The crowd could only watch their men lying on the ground.
"The Palace Master will command and conquer the world for thousands of years."

"The Palace Master will command and conquer the world for thousands of years."
"The Palace Master..."

The Shen Jue Palace Crowd raised their arms and cheered, chanting the slogan uniformly.  

Gosh! What kind of developer designed this line.
I'm not the Unbeatable of the East.

Shi Sheng walked to A Ray of Sunshine. This holographic game's character design was adjusted according to their own appearance, after some minor adjustment.

    A Ray of Sunshine seemed to be pretty good looking. Judging from his equipment, he probably was a paid player.

Which is a good target to rob!
She was too poor to say anything in the world channel at the moment.
"Hey!" Shi Sheng squatted, "what are you guys doing by lying on the ground?"
    A Ray of Sunshine was talking to his teammates when he heard a pleasant voice. He looked at Shi Sheng, strange.

Was that a hallucination, or did the boss just speak?
Usually, NPCs would only talk to the players if the players initiated the conversation, so what was the game trying to do by having a boss come and spoke to them out of nowhere?  

"You guys are too weak." Shi Sheng looked at them with disdain.
    [Nearby ]A Ray of Sunshine, "..."

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "..."

    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "..."

    [Nearby]Itinerant Novice Wolf, "..."

Did she come here just to mock us?

This boss is indeed different from the other bosses.

Shi Sheng suddenly reached out to touch A Ray of Sunshine.
A Ray of Sunshine startled with shock.
    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "boss! Please be civilized, have some decency and keep your hands to yourself! I am a player with integrity!"

"I'll use my scepter then." Shi Sheng narrowed her iris.
    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "you can just take liberties with me instead!"

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "master, where's your integrity?"

    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "master is being taken advantage of, hahahaha."

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "A real man must learn to sail in all winds."

Shi Sheng wanted to try something out. She did not expect that this game would be so psychopathic with no border.

Usually, only players could steal from the dead, but this game's settings were different from the other games. Even NPCs could steal from the dead.

 Obviously, A Ray of Sunshine was shocked too.

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "gosh, Hua Meng Meng just stole 100 coins from me. This game is really good at earning money."

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "she can steal from us?"

    [Nearby]Itinerant Novice Wolf, "!?"

    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "return to the most realistic world, I finally understand what this line means."

In this game, the differences between NPC and the players were that NPCs could give out missions and drop equipment.
The other features were totally the same as the players.
Does it mean that they watch out for the NPCs as well?
Shi Sheng tried to steal from everyone, but probably due to her being an NPC, there was a limit. Other than the 100 coins she stole from A Ray of Sunshine, the other items she stole was worthless.

"Tie them up. "Shi Sheng ordered the palace crowd standing at the side.
The palace went up right away and tied up the corpses.
Very well, this game is interesting.

    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "Hua Meng Men, what are you trying to do? "

Shi Sheng thought it was weird that she was talking by herself, she pulled out the chatbox and started typing.
    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "This is a robbery!"

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "..."

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "..."

    [Nearby]Itinerant Novice Wolf, "..."


A bunch of ellipses.

Even NPCs have the function of robbing? Can the players even survive in this game?
    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "everyone, hand over 1000 coins, and I'll let you go for trespassing my territory, cool?"

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "why don't you rob us instead?"

1000 coins were 1000RMB.

    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "didn't I say I'm robbing you?"

[Nearby]Majestic Presence, "master is being retarded again."

    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "is he always this dumb?"

This A Ray of Sunshine had been acting like a retard from the beginning. How did he get to become a clan master?

    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "yeah, he's always like that."

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "that's enough, stop chatting with her, she's robbing us!"

    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "..."

It looks like it's not only the clan master is dumb, the whole clan is dumb too.

    [Nearby]Itinerant Novice Wolf, "our clan master is rich."

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "our clan master is rich. +1"

    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "our clan master is rich. +2"

    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "are you guys letting him be the clan master because he's loaded?"

Shi Sheng felt like she just understood something.

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "I got this position with my capabilities, alright?"

I'm so handsome and cool. There are tons of chicks who are willing to have my babies out there. How is it possible for me to be the clan master just because I'm loaded?
    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "the capability of getting defeated instantly?"

    [Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "..."

This was depressing. How could an NPC roast him so arrogantly?

He was not the only that got slain instantly.
How could she make fun of him only?
    [Nearby] You'll Suffer, "this NPC is much fun compared to other NPCs. Her roasts are so on point, hahaha."

    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "I'm a boss after all."
I'm naturally different from the core.
Of course, no NPCs can compete with me.

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "the forum stated before, there will be many changes after the update. Looks like they had raised the NPC's IQ."

Before that, the NPCs were also smart, but it would not catch up with a human's thinking. Human brains were more superior, after all.
And this was the first holographic intelligent online game. There were many bugs.

Some bored players would purposely chat with the NPCs, causing the NPCs' quotes to flood the screen.
    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "what makes you think that those idiots can create such an intelligent NPC like me?"

Shi Sheng despised sweetly.

Although they were separated by a layer of screen, the players could feel that she was full of disdain.

This NPC is awesome.

You even dare to despise your creator, aren't you afraid that they will destroy you!

This NPC has a death wish!
    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "now shut up and pay up. Or I'll send a message in the world channel to people from Dreamt About Xi Tang to save you."

Right, she's robbing us now. We need to get serious.

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "I don't have money, but you can take my life instead!"

    [Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "are you not already dead?"

where did you get an extra life?
They're indeed a bunch of idiots.

    [Nearby]Majestic Presence, "..."

In the end, they paid the ransom unwillingly. They could not disobey her when they were at her territory. NPCs with intelligence could not be enraged.

Most importantly, they had a loaded clan master. They were not short of money.

As for the other players, although they were not from Dreamt About Xi Tang, A Ray of Sunshine paid for their ransom anyway.

A Ray of Sunshine did not seem bothered by the fact that he just spent ten thousand coins in a mere minute.

But the fact that they got robbed by an NPC.
This was honestly too embarrassing.
No one could know about this.

[Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "why aren't you leaving?"

Shi Sheng noticed that they were still on the ground chatting. What's wrong with them?

[Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "the scenery here is beautiful, we want to stay here and chat for a while, to talk about our dreams."

[Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "oh?"

Shi Sheng lifted up the hem of her dress and sat next to A Ray of Sunshine's corpse.
[Nearby]Hua Meng Meng, "what's your dream?"

[Nearby]A Ray of Sunshine, "to defeat you."