"What are you doing standing here, Hua Meng Meng?" The Great July curiously circled around Shi Sheng, rubbing his chin.

"Watching the show."

The Great July looked towards a group of people not far away, and then withdrew his sight, "Aren't you an NPC? How can you even do that??"

"I'm an intelligent NPC, not a retard." Shi Sheng rolled his eyes, "You're blocking me."

"It's easy to offend people when you talk like that." The Great July puffed out his cheeks, looking very cute.

"I'm an NPC, who am I afraid of?" Shi Sheng snorted arrogantly.

The Great July: ......

  Good point, I'm surprised I'm speechless.  

NPCs don't drop levels, even if they were being killed, they would only lose some equipment, and once the system is brushed up, there will immediately be new equipment to replace it.

Who are they afraid of?

"You know her?" The Great July turned his attention to Le Jin, who was opposite her, and suddenly let out a low cry, "Isn't this God’s scandalous object?"

The Great July excited to held the world and started live-streaming.

The following was dominated by a group of [July's XX].

Where did this sister get so many retarded fans?

How come I don't have any?

I also want retarded fans!

A Lifetime Of Peace was very popular and had many fans.

Any name that he mentioned, even if that person wasn’t very popular, would become popular. 

Le Jin was surrounded by many people, precisely because A Lifetime Of Peace said in the world that she belongs to him.

When The Great July was live streaming, some people immediately came to watch her to see what kind of woman did A Lifetime Of Peace pick.

"Not good looking, I am better looking than her, why did the master choose her?"

"Her level is so low."

"It can't be anyone's trumpet, right?"

"No, I heard that she operates badly and doesn't have common sense."

The map, which was empty, was suddenly swarmed with people. The Great July was probably liked by many, so many people greeted her.

Shi Sheng stood right next to her, there were people who couldn't help but take a few more looks.

Not everyone could enter Shen Jue Palace. The general copies of the first pass are contracted by a few large gangs. The place where you enter the copy is guarded twenty-four hours a day, nobody could just enter on their whim.

Shi Sheng hid her ID, so there are a lot of people who do not know Hua Meng Meng.

“The Great July, who is this lady?”

A man called ‘A Man's True Colors’ squeezed through the crowd and walked up to The Great July. Looking at his costume, he’s probably a scholar?

Although he did not have the best looking face, he was  still quite the handsome fella.

The Great July pouted her mouth and did not speak.

A Man’s True Colors looked at The Great July a few times, then suddenly pointed to Shi Sheng and shouted, "Hua Meng Meng!"

"Why did you call me??" Shi Sheng looked at A Man’s True Colors.

A Man’s True Colors immediately gotten the attention of others.

"Hua Meng Meng?"

"It's true! Our clan has a screenshot of her."

"Crap, Hua Meng Meng!!!"

"Does raiding her here count as a kill?"

"I don't know if it would, but I sure do hope that I can get the Moon Shadow Scepter when I kill her!"

The players who were around Le Jin were now crowded around Shi Sheng. 

"A Man’s True Colors, are you stupid?" The Great July said hopelessly.

[Nearby] A Man’s True Colors: ......

Who wouldn’t be excited to see Hua Meng Meng outside of the Shen Jue Palace??

[Nearby] A Ray Of Sunshine: Compared to A Lifetime Of Peace’s woman, of course it’s Hua Meng Meng’s Moon Shadow Scepter that attracts others’ attention. 

[Nearby] Majestic Presense: The boss is always stupid.

[Nearby] Oh Shoot: That’s true. 

As there were too many people surrounding Shi Sheng, the party members could only communicate via messages.

As soon as the news was leaked, everyone was talking about Hua Meng Meng. 

No matter how good looking she is, everyone was only eyeing her drops. 

People from various clans arrived in a flurry of fire, with clan flags of various colors rendering the entire map colorful.

The people from Dreaming The West Pond crouched in the back and whispered.

[Team] Majestic Presence: Boss, we're not going to raid her?

[Team] A Ray Of Sunshine: Have you not seen the power of the Moon Shadow Scepter? It’s an instant kill attack, only retards would dare face her!

As A Ray Of Sunshine mentioned, the people who went up to challenge her died instantly. The power of the Moon Shadow Scepter was indeed great!

[Team] Itinerant Novice Wolf: Don't you guys think she's also a BUG?

She had more intelligence than other NPCs and would even provoke the other players. How is this a normal NPC?

[Team] A Ray Of Sunshine: Would she drop the Moon Shadow Scepter if she died?

[Team]Majestic Presence: Can you kill her?

The team] you a sufferer: certainly not.

 [Team] Itinerant Novice Wolf: ......

So what’s the point of saying it?


This was the largest massacre on site since the server’s opening.

The map was full of corpses.

And standing on top of these corpses,a young girl holding a scepter looked at everyone with a smug look on her face. 

Such abnormal behavior was immediately reported to the game company.

If only a few people died in this event, it would be understandable. However, how can a boss eliminate the entire group of players? Who would believe that it was no bug?

And due to the large number of reports, the service was taken down, forcibly logging all the players out.

The mountain of corpses disappeared in an instant, leaving the lonely Shi Sheng amidst the empty map.

Soon, a few NPCs started to get closer to her. 

"How did this Hua Meng Meng escape the Divine Secrets Palace?"

"It's probably a bug, we'll have to check to find out."

"I looked at the data just now, her damage value is frighteningly high, and it doesn't match her initial setting ......"

As they began to discuss, there were people who tried to attack Shi Sheng. 

But she just threw out some ultimate skills and several NPCs fell to the ground. 

NPC1: ......

NPC2: ......

NPC3: ......

Before they could even stand up upon being resurrected, Shi Sheng cut them down. 


And again.

NPC1: Something is not right.

NPC2: ...... Do you think I can’t see that?

By default, NPCs can’t damage other NPCs unless it was in a quest.

But Hua Meng Meng just continued to strike them.