The next day when the game devs came back to check on the situation, Shi Sheng had already disappeared. But the odd thing was that there was no abnormalities. According to the data, Shi Sheng had been in the Shen Jue Palace.

They didn’t care too much and thought of it as a system error before sending the data back.

Now this game has too many bugs inside, they work overtime almost every day, tired as a dog.

The game quickly resumed back to normal. Upon confirming that it was just a bug, the players calmed down and this matter was quickly overwhelmed by other news.

There were still people who tried to raid her dungeon but were destroyed by her.

[World]Where Are You Daughter In Law: She just can’t be killed! We’re annihilated 3 times already!

[World] Mighty Windy Hall: That’s nothing. My team is already destroyed countless times. 

[World] Man of Culture: Is there something wrong with the game company? How can we raid such a difficult dungeon? I’ve even heard that if we can’t go past this dungeon, the latter maps will not be released. 

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: The company is obviously trying to slow down their updates. If we conquer this dungeon too quickly, they would have to invest money and update the latter maps. I’ve already understood their malicious intentions!

[World] Central Air Conditioning: It seems like the top ranker has yet attempted this dungeon.

[World] A Man's True Colors: Which ranker?

[World] Central Air Conditioning: A Lifetime Of Peace.

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: Indeed.

Soon, the entire topic on the [World] chat revolved around A Lifetime Of Peace. 

Shi Sheng blocked off the world, wandered out of the Shen Jue Palace to find the female lead in this world. 

Now that she was out of the Shen Jue Palace, she had to tamper with her own data to prevent other players from attacking her and disrupting her from checking on the female lead. 

[Nearby] Cold And Clear: We’re looking for members above level 30!

[Nearby] Le Jin: Can I join?

[Nearby] Cold And Clear: Yes.

When Shi Sheng was looking around, she noticed a team trying to form a party in front of her. There are only four people in the team, meaning there was an empty slot.

She quickly handed in the application to join the party. 

Once her application passed through, she quickly walked towards the party.

The leader was Calm And Cold, whose looks fit the description of a cold man perfectly.

Le Jin was a cutie and her face puffed red as she smiled innocently at Shi Sheng, "Hello."

The voice is clear and crisp, very melodious indeed.

But Shi Sheng only glanced at her and nodded her head slightly. 

"How come I can't see your rank?" A girl named Seeker, who was standing next to Cold And Clear, suddenly spoke out with a dissatisfied tone. "I can’t even see your ID. What’s so good about hiding it? It’s not even your real name.”

Shi Sheng had changed her looks, which explained why no one panicked upon seeing her. 

"The rank is higher than you." Shi Sheng smirked. If I showed you my name, I bet you’ll be pissing your pants instantly!

Since Shi Sheng’s arrival, the girl has been on the defensive. And the reason was obvious: 

Seeker and Cold And Clear are a couple. 

Seeker’s expression turned sour. 

In this game, high leveled players can  hide their levels from lower leveled players. 

[Team] Cold And Clear: Listen to my command when the raid begins. 

Seeker walked backed to Cold And Clear while glaring at Shi Sheng.

Once she did, Cold And Clear opened the instance dungeon and the party was transported to a new location. 

The entirety of the place was black.
A level 30 map was considered a low leveled map. Cold And Clear was a level 75 player. The only reason he was here was to carry Seeker, who was only at level 22. 

When they were raiding, Cold And Clear did not say a word, and only chatted with them via text messages. 

On the other hand, Shi Sheng was observing the female lead’s controls. She’s indeed a noob.

"Hey! Do you even know how to play this game?!" Seeker yelled at Le Jin in annoyance.

Two of the monsters were already rushing onto Seeker, but Cold And Clear quickly jumped to her side and carried her to safety. 

But now, the problem dawned upon Le Jin. 

Shi Sheng innately pitied the female lead.

Who knew how she revived herself, but she just climbed back up and attacked the monsters. 

Seeker always tried to complain about her, but Le Jin did not reply to her taunts and continued to battle. 

Finally when the BOSS fell, Seeker immediately collected all the loot without any intention of sharing it with the others. 

The other boy on the team complained. 

[Team] Shang Tu: Aren’t you a little immoral.

The loot that was dropped in the dungeons were supposed to be distributed according to classes of the party members. Or else, it would be auctioned and the prize money would be split between the members.

Not to mention how she was being carried during the whole raid, the team could only deem her as a more useless tool than Le Jin. 

Although the loot in a level 30 dungeon is not worth mentioning, such behavior was very disgusting.

[Team] Seeker: My husband is carrying me. Of course the loot is mine. 

[Team] Cold And Clear: Leave. 

From his tone, Cold And Clear was obviously on his spouse’s side.

[Player] Le Gin is giving you the [Bracelet of Heavenly Fire], are you going to accept?

A notification popped up in front of Shi Sheng.

Just what is the female lead thinking?

[Private] Le Jin: I secretly picked up two items. I’ll give you one.

Shi Sheng declined.

[Private] Anonymous: It’s useless for me.

[Private] Le Jin: Oh.

And so Le Jin canceled the trade. 

While the two of them were talking, Cold And Clear found a replacement and began to raid another dungeon with the party. 

And similarly, Seeker picked up all the loot. Not even a speck of dust was left behind. 

Le Jin also sneakily stole some of the loot as well. 

Normally, a body can only be looted once. But Le Jin has a Lucky account, which meant that she could still loot even if someone has already looted the corpse once. 

Unlike Shang Tu, the new player lasted longer and played along despite Seeker’s outrageous attitude. He might have been there to just farm experience points, as he quickly left at one point without saying anything. 

Shi Sheng felt that this whole farce was a waste of time and left as well.

Just as soon as she did, Le Jin quit the party right after.

"We carried you for half a day. And yet you guys didn’t thank us even once." Seeker sneered coldly.

Le Jin was a little confused, but still thanked Seeker as she was ordered. 

Shi Sheng could only cup her forehead in annoyance. 

This female lead sure is innocent.