Due to the evidence being definite, Dong Wan's case was cracked in a short time.

Later on, the police found out that she was related to the death of Siow Ling Long.
Dong Wan claimed that she had a mental illness. After being examined by the hospital, they confirmed her claim which she had intermittent psychosis. According to the crime scene investigation, Dong Wan needed to bear the criminal responsibility of taking care of the corpse rationally after she murdered her and a purposeful well-prepared murder.
Due to the sinister nature of the crime, Dong Wan was sentenced to life imprisonment.
The only thing she could watch for the rest of her life was probably the prison.
Shi Sheng was suspecting something about Dong Wan. Siow Ling Long's death was not something Dong Wan was capable of, but for some reason, Dong Wan could spell out all the details.

This matter had nothing to do with her. Shi Sheng was merely curious, and she did not question it. She felt unconcerned about things that did not affect her and let them rest.
Ye Feng did not expect that he had slept with a crazy murderer. His frail mental state made him unable to shut his eyes for a few days. When he was finally asleep, a soft noise snapped his eyes wide open.

He made eye contact with a pair of murderous eyes.

"It's you!" Ye Feng screamed in shock, and his cracked voice seemed utterly ear-piercing in the dark.

That person pressed against his chest rapidly, with a sharp knife against his neck, "long time no see, Ye Feng."

The lady's softness was pressing against, but Ye Feng could not feel any warmth at all.

"Are you here to kill me?" This chick had used him previously, and now she wanted to kill him.
The lady drew closer to Ye Feng, exhaled in his ear, "If I accept other people's money, then I must remove ill fortune for them. Someone wants to know your secret."

Ye Feng's mind was blown wide open.

Someone wants his secret?
What was his secret?

It was the software that pooped out of nowhere on his phone.
"Seeing that we had fun in bed, I won't kill you if you tell me your secret." The lady sat next to Ye Feng, stroking his body with her fingers.
Ye Feng had a body that was not bad, it felt great to the hands, some more he was excellent in bed, which woman did not like a man who was good in bed?

"I don't know what you're talking about." He could not let anyone know his secret. That was his only chance to make a comeback.

Ye Feng's sight was to his phone unconsciously. The lady sneered before knocking Ye Feng out.

She took over his phone and used his fingerprint to unlock it.

There were not many applications on the phone, 'How to Be a Self Made Billionaire' was a weird name. It even had an odd icon.
The lady launched the software. Her brows furrowed initially. After swiping around swiftly, her iris flashed with a hint of an oddity when she saw the topics of a few completed missions.

She already got the hint that this was the item she was looking for before she came here.

Ye Feng was able to earn that much money with such software?

After pondering for some time, she realized that this was the only way that made sense why he could earn so much money in such a short time.
The lady glanced at the man in the bed and did not kill him at the end. After all, without this software, he had no way of making a comeback.
As the lady was about to leave, a red glint flashed in front of her eyes.

She saw the red bracelet on the cabinet.
After hesitating for a few seconds, the lady took the bracelet and erased her traces. She left softly as she came.
The lady passed the phone to the buyer.

The buyer looked at the items on the software, at first he did not understand, but when he saw the completed missions, he got it right away.

"Ha ha ha, good job, Ying." The buyer praised the lady with a broad smile. Her code name was Ying.

Ying stroked the Lucky on her wrist and asked, "When are you going to pay me?"

"Right away, right away." The buyer ordered someone to get the check.


A message popped out on the screen.

"Mission failed, a penalty will be imposed, the account will be unbound. "
The screen turned black for about three seconds.

By the time the phone was restarted, the software was nowhere to be found.

The buyer could not find the software after searching through the phone for a long time, he even tried restarting the phone again, but the software was gone.

"Why did the software disappear?" The buyer stood up agitatedly, questioning Ying loudly.

Ying took over the phone and look. The software was indeed gone.
"This has nothing to do with me. I've already done my mission. You have to pay for me." Ying put down the phone, stared at the buyer.

The buyer was worked up at the moment. There was no way that he would pay her.

Those two were about to get into a catfight.

In the end, the buyer somehow saw the bracelet on Ying's wrist and jumped into manic mode out of nowhere, "Kill her!"

"Shoot!" Ying cussed in rage, hastily looking for something to shelter herself.
However, the place was quite empty, and there were people all around. The moment she moved, bullets were coming at her in all directions.
The ear-piercing gut shots were resounding in that area.

After a short while.

The gunshots stopped.
Ying's body was on the ground. Fresh blood was bleeding out from her body slowly, staining the bracelet on her wrist.

Like the color and the shade of blood, the bracelet seemed to get brighter.

Ye Feng was unable to recover after losing the software. When he realized that he could not live like a human, that was after a long time.
And after that, he could not succeed in anything he did. No matter which job he was doing, he could not last more than three days.
There was a news report later on-

#The formerly typhoon whose future seemed to be unlimited sank to be a hobo. A snake cannot be turned into a dragon after all.#

The next time Shi Sheng heard of Ye Feng's news again, it was from Zhang Ju's call.

Ye Feng was drowned to death.

He got the software that made him soar up into the sky from drowning. After he lost the software, he was drowned to death.
It all started with water.

Also ended with water.

"Do you think that the author has something against the male lead?" Ye Jian asked Shi Sheng, looking weird.

Look at the chicks the author arranged for the male lead. Which one of them is normal?

Alright, the normal one died a miserable death.

He or she must be full of malicious intent.

Shi Sheng glanced at Ye Jian, "You still have the courting task?"
Ye Jian got gloomy when he heard that, "of course, why'd you think that I like to hang out with you so much? Right now, I'm a god-like typhoon. I can spend however I like. Who doesn't like this kind of life?"
"Then you'll never complete this mission." Shi Sheng's lips curved into a smile.


Shi Sheng smiled faintly, "Because I like someone else."

She went to look for other villains, and all of them were not Feng Ci.

Feng Ci was not in this world.
"You have a crush on someone? Who is it? Is it Mu Bai?" He was relatively quiet recently. Even if they met him, he would not do anything.
That was very strange.
Before Shi Sheng could answer, Ye Jian shook his head, "no way, wrong. You would never like Mu Bai. Then who did you like? Whoever that is, he's quite unlucky, to have you as an admirer."
"My gosh!" Ye Jian jumped away quickly, "Liu Sheng Ge. No one would want someone as violent as you! Who can tolerate that!"

"Don't worry. Someone would want me." Shi Sheng continued to slash her metal sword.
Ye Jian quickly escaped outside. The corner of his lips twitched when he saw the empty trunk. He promptly got into his car and left.

He would prostrate himself in admiration if someone wanted her.

Thank God someone wants this lunatic!