Ye Feng went home in a sorry state. At the gate, he saw Dong Wan stood there waiting for him.

He felt some warmth at the bottom of his heart.
“Brother Ye Feng, why are you hurt?” Dong Wan worried as she noticed that Ye Feng was injured, “Quickly open the door, let me bandage it up for you.”

Ye Feng did not decline her offer. He let Dong Wan in and pointed the direction of the first aid kit. 

Dong Wan bound up Ye Feng’s wounded area swiftly. 

“Xiao Wan, why are you so good at bandaging?” Ye Feng touched his forehead, asking with curiosity. 
Dong Wan lowered her head with shyness as if being complimented by Ye Feng was something to be bashful about, “My father used to be very careless, he would constantly injure himself and I would always take care of his wounds.”

Ye Feng nodded and did not further question her.

“Brother Ye Feng, how did you get yourself in this situation?” Dong Wan asked carefully, her eyes glimmering with concern.
“Who else would it be other than the Liu Sheng Ge.” Ye Feng’s mouth slipped, he then immediately switched the topic, “Don’t mind that, Xiao Wan, can you make something for me to eat?”
Dong Wan rose and headed to the kitchen. The moment she turned around, her innocent, obedient face a second ago was twisted immediately, with malevolent filled her iris. 
Ye Feng sat in the living room watching Dong Wan getting busy. Although Dong Wan’s body was not considered to be exceptional, the way she dressed up was very seducing. Ye Feng got lusty as he watched her, he could feel the bottom of his body aching in pain.
Don’t tell me that that the b**** broke my thing with her tremendous strength.

Ye Feng did not feel proper after thinking about that. He rose and walked towards the kitchen and closed the kitchen door. 

He had sex with Dong Wan in the kitchen, ensuring that nothing was wrong, he was only then relieved. 

After the meal, Ye Feng did it again with Dong Wan twice, to let out of all his frustration deep down in his heart before letting Dong Wan leave. 

Ye Feng would still show up in front of Shi Sheng from time to time. 

She would bump into the male host anytime anywhere, and she rejected him every time. 

Where’s my sword!

“Liu Sheng Ge, what’s up with Ye Feng?” Ye Jian was curious about Ye Feng’s change as he knew about the plot too. 

Why is he so invested with Liu Sheng Ge out of nowhere?

She is my target!

It’s true that she is also a taskmaster, but the system still decided that she is my target.

“Maybe water went into his brain.” Shi Sheng paused, “Why are you following me? Do you want to get beaten up?”

“Don’t be so violent,” Ye Jian smiled, “Isn’t this purely a coincidence?”

Shi Sheng pointed at the ‘bra section’, “I didn’t you’re into this kind of thing.”

Ye Jian looked up to see, his facial expression changed complicatedly. He was focusing on talking to Shi Sheng just then, he did not even realize where she was heading. 

The saleswomen looking at him strangely, can’t believe that such a handsome guy is a pervert.

Ye Jian said quickly, “I would go into the mountains of daggers and seas of flames just to shop with you.”

Shi Sheng covered his head with a bra she grabbed from aside casually. 

Ye Jian took it down calmly and passed it to a saleswoman, “please pack it according to her size.”

The saleswoman showed a benevolent smile, assuming that they were quarreling. 

Shi Sheng was shopping in the front while Ye Jian was taking everything behind her. As long as she set her eyes on it, he would ask to pack it up. 

Saleswoman,“...” is she trying to change into one every hour by buying so many pieces?

However, in the end, when she was about to pay for it, Shi Sheng only bought two pieces of it while the saleswoman glaring at her in wrath. 

Are these two trying to pull a prank?

“Why are you buying this size? I don’t think… you can fit into this!” Ye Jian estimated Shi Sheng’s chests with his eyes. 

“How did you know I can’t fit it, do you want me to wear it publicly for you to see?” Shi Sheng began to act like a gangster.

“I will watch it if you dare to wear it.”

Shi Sheng grabbed Ye Jian’s clothes and began to strip them off. 

Ye Jian held onto his clothes immediately, “My goodness, lady, please be civilized, there are so many people here.”

“Didn’t you ask me to wear it for you?”

“I’m talking about you wearing it.”

“That’s right, I’ll wear it for you.” Shi Sheng emphasized the last few words. 
“It’s my fault, it’s my fault. Liu Sheng Ge, let go of me now. How am I going to face anyone if someone sees this?” He was someone with status. 
Shi Sheng let go of Ye Jian and saw Mu Bai standing opposite to her as soon as she turned around. He was staring at them without blinking. 
It was heard that in the previous incident Mu Bai only went to the police station for a while and was released soon. 

Two people glancing at each other with a circular aisle between them. 

The BGM could be ‘on the other side of the mountain, there is a pervert, who keeps trying to capture me...’

What on earth!

Shi Sheng startled, Mu Bai began to move the moment she looked away.

He turned around and headed upstairs. The people behind him followed him right away. The majestic grandeur of the team made everyone around them to move aside for them unconsciously. 

“Pretentious.” Ye Jian snorted. 

“Do you know that his original name is not Mu Bai?” Shi Sheng blurted out out of blue. 

Ye Jian did not understand right away, “What?”

“Nothing.” this retard would not understand her anyway. 

“Eh Liu Sheng Ge, you can’t just say half of the sentence without continuing the other half, don’t you know that’s very immoral?”

“You won’t understand even if I say it.”

Ye Jian realized it right off the bat this time, “are you insulting my IQ?”

“No!” Shi Sheng answered with a straight face, “I’m insulting you as a person.”

Ye Jian,”...” It’s impossible to court her! System, I want to change my target!
Mu Bai was a name he took up when he was 13. Due to the technology during that time was not well-developed, Shi Sheng had to spend a long time managing to dig this out. 

Before changing his name, Mu Bai… 

He was not smart, quite oppositely, he was rather dumb. 

There were rumors that the Mu Family was planning to give up on this son. 

However, just when he turned 13, he suddenly became normal. 

There were three possibilities to this situation - 

Firstly, Mu Bai was reborn. 

Secondly, Mu Bai transmigrated to here.

Thirdly, enlightenment dawned on him. 

Based on the fact that he changed his name, Shi Sheng was sure about the second scenario. 

This plot is like a big mish-mash!

Other than that, there was another plot hole she did not quite get. 

However, if it was the same as what she had in mind, then it would be very interesting. 

Shi Sheng went to a pet store, which Ye Jian did not understand why someone with a violent tendency like her would want to get a pet. 

Is this some sort of fantasy story?

Ye Jian had to believe that she was indeed trying to get a pet when Shi Sheng came back with a puppy. 
“Liu Sheng Ge, are you sure you’re not buying it just to eat it?” Ye Jian sympathized with the puppy. He wondered if the puppy could survive a kick from her. 

“I prefer to eat human meat.” Shi Sheng opened up the boot of her car to throw the puppy in. 

Ye Jian, “...” Say that again, and you’ll be treated as a lunatic.

“Catch him, catch him! He's a thief, he got my bag!”

An extremely slim person was dashing through the crowd rapidly, heading in Shi Sheng’s direction. Behind him was a lady screaming with all her might. 

Shi Sheng suddenly shut the boot, prepared to return the puppy to the store. 
Ye Jian looked at her with question marks on his face.