voice was not too soft, just enough for Shi Sheng to hear it clearly.

This pervert gave me the Heart of Angel!

I knew he didn't have good intentions.  

Shi Sheng fished out her phone and called Zhang Ju, "Zhang Ju, here’s a pervert trying to bribe me? He used Heart of Angel, yes, it is the same shit that made you guys fall over."

Mu Bai: "......"

That’s not the right reaction!  

Shi Sheng threw away her phone and got out of the car carrying her sword.


When Zhang Ju arrived with people, the first thing he saw was the car that had turned into scrap metal, and only after that did he see Mu Bai, who was tied up on the ground.

Mu Bai ......

How can it be Mu Bai? 

What a big deal!

Mu Bai: "......"   I’m a little broken inside, but I am a gentleman, so I will be elegant and calm.  

Shi Sheng shook her chilly iron sword with a disgusted face, "you guys came too slow."

"Traffic jam." Zhang Ju replied in a serious manner.

How busy would they be in the police department? Who else would be like this lunatic, causing trouble all the time?  

Shi Sheng pointed at the box on the floor.

Zhang Ju gave a look at the person behind him. The person behind him in a white coat immediately went forward to hold the box upright and open it.

Shi Sheng only needed a glance to recognize that this was real. 

This thing should be in the police station, but it appeared in the hands of Mu Bai. Mu Bai really does have his ways.

"Miss Liu, please tell us what happened." Zhang Ju very consciously began to go through the process.

"When I came back, he was standing at the door and said he wanted to give me something. I'm not close to him and yet he randomly sent me something, clearly there’s an intention behind it blablabla......"

Zhang Bureau of recording speed couldn’t keep up with the Shi Sheng. He couldn’t remember everything and finally decided to use phone recording. 

Anyway, the conclusion is that Mu Bai inexplicably wanted to give 'Heart of Angel' to Shi Sheng. Shi Sheng, without saying anything, immediately reported to the police.

"Miss Liu, this is the 'Heart of Angel', you really do not want it?" Zhang Ju asked a personal question. 

As Shi Sheng looked at Mu Bai, who was getting into the car, she said, "I want to live longer."

Zhang Ju misinterpreted this sentence..

This lunatic could actually resist such a big temptation, she’s stronger than the others.

Unfortunately, she is still a lunatic.  

Because there was monitoring at the door, what Shi Sheng said was completely true. Therefore, only Mu Bai was taken away, as to how to settle this issue ...... is open to question.

"Wait, can I ask him something?" Shi Sheng called out Zhang Ju who was ready to leave.

"No you can't." Zhang Ju refused without even thinking about it.

Before that, she spoke with Ye Feng, who was still agitated now.


Zhang Bureau stumbled, reached out to hold the car door, took a deep breath, got in and closed the door.

If I would to be calculative with this lunatic, I would lose my status. 

Several police cars slowly left. The car that Mu Bai was sitting in didn’t have its windows shut, so when the car passed by Shi Sheng, Mu Bai turned his head. 

His sight was aligned with Shi Sheng, with some provocation. 

Shi Sheng gave the middle finger.

Come on, let’s fight!

Retard, don’t think I’m afraid of you!  

"Mr. Liu ......" Han Xiao stood behind the iron gate until the police car was completely out of sight. 

The recent events are enough for her to look back on for the rest of her life.

"Go home and eat." Shi Sheng waved her hands, but stopped halfway, put her hands on her waist and started scolding “Fuck, I forgot to ask that pervert to pay for my car.”

Han Xiao: "......" Chairman Liu, what’s your point? 

Compared to the car, the one in front of the meal is more unreliable.

Han Xiao felt that she needed to be quiet, she had completely failed to keep up with her own chairman.


During the auction of 'Heart of Angel', there was a media presence. A theft occurred and this news definitely couldn’t be covered, and soon it was all over town.

Thankfully, the 'Heart of Angel' was not lost, and a suspect was caught.

This suspect is a bit intriguing.

It was Ye Feng who was related to the previous case of Xiao Ling Long.

And what is more coincidental is that he is the owner of Lucky bracelet.

This news was exposed by an anonymous person, but it instantly set off a storm on the Internet.

The almighty netizens managed to dig into everything related to Ye Feng.

Although Ye Feng hid his own information using a software, but he couldn’t stop the power of the people.

From his high school classmates to elementary school classmates, they have all jumped out to expose his information. With so many clues, isn’t it easy to check a person?

Lucky shot a sky-high price of 1.2 billion. How did Ye Feng get so much money?

# A poor boy in a mountain village, got rich overnight, and became the new rich person in the circle #

This topic became the hottest topic at that moment.

The plot of Ye Feng is a long time after the explosion of the family. At that time, his status and identity was already solid, and will not shake his foundation due to suspicion

But it was different now.

Ye Feng was involved in two consecutive murders, and now involved in the 'Heart of Angel' theft case. Exposing his family background at such a time couldn’t be better. 

Although in the end Ye Feng was acquitted, but at the moment, many people were paying attention to his life. 

Ye Feng avoided the media and returned to his rented house, which he rented earlier on. Later on, he moved house, but in order to buy Lucky, that house was also sold, so he could only temporarily live in this house that hasn’t reached its rental due date.

He quickly took out his phone and tapped on the software he was familiar with.

He tapped on the taskbar.

The word ‘failure’ made Ye Feng gasp twice, and then his gaze settled down.

There was still a chance. He still had a chance to turn around.

Ye Feng settled his mind and clicked on the task interface. However, the page was currently empty and no mission was issued.

"Ding ling--"

The sudden doorbell ring frightened Ye Feng. He quickly put the phone back into his trouser’s pocket, took a deep breath, made sure he had nothing unusual, and got up to open the door.

Outside the door stood a very well-behaved girl, "Brother Ye Feng, I saw that you just came back, so I came to see you."

Ye Feng reluctantly smiled, "Thank you."

"Brother Ye Feng, don't worry, I believe in you." The girl cheered Ye Feng up, "Those people are just simply suspecting, so don't take it to heart. I don’t think you have eaten yet, so I made you dinner."

The girl held the thermos cup in her hand and looked at Ye Feng with a smile.

Ye Feng opened the door, "Sorry for troubling you, Xiao Wan."

The girl shyly bowed her head and approached the room, "It's not troublesome, it makes me happy to cook for brother Ye Feng."

The door of the room slowly closed, blocking the two figures inside.

A black shadow flashed from the direction of the stairwell and disappeared extremely quickly.

The corridor resumed its seclusion.