A moving truck in order to avoid hitting the thief crashed into Shi Sheng's car in a panic.

Well done!

Another car busted

There was a massive crowd at the pet store. The whole road was blocked due to the crash. The crowd was in chaos, and the thief seized the chance to escape.

Ye Jian was confused as he could not figure out what happened even after some time.

Does Liu Sheng Ge have an automatic alert function?

Shi Sheng inspected through the crowd before locking on a silhouette. She stuffed the puppy into Ye Jian's arms and dashed at the silhouette.

Zhang Ju swore that he did not want to meet Shi Sheng, the lunatic at all.

However, this lunatic would not even let him take a break on his day off.
He was only there to purchase dog food with his wife. Why would he get into this mess, and this lunatic just had to spot him.

"Zhang Ju, what a coincidence." Shi Sheng dragged a girl to Zhang Ju.

Zhang Ju laughed awkwardly, "Miss Liu, what are you…"

Did this young lady madden you? Look at how frightened she is; this is so inhumane.

"I suspect that she's trying to kill me." Shi Sheng pushed the girl in Zhang Ju's direction.

Zhang Ju,"..."

Hello, is this the police department? I want to file a report; we have a lunatic here, please come here immediately.

In the original host's memory, she was utterly familiar with this girl standing in front of her.

Dong Wan.

This is the real lunatic, okay?
Ye Jian stood behind Shi Sheng without a word; he knew Dong Wan too. He had zero ideas on why the author would arrange such a character for the male lead.

Dong Wan looked at Zhang Ju with teary eyes; she seemed wronged and innocent.
Zhang Ju's wife was conquered by Wan Don's demeanor immediately; she told Shi Sheng, "This lady, please be civilized. Why would this young lady try to harm you? You can't accuse her out of nowhere."

Zhang Ju tugged his wife secretly, hinting her to stop talking with his eyes.

Do you think this lady is the same as the other young ladies out there?

"Why are you glaring at me! I didn't say anything wrong. Aren't you police are all about evidence? She came out of nowhere to accuse this young lady of trying to kill her. Isn't this a persecutory delusion? Look at this young lady; she's without the strength to truss a chicken. How is she going to harm her?" Madam Zhang did not appreciate the painstaking efforts of Zhang Ju; she refuted even louder.

Wan Dong nodded her head right away, with her tears falling off her face, "This lady just grabbed me out of nowhere; I don't even know what's going on."

Shi Sheng rolled her eyes and reached towards Dong Wan to search for her body.

"What're you doing!" Wan Dong screamed with shock while pushing Shi Sheng's hand away.

Shi Sheng held onto Wan Dong and searched her body forcibly.
"Help! Don't you touch me. Someone's molesting me!" Wan Ding pushed Shi Sheng with anger and wrath. However, Wan Dong could not compete with Shi Sheng's strength at all.

"Hey, you!" Madam Zhang wanted to stop Shi Sheng.

Shi Sheng glared at her coldly, and Madam Zhang was stunned on the ground immediately. Zhang Ju hurriedly pulled her back to him.

Shi Sheng discovered a syringe from the pocket of Wan Dong's sweatshirt shortly. There was some liquid in the syringe.

Dong Wan's face turned pale for a second but was quick to switch back to her pitiful face, "I don't know what this is."

Shi Sheng ignored Dong Wan and waved the syringe in front of Zhang Ju, "Zhang Ju."

Zhang Ju's face was dark, nothing good will happen whenever I meet her.

I want to have my day off!
Zhang Ju brought them to the police station. The lab results were out soon; there was a highly lethal poison in the syringe. By injecting one of this syringe, whoever that had never done drugs before would die immediately.
Wan Dong even dared to commit murder; her mental construction could not be compared with an average person. She presented herself as wronged and innocent throughout the interview, saying that she had no idea where the syringe came from.

Most importantly, there were no Dong Wan's fingerprints on the syringe.

The police went through Wan Dong's social media, and it showed that she was as typical as an ordinary student. There was not anything that stood out.
Zhang Ju reported the findings to Shi Sheng; Shi Sheng sitting with one leg in the air, looked at Madam Zhang in consternation.

Shi Sheng looked away and responded quietly, "you can take a look at her home."

"Maybe there'll be serendipitous discovery!" Ye Jian added on with the puppy in his arms.
It was no big deal to search for a suspect who had drugs with them. Hence, the search warrant was approved shortly. Zhang Ju brought the whole team to investigate her home.

The results of the search were striking.
They discovered much medical equipment in Wan Dong's home, and some had blood on them. Furthermore,  there were human remains in her fridge.

"Are you Conan?" Zhang Ju gnashed his teeth while glaring at Shi Sheng, someone will always die whenever she is!

"You may call me the ambassador of the grim reaper." Shi Sheng smiled faintly.

Being a weeaboo is a mental illness too! Someone needs to cure her!

Ah! My off day!

Zhang Ju was mad; he hurriedly requested to form a special task force.

Shi Shen was chased out of the police station, it is better not to have this lunatic stay here.

"Liu Sheng Ge, did you take care of Dong Wan just like that?" Ye Jian was a little confused as this was happening too fast.

Look at other people's comebacks; they usually went through a ton of hardships, okay?

"She has to reap what she sowed." Shi Sheng flipped her fringes handsomely, her tone changed in the next second, "How can you compare me to a retard?" Your father, I have a goal of the sea of stars.

Which is to sleep with Feng Chi.

Dong Wan was merely one of the female leads, and her script immunity was not as strong as the main female lead. It was a piece of cake to take care of her.

Wait a minute; she might have forgotten something.

Shi Sheng looked at the parking lot.
My car!

Who's going to pay for it!?

Since Shi Sheng's items were in the car, she had to get them by herself. However, when she got back to the crime scene, her car was already towed away. By the time she arrived at the municipal bureau, she had sawed her car had been turned over.

The worker told her that her car fell off from the top while the machine was exiting the hallway.

Shi Sheng did not say a word.

That damned luck points!

There was nothing Shi Sheng could do other than went back to the shopping mall.

It was already dark by the time Shi Sheng went back home.
Han Xiao was holding her phone when she saw Shi Sheng come in. She went up to her immediately, "Chairman Liu, why didn't you pick up my calls?"

Shi Sheng put down the items and waved her hand, "my phone eloped with my car."


Your car and your phone?

Chairman Liu, what are you talking about?!
"Aow… aow…"

Han Xiao looked at the bag Shi sheng brought, a white, fluffy creature arching out of it.

"Chairman Liu… that's a… puppy…"

"Haven't you seen a puppy before?" Shi Sheng took out the puppy and shoved it into her arms.

Han Xiao carried the fluffy creature in her arms, and it was still warm.
Ahhh, it's really a puppy!!

And it’s alive!

"Chairman Liu, are we going to keep it?"

Shi Sheng glanced at, seeing the anticipation brimming in her eyes, okay, okay, we'll keep it!

"Not me. You're going to take care of it by yourself. If it causes any trouble, I'll strangle it to death."

Han Xiao clutched onto the dog tightly immediately and stepped back.
Shi Sheng wanted to scold her, but she held back finally.
She pushed all of the boxes next to her to Han Xiao, with a calm tone, "Happy birthday."

Han Xiao, “!!!” Today is my birthday?

When she thought about it, it was indeed her birthday.

When Han Xiao went back to open up her presents later, her face was flushed when she saw the gifts.

This morning when she was doing the laundry, she noticed that her bra was broken, so she tossed it away. She remembered that Chairman Liu might have coincidentally passed by her, but she did not expect that she would buy for her that night.
Ah! I want to marry Chairman Liu!

I want to give birth to her babies!