The moment Shi Seng opened her eyes, she saw a few people standing in front of her, using all sorts of dazzling lights smashing on her.
"She's about to unparalyzed."

"Everyone, use your ultimate skill!"

They shouted some phrases simultaneously. Then Shi Sheng saw the skills bar on their heads...

<i> Video games?

My gosh!

It looks so realistic. Is this holographic? </i>

Shi Sheng,"..." It was not the time to talk about this now, these people were trying to kill her!

Shi Sheng drew her sword instinctively, but she took out a weird scepter instead. The scepter was in silver color, with two dragons entwining from the bottom up to the top, where the dragons' heads were right at the top with their mouths wide opened and a transparent bead right in the middle.
Shi Sheng could feel that those people opposite her got excited when she took out the scepter. Their skills bars were about to complete, a vast array of light poured down at her.
Shi sheng held up the scepter instinctively, the light hit on the scepter and scattered in all directions, hitting on them, annihilating them in minutes.

After the light was gone, only corpses lay on the ground in front of Shi Sheng.

[World] You'll Suffer: Our group is totally annihilated again.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around: The Shadow Clan players didn't even try to fight her. Getting annihilated by her is not unusual.
[World] A man's True Colours: "members of Dreamt About Xi Tang, didn't you say this time you'll definitely triumph over her? Look at you getting slapped in the face by yourself, ha ha ha!"

[World] A Ray of Sunshine: "don't just sit there and criticize us, come defeat her yourself if you're so great!"
Shi Sheng looked at the bars of chats floated through the sky. Her mouth twitched. If she did not see it wrongly, You'll Suffer was the man lying in front of her.

<i> So what on earth is she?

Is she an NPC?

What?! What kind of grievance does an NPC have? </i>

Shi Sheng searched around and drew out her property bar.
Nickname: Hua Meng Meng (NPC)
Level: 80

Identity: Master of Shen Jue Palace
Martial power points: 56524
  Chivalry points: 0
Prestige points: 1563

Equipment: Moonshadow Scepter (droppable), Netherworld Water (droppable), Jade Rivulet Mist Dress…
The equipment column was blinding Shi Sheng. They were all level 70-80 equipment. However, not all were droppable, only the Moon Shadow Scepter, Netherworld Water, and some of her costumes.
Shi Sheng obtained some information from the players' chats.

She was the biggest boss from the current update. At this moment, the highest level the players could get was only 80.

Whoever defeated her could obtain Moon Shadow Scepter. This scepter was considered a legendary weapon. There was only one of it in every server. It could be upgraded later on. It was a type of upgradeable weapon.

Shi Sheng reckoned the scepter, <i> it's so ugly.
Where's my sword? </i>

Shi Sheng looked at the people who were still lying on the ground. Since it was just a game…
A hint of a sinister smile crossed her face, the people chattering on the ground were suddenly alerted.

[Nearby] You'll Suffer, "master, master, don't you think it suddenly become chilly?"

The players could not talk to each other after they died. They could only chat through the chatbox.

[Nearby] A Ray of Sunshine, "Little Suffer, how did you play games until you can feel something in real life?"

[Nearby]Majestic Presence, "master you have zero sense of reality, can't feel what we're feeling. Ha ha ha!"

[Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "for your information,  I'm still your clan master."

[Near] You'll Suffer, "ha ha ha, master is too dumb."
[Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "do you think I won't delete my account and restart the whole game."

[Nearby] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "give me the position of the clan master then." :帮主的位置给我。

[Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "wow, you guys are real 'good', keeping your eyes on my clan master throne. Guess what. I'll never delete my account!"

As they were chattering away, Shi Sheng had already stopped in front of their bodies, searching for something in her equipment column. She deserved to be called as the big boss, with so many droppable items.
[Nearby] You'll Suffer, "Woah, Hua Meng Meng came here, what's she trying to do?"
[Nearby] Itinerant Novice Wolf, "it definitely won't be something nice."

This game was infamously psychopathic. Not only the players could troll the NPCs, but the NPCs could prank the players as well.

Other than posting missions and dropping equipment, the NPCs were almost no different from the players. They could even accept missions.

The players had a love-hate relationship with this feature.
Shi Sheng wondered why they did not return to the point after they died or use their equipment. What were they trying to do by lying on the ground chattering away.

She would not ask such an idiotic question, it would make her seemed like an idiot, so she decided to take revenge.

There was a few equipment for trolling. Of course, to ensure the players' mental health, it would not be too gory.
Shi Sheng picked the slightly obscene one, stripping their clothes.
[Announcement] Hua Meng Meng used Equipment [not wearing one thread] on Player [Majestic Presence].
[Announcement] Hua Meng Meng used Equipment [not wearing one thread] on Player [You'll Suffer].
[Announcement] …

Players from all servers could see the announcement floating over on top.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around, "Hua Meng Meng?"
[World] Your Daddy is Online, "isn't Hua Meng Meng the master of Shen Jue Palace? I can't believe she just used not wearing one thread on those from Dreamt About Xi Tang."
[World] A Man's True Colours, "what did those people of Dreamt About Xi Tang do to Hua Meng Meng until she used this equipment on her. Hahaha."
At the same time, players of Dreamt About Xi Tang.

[Nearby]Majestic Presence, "did Hua Meng Meng give full play to her animal disposition, trying to force us to ooxx?"

[Nearby] A Ray of Sunshine, "the company hasn't released such feature, right? Hua Meng Meng, gosh, at least leave me my underwear!"

Shi Sheng left after the men lying on the ground were left with nothing but their underwear.

[Nearby] You'll Suffer, "Mua Meng Meng is leaving!"

[Nearby] Majestic Presence, "master, faster use your charm to seduce her." :老大快用你的美色迷住她。

[Nearby] A Ray of Sunshine, "I'm still laying on the ground."

As Shi Sheng was leaving that place, the [Nearby] chats disappeared.
The map was quite large. Shi Sheng had to walk for some time to see a palace. There were guards with swords guarding at the outside of the palace.

When they saw her come back, they immediately bent over to salute her. The doors of the palace opened quietly.

Shi Sheng headed into the palace calmly and closed the door after she entered the palace.

The palace was empty. Nothing was happening in there.

Shi Sheng found a somewhat safe spot and began to accept the plot.

This was a holographic online game arc.

This game's name was [Chaotic World]. It was also the first holographic online game.
The female lead was Le Jin. She was a novice to this game, and she had absolutely no idea of what was going on in the game. However, her account number was a lucky number, and it had a lucky bonus. No matter the droppable rate of defeating a monster or the success rate of completing a mission, it would increase up to 50 percent for her.
After she entered the game, the female coincidentally met an expert with the username 'A Lifetime of Peace'. When he confessed his feelings to her and used her as an excuse, so the novice female lead suddenly became the public enemy of this area.
Her level was not high in the first place, and she was slaughtered back to level zero.

It was worth mentioning, by the way, that this game did not have the feature of a novice protection period.
Because of this, the female lead held a lot of resentment towards the expert, but the expert promised to guide the female lead to level up. He even sent the message that if anyone were to lay a finger on the female lead, they would not be on good terms with him.

This expert, with such a dominating demeanor, was naturally the male lead, Liang Bing.