Shi Sheng glared at A Ray of Sunshine with contempt instantly.

A Ray of Sunshine got mad. why did you glare at me again, hmph!

Is my dream not ambitious enough?
Since no one in every server had defeated her before.

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "Is it that easy to defeat me?"
She was not sure if the previous Hua Meng Meng could be defeated easily or not.

But starting from today, she promised that no one could obtain the first defeat from her.
Unless she threw the game.

[Nearby] A Ray of Sunshine, "that's because it's not easy to defeat you."

That was why his dream was ambitious.

Be the first that defeated the boss.

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "so how did you bring so many people here?"

For maps that had not been cleared, it was not open for outsiders unless they were teleported through the instance zones. This A Ray of Sunshine just stayed here without reviving, although he was dead. He must be up to something!

[Nearby] A Ray of Sunshine, "why should I tell you, you're on the company's side."

A Ray of Sunshine was quick to react. He did not get carried away by Shi Sheng.
After spending so much time, all she wanted was to ask him about the bug!

This sort of stuff, of course, he would not spill the beans!

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "your men are here."

A Ray of Sunshine adjusted his sight to see that there were indeed a few people charging towards the mobs at the piazza.

To get into the piazza, they had to get through the mobs. Shi Sheng sat next to A Ray of Sunshine, with her scepter held against his chest.

A Ray of Sunshine was mad angry. How am I going to revive if you put your scepter on me?

Shi Sheng tugged at the corners of her lips and smiled. I'm doing this just to stop you from reviving.

The worst thing about paid players was that they could revive infinitely.
Shi Sheng waited for them to charge in and used a skill on them.
Total decimation.
Every player, "..."
You're not playing according to the rules!
What was up with the developers? They had not even started to attack her. How could she use the ultimate skill! How are they going to win against her at this rate?

[Nearby] Hua Meng Meng, "since you all like it here so much, then you can stay here for a while."

Shi Sheng ordered the palace crowd to tie up the players to the pillar at the piazza. Even if they were to revive, they would still be stuck to the post.

They even tried disconnecting and reconnecting, but they could not leave the pillar.

This became a tragedy to these players.

In the end, A Ray of Sunshine could not take it anymore. They would not gain anything by dragging it.

[Nearby] A Ray of Sunshine:there is a bug in here which as long as someone doesn't leave the instance zone, and if they have a special relationship with someone from the outside, such as a master-apprentice relationship, he can build a new team and send that team in.

They accidentally found this bug, but they did not expect the boss to find out this bug before they could use it to defeat the boss.

At this moment, there were three main cities in Chaotic World.

Xi Ling was the most prosperous out of three.

A Ray of Sunshine brought the members back. On their way back, many players were looking at them weird.

"Too bad it was on the map, I didn't get to screenshot it, or not I would have benefitted so much with this."

"Getting stripped by the boss, hahaha, this gag can last me for a year."

"Look, who's the lady next to A Ray of Sunshine?"

Someone noticed that there was a lady following A Ray of Sunshine. She was extremely good looking. She had that kind of face that would make people fall at first sight.

"I can't see her ID. So pretty, there's no way I haven't heard of her. Is she a new player?"

"Why can't I meet such a pretty player."

"Because you're poor."


[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "madam boss, why aren't you in your palace. Why are you following me?!"

That was right, the lady was Shi Sheng.

After listening to the bug mentioned by A Ray of Sunshine, she used it to escape from her map instead of making a report!

It was mentioned previously that NPC could accept missions. Since she could accept missions, that means that she could form a team too.
So under the mode of a team, Shi Sheng came out from the map with them.

If the boss was not on the map, where should the players who wanted to fight her find her?

[Private] Hua Meng Meng, "the world is so big, I want to go around and show off."

[Private] A Ray of Sunshine, "…"

Why does an NPC like you use internet slang? What are the developers thinking about?
Is showing off something an NPC like you can do? That should be something I do!

A Ray of Sunshine was mentally exhausted. Luckily Shi Sheng left the team when they arrived at Xi Ling City. Nothing was scarier than having a level 80 boss following them.

The moment A Ray of Sunshine and his members reached their base.

A chat floated overhead eerily.

[World] The Great July, "I think I just saw Hua Meng Meng."

Someone replied that after about three seconds.

[World] A Man's True Colors, "are you sure it's not some player's username?"

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "players can't have the same username as NPCs. July, are you sure you saw it correctly?"

No one had cleared Shen Jue Palace yet, why would Hua Meng Meng appear here?

This was unscientific!

[World] July's Underwear, "if he said so, then he won't lie about it. Daddy, will there be a new update today?"

[World] July's Baby, "Daddy, what's your coordinates?"

[World] July's Fire, "daddy, please accept my love!"

[World] Central Air Conditioner, "every time July appears, there would be many fangirls following him. I want fangirls too, is there anyone selling them? Please give me a dozen of them."

[World] The Great July, "it's really Hua Meng Meng! A real, living Hua Meng Meng!"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "that's because I haven't died before."

The world channel became eerily silent for a few seconds because of Shi Sheng's message.

[World] A Man's True Colors, "is this the Hua Meng Meng from Shen Jue Palace?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, “is there a second Hua Meng Meng?”

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "Hua Meng Meng, how did you get out of there? No one had cleared the Shen Jue Palace, right?"

In this game, the NPCs could go around the map, so sometimes, some players would go to the world channel to find an NPC. But for NPCs whose area was not clear could not leave their map.

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "your daddy, I flew out from there."

[World] Looking at Retards, "this Hua Meng Meng is so arrogant."

[World] Pigs are Beautiful, "she seems like a player, NPC's intelligence isn't that high, right? "

They knew that NPCs could chat in the world channel, but talking in the world channel required coins, and NPCs were basically penniless. So, where did Hua Meng Meng's coins come from?
Was she not an imposter?

[World] A Man's True Colors, "Hua Meng Meng, do you dare to announce your coordinates?"

[World] Hua Meng Meng, "why? So that you want to worship me?"

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "the developers are not bad! They dare to release an NPC like this. This NPC can entertain me for a year!"

Shi Sheng was watching the female lead getting abused at the outskirts of Xi Ling City at the moment.
While taunting other players.
This was a self-cultivation of a boss.

There was a player next to her with the ID 'The Great July'. He was the player that had fangirls with him.

The advertisement of this game was about returning to the most realistic world.
Hence, there were tons of occupations, as long as they existed in the real world, they had it in this game. Such as assassins, chivalries, swordsmen, bandits…

July was an assassin in this game. Based on his flashy outfits, he did not look like an assassin at all.
He looked like the queen of flowers instead!