Basically, this was a story where a novice player proclaimed herself as the game's hegemon by clinging on an expert player and through his skills.
Then how was this related to her, as an NPC?
There was a massive deal between these two!
The male lead, Liang Bing, and the female lead, Le Jin, were siblings in the name. Liang Bing's father married Le Jin's mother. Hence they were under the same household.
Due to the plot, Le Jin turned into a vegetative state. Liang Bing realized that he liked Le Jin after she turned into that state. Hence, he was trying to wake Le Jin up.

That was why the game [Chaotic World] was created.
Liang Bing wanted to make Le Jin lived in the game, hoping that she might wake up because of this game. And it was proven that Liang Bing did it.
Le Jin really appeared in the game with the identity of a player.
In order to research into such a project, a sacrifice was definitely involved.
Hua Meng Meng was the sacrifice.
She was a vegetable too. She was the first living test subject to conduct experiments. Obviously, there would be many problems encountered in the first experiment.
Hua Meng Meng did not appear in the game as a player. Instead, she became an NPC.
The research team did not discover anyone in the novice village and assumed that she had failed and abandoned her. But for some reason, her mind was always there. It was saved in the NPC's body, Hua Meng Meng.
However, the game was not released during that period, Hua Meng Meng did not see anyone, she also did not know where she was.
She had no idea how long she had stayed in the palace. Outside was pitch black. The only emotions she felt were apprehensive and scared.
Until the game was released, the map was discovered by the players, there was some scenery outside.

Hua Meng Meng walked out curiously, but she got beaten up by someone before she could take a good look at the outside situation.

NPC did not have sensory perceptions, but getting hit by someone out of nowhere, Hua Meng Meng's instinct reaction was to fight back.
This NPC was set to be high and mighty. Although Hua Meng Meng did not know how to play the game, she defeated them entirely with almost zero effort.
Later on, Hua Meng Meng knew that she was in a game and apprehended that she was still in the original world. She wanted to ask for help to relay a message. She wanted her parents to save her.
The players thought that it was the game setting and asked all around the world.
The male lead saw this coincidently. The male lead went to meet Hua Meng Meng and confirmed that she was the first experiment subject. He promised to bring her out of the game in exchange for her not telling anyone about this matter.

At that moment, Hua Meng Meng wanted to get out of the game at all cost, plus the male lead was good looking, the young lady who was awakened by love for the first time accepted the offer immediately.
She followed the male lead's instructions and played an excellent role as the NPC, Hua Meng Meng. But in the end, she ended up waiting for nothing but the collapse of the entire map.

She was somehow selected to be an experiment subject and got destroyed out of nowhere. There was no way Hua Meng Meng would not have grievances.

Hua Meng Meng had two wishes.

The first was to return to her human body.

Secondly, she wanted to know why Liang Bing reneged on her promise and destroyed her.
In the plot, the female lead basically did not do anything. The male lead did all of this behind her back. If it were not for Hua Meng Meng's memories, who would know what kind of immoral things the male lead had done?

This Liang Bing was quite psychopathic.

Willing to perform such a twisted human experiment just to save the female lead.
It did not matter in which dimension, performing human experimentation was to be condemned. The male lead chose to destroy Hua Meng Meng because he was either afraid that Hua Meng Meng might leak some information after being out of the game or something happened to the female lead.
But at the end of the plot, the female lead was married to the male lead in real life, with kids. Hence, the reason why he did that was to be determined.

The timestamp of her reaching here was right after the map was discovered by some player.

The players were forming groups to defeat her to get her equipment to up level.
Shi Sheng took out the scepter from before. That was her first droppable weapon. Before she dropped it, it belonged to her.
The boss of this game…

Very well, let's abuse the players and break up a couple on our way!

[World] A Lifetime of Peace, "Le Jin is my woman, my woman. Whoever lays a finger on her, I'll kill them every time I see them."

By the time Shi Sheng tidied up her equipment, this sentence had floated above her head.

The plot was already halfway for her, but it was the beginning for the female lead.

What a poor cannon fodder that could not live through three episodes.

[World] The Great July, "take a photo with me, daddy!"

[World] July's Skirt, "daddy, you're trashing the game again."

[World] July's Underwear, "Swiping July"
[World] July's Socks, "Update."
[World] July's Jacket, "Update."

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "who's Le Jin? How did she manage to make the expert go to the world channel?"
[World] A Man's True Colors, "Le Jin? I saw that player yesterday. It was a nobody. How did a nobody get involved with someone like him?"
More and more players were getting onto the world channel. A Lifetime of Peace's message was quick to be drowned by the other chats.

Shi Sheng hopped into the world channel, tried to try a message, and hit the send button.

A pop-up window bounced out.
'Insufficient coins, please top-up.'

Shi Sheng, "..." NPC wanting to speak also need coins, trying to earn from one of their own people, this was too much!

The palace opened silently, an NPC with the line Shen Jue Palace Crowd on top of his head ran into the palace.

Shi Sheng, "..." What on earth is a palace crowd?

"Palace Master, there are players outside."
Shi Sheng furrowed her brows, she remembered that her battle could only be activated thrice in a day before she was defeated. She was pretty sure that she had been started the third time today?

so, how did the players get in?

"How many are there?"


There were five players in a team and ten players in a group.
This is a bug, alright!

They can only defeat her by forming a team, okay? How come they can create a group?

"Let's go and have a look." Shi Sheng waved her sleeves domineering. However, the sleeve was too big, and it was the elegant floating type. By waving it, the clothes were all over Shi Sheng's face.

What about the promise that I get to act cool?
Shi Sheng brushed away those layers of clothing that were still in the air, took off her outerwear, and picked a suitable set of clothes for fighting from her equipment.
Shi Sheng walked out of the hall. There were many underlings with the nicknames of 'Shen Jue Palace Crowd' at the gate. A few players were slaying the mobs at the piazza on the other side of the palace.

Shi Sheng was familiar with some of them.

They were the players that chatted on the ground after they died.
A Ray of Sunshine was the clan master of Dreamt About Xi Tang. You'll Suffer, Itinerant Novice Wolf and Majestic Presence were the members of Dreamt About Xi Tang.
The other players were from the other clan.

These players were quick at slaying the mobs and dashed at Shi Sheng right after they killed them all. They began to use their techniques without a word.

Shi Sheng took out her scepter.

"Hua Meng Meng is taking out her scepter, what! I thought she would only use that when she's about to die?"

The moment the scepter was drawn, there was an explosion on the other side.

"Watch your health bars. We will charge through there." A Ray of Sunshine ordered rapidly.
The members of Dreamt About Xi Tang followed A Ray of Sunshine right away under the other players' protection and arrived at the staircase beneath Shi Sheng.

However, as they got to stand upright before using any technique, they were obliterated simultaneously.