When Ye Feng was dazed from sleep, he heard a notification sound from his phone and jerked awake.

He let go of the person in his arms and got up to get his phone.

There was a pop-up window on the phone screen.


Intimate contact with Liu Shengge (Intimacy level 5)

Ye Feng almost threw the phone out. What kind of mission is this?

Intimacy level 5 means he has to sleep with Liu Sheng Ge. He already hated Liu Sheng Ge so much that he wanted to strangle her to death, how can he sleep with her?

Besides that ......

This woman is not Liu Sheng Ge at all.

Wait a minute. The police department said that her DNA matched Liu Sheng Ge's. She was Liu Sheng Ge.

She deliberately lied to him!

"Brother Ye Feng ......" someone wailed from behind.

Ye Feng put the phone down, turned around and lay back on the bed. The more he thought about it, the more angry he was, and he unintentionally increased his force as he rubbed the delicate hand in his arms.

He ended up venting and threw a tantrum.

No matter how unhappy he is, he still has to do this task.

He couldn’t refuse these kinds of tasks. If he doesn’t do it, it means he failed, and if he failed, he would lose this software. 

He absolutely cannot fail.

The mission only says to get intimate with Liu Sheng Ge, it doesn't state the method, so he still has a chance.


Shi Sheng was completely unaware that Ye Feng had such a task, so when she saw Ye Feng holding a handful of roses and appearing outside the gate of Bai JiaResidence, she was dumbfounded.

How dare you hold a rose and appear here. Aren’t you afraid that the Xiao family will get you killed.

What an amazing man.  

Shi Sheng drove past him in her new car, so Ye Feng didn’t know that the person he was waiting for had left.

When Shisheng came back, she found that Ye Feng was still at the door.

Fuck, he waited for so long.  

If it wasn't for the fact that he was standing at the gate, so her car couldn't drive past, if not she absolutely would crash into him.

Since he wouldn’t die from a crash anyway. 

The missing arms and legs can be replaced.  

"Liu Sheng Ge!"

Ye Jian's face suddenly appeared outside the car window. He roared so loudly that even Ye Feng was alarmed.

"Open the door!!!" Ye Jian slapped Shi Sheng's car window as hard as he could.

The last time, this woman actually left him in the middle of nowhere. He had to give her an earful. 

Ye Feng ran over to her with a rose and squeezed Ye Jian away, "Sheng Ge, I have something to say to you."

Shi Sheng : "......" The male host actually came to look for her? Is the sky starting to rain diamonds already?  

Ye Jian: "......"

Who is this?

Oh! The male host!

The male host is going to steal this girl from him!  

Ye Jian waved his hand in the distance, and a man in a suit rushed down from the car. "Young master."

"Get him out of my way." Ye Jian pointed at Ye Feng.

Without saying a word, the man in the suit went forward and dragged Ye Feng backwards.

Ye Feng's physical strength is average. Previously, when he had points, he would use them for body strengthening potions, but he now has no points, so the potion has been used up. He has little resistance and was carried away by the man in the suit.

"Who are you, let go of me!" Ye Feng angrily glared at the man in the suit.

The man in the suit threw him into the distance expressionlessly, stood in front of him and looked at Ye Feng from a high position.

Ye Feng's figure is not particularly tall, but also not considered short. However, compared with the tall man in a suit, Ye Feng looked particularly small.

Ye Feng knew he could not beat this man, so he was ready to go around him and run towards Shi Sheng, "Sheng Ge, listen to me ......"

The man in the suit blocked Ye Feng's way. The young master said he was not allowed to go over!

Ye Feng immediately changed direction and ran. His body was flexible, and with a few steps, he rushed to the car window, "Sheng Ge, listen to me. I was wrong, I really know that I am wrong. I shouldn’t be duplicitous. From now on, I will be good to you only. Please believe me, I have always loved you."

Shi Sheng: "......"

Isn’t this kind of line said by scums?

Male host, please be mindful of your identity!

High and mighty! Dominant!  

"Sheng Ge I know you still like me. I'll listen to whatever you say in the future. Please forgive me, okay?"

Ye Feng, in order to complete the task, had to pretend he had deep love and regret, even when he hated this woman so much that he wanted to kill her.

When he completes this task, he will make this woman pay the price!

Shi Sheng gazed through the car window, looked into the eyes of Ye Feng with a very calm gaze. 

There wasn’t any emotional fluctuation, as if it was a void. 

Ye Feng’s sweet words were suddenly stuck and couldn’t say anything else.

"Pull him away! Did you not eat!" Ye Jian chased after the man in the suit, hitting him hard on the shoulder.

The man in the suit: "......" Young master, please don’t hit me!  

How would he be able to pull people away? 

The man in the suit shrugged off his own young master, went around behind Ye Feng, and again, carried him away from Shi Sheng’s car.

Shi Sheng came down from the car and took a few steps towards Ye Feng.

The male host is retarded, how dare he tease her!  

"Sheng Ge, you still like me, right?" Ye Feng forced out a deep love look, "Sheng Ge, I used to be a jerk. It doesn't matter anymore no matter how much you beat me and scold me, as long as you don't leave me ......"

Shi Sheng answered, "You can’t live without me? "

Ye Feng stunned for a moment and nodded his head, “I cannot live without you, Sheng Ge.”

Shi Sheng suddenly smiled, and kicked Ye Feng’s crotch, "then go to hell!"

Ye Feng's face turned iron blue. He bit his lower lip and turned his face to look at Shi Sheng. This bitch.

The man in the suit, who was carrying Ye Feng, unconsciously clenched his legs.

Young master ......  I sympathize with you.  

Ye Jian was also appalled by that violent action of Shi Sheng. He stood in place, and did not move for half a day.

"Liu Sheng Ge!" Ye Feng gritted his teeth and squeezed out three words. The hatred under his eyes was almost overflowing.

Shi Sheng gave an ‘aiyo’ and reminded him, "Why are you not pretending to be the prince in deep love?"

Ye Feng was reminded, and his violent, grimace expression, slowly retreated.

His lower body hurt so much that he drew a cold breath, "Sheng Ge, hit me. If you feel relieved like this, you can hit me, I won't be angry with you, as long as you forgive me."

Shi Sheng made a gesture to continue kicking, "You think I'm retarded?"

How dare you try and seduce me!

Ye Feng saw Shi Sheng’s position and suddenly retreated. The man in the suit didn’t use much strength. As he retreated, he was freed from the hands of the man in the suit, but he stepped on the back of the shock absorbers. His body stumbled, fell to the ground, and his head knocked on the retaining stone beside him.

That hit made Ye Feng’s head bleed. 

Blood flowed down his forehead. It was quite scary to watch.

"Retard." Shi Sheng swore, turned back, and entered her car.

Ye Feng's head was dizzy, vision blurred, and could only see Shi Sheng’s car enter Bai Jia residence, and then disappear. 

"Liu Sheng Ge, wait for me!"

Ye Jian left the man in the suit behind and drove after Shisheng.

Man in the suit : "......" 

Young master abandoned me again.