A charity gala.

The government held this charity gala to donate to the children in the earthquake-stricken mountain areas.

Zhang Ju, who was promoted as the city director, had to attend this gala naturally.

Zhang Ju heard someone shouting behind him as he was about to enter the hall.
"Wait a minute, Liu Sheng Ge. There isn't a ghost chasing behind you. Why are you walking so fast? You're a lady. Can you walk in a more ladylike manner?"

He turned around to see Shi Sheng was walking swaggering towards him, and it indeed was not ladylike.

"Zhang Ju, here for the charity gala?" Shi Sheng stopped in front of Zhang Ju, "Did you bring enough money this time?"

"..." He did not want to see her at all, "Miss Liu, did you manage to make a comeback?"

"Well, I'm definitely richer than you." Shi Sheng grinned arrogantly.

Zhang Ju, "..." As upright and honest police, what's wrong with being poor!

What's wrong with that!

Zhang Ju headed into the hall sulky.

Shi Sheng shrugged and followed him.

"Isn't that Liu Sheng Ge? I haven't seen her for a long time..."

"What's up with the rumors that someone is keeping her? Where's the follow-up?"
"Are you living under a rock? Who cares about who she's being kept by when there were so many murder cases. Liu Sheng Ge is quite unfortunate. First, her company was gone, then she got involved in murder cases."

"Now that the truth has come to light, is Liu Sheng Ge being kept by someone or not?"

"Who knows, not that we get to see her getting close with anyone."

Ye Jian walked to those who were chatting away, "Am I not anyone?"

"Aren't'... you Liu Sheng Ge's myrmidon?" someone reckoned Ye Jian for a while and responded.



He was her myrmidon?!

Why would there be such a handsome and rich myrmidon like him?

You bunch of blind folks!

I'm so angry!

Liu Sheng Ge, come and chop up some people for you daddy, I!

"He…" Someone laughed faintly behind Ye Jian.

"Chairman Mu."

"Greetings, Chairman Mu."
Mu Bai nodded slightly as a greeting to the others. These people exchanged glances with each other and left there quickly for Mu Bai and Ye Jian.

Ye Jian turned his head to glare at Mu Bai. You think you're so great just because some people know you?

"She's hard to deal with, isn't it?" Mu Bai asked softly.

Ye Jian's brows furrowed. Why does he sound happy to my misfortune?
"Good luck." Mu Bai probably wanted to tap on his shoulder, but he backed off halfway reaching towards him. He then proceeded to go in with his men.

Ye Jian, "..."

What’s wrong with him?

One of the traditions of charity gala - charity auction.

Which was to give a title to those who donated.

Since everyone wanted an excellent reputation, naturally, they would not be stingy in dumping their money for charity.
Shi Sheng coincidentally sat next to Zhang Ju again. Ye Jian was seated on her other side, one minute raising Shi Sheng's number, the next minute raising his own, he was busy having fun by himself.
"Liu Sheng Ge still got money?" The bankrupt chairman dares to come to this auction? I've never seen such an unaware broke chairman. She must have taken the wrong script!
"I reckon she's living a good life. Maybe she is kept by someone. Tsk… this is the benefit of being good looking, even when she's bankrupt, there are still people who want her."
"He… That has to be a decent man too. What if he was a married man? Wouldn't she be the mistress that destroys others' families? Being so good looking is still a vixen."

Zhang Ju overheard the whispering behind them from time to time.

Although he did not like Shi Sheng, this lunatic, the people behind them were too harsh.

"Aren't you angry?" Zhang Ju asked.
"What?" Shi Sheng was clueless. When she heard that people behind them talked about how shameless she was, she was suddenly enlightened, "arguing with retards will only drop my status. There are always people jealous of someone like me. I am already used to it."

Zhang Ju, "..." She even said it with a proud face. Fine, you win!

Being judged by people all the time, isn't that unbearable?

It was certainly better to be upright and honest police.

The charity ended smoothly.

But something happened at the party after.

Someone was dead in an enclosed restroom.

Zhang Ju looked at Shi Sheng. He was driven to madness.

"The grim reaper keeps following me. I can't help it." Shi Sheng spread her hands innocently.

"I never want to see you again!" Zhang Ju said that before heading to the restroom upstairs.
As he was heading up, a silhouette went downstairs along with the crowd. A faint red glint flashed on their wrist. They brushed by Zhang Ju.

Shi Sheng knew that Mu Bai was following her closely after some time. Shi Sheng tested a few times, but she noticed that Mu Bai was smarter than the other retards. He was like a crafty rabbit with three burrows and always had more than one plan to fall back on.

Mu Bai did not take any action on her until she left the dimension.
But Shi Sheng always thought that the episodes she encountered in the later period had something to do with that man. However, she did not have evidence, and she also did not manage to catch him.

Later on, Mu Bai even went overseas, did not show his face at all.

Ye Jian, that moron, his mission has a time limit, and once the time limit was up, he would die naturally.

Before he left, he even told Shi Sheng to meet him when she was free.
As if we would meet again!
They were from a different world.

It was as empty as usual when Shi Sheng went back to the system space.
She plodded to the screen slowly, placed her palm on the edge of the screen.

"Why isn't Feng Ci in this dimension?"
"System, where did you hide my Feng Ci?"

[Host, you're the one that cut off your connection, I can't connect to you too.]

Shi Sheng wasn't sure if it was her illusion, but for some reason, she felt like the system was taking joy in her calamity.

[...] That's impressive, my host. You can sense my happiness from my electronic voice.

"What's up with that Mu Bai?" She changed her question.
[...] The system kept quiet for a long time. The data was jumping rapidly on the screen. [Incapable for detection.]

"Oh?" Shi Sheng tilted her head, looking at the screen cryptically.

[...] The system panicked. Why is it undetectable? Master, faster come back, I think I'm sick!

The system searched a few times, but there were no results.
Shi Sheng took out her tablet, checked the system's database. Everything seemed normal… but some data were restricted for her to see.
Shi Sheng kept the tablet, let the system showed her information.
Name: Shi Sheng
Personality points: -272000
Life points: 30

Accumulated points: 31000
Mission rank: A
Mission points: 79

Hidden mission: incompleted

Rewards of hidden mission: none

Tools bar: 'The Crown of the Queen', 'The Heart of the Demon King', 'Dark Night'.

Shi Sheng:"..." why did you deduct so many personality points?
    your hidden mission. Although the Heart of Angel was sent to the museum, Lucky was out there. Many died because of this.]
Is this my fault?
Am I a rubbish bin?

[This is calculated.. According to the system data.] Why are you so fierce? It is just calculating according to the data.

Master, the host is abusing the system; I miss you, please faster come back!