When Shi Sheng returned to Shen Jue Palace, Man’s True Colors and his party were still raiding it. 

"Hua Meng Meng is back." Someone yelled out, and the others immediately turned their eyes to look at her direction. 

The leaves are lush as shadows form on the pathway, a blue silhouette dappled through the light and shadows, gradually approaching.

Although she was just treated as an NPC character, her looks were so beautiful that anyone would fall for her. 

Of course, if she wasn't an NPC.

Who in the right mind would love digital characters?  [T/L: there are people who marry AI though.]

"How dare you come back after letting us wait for so long?!!" A Man’s True Colors jumped in front of Shi Sheng’s path. 

"You guys are asking me to come kill you, so of course I’ll come." The corner of the mouth of Shi Sheng’s lips curled up, "Who wants to die first?"

A Man’s True Colors was tempted to scold Shi Sheng.

But thinking about it, he would be blacklisted if he did so he held his temper back.

What’s the point of arguing with an NPC? It’s the company’s problem that designed such a problematic BOSS to go against the players.

[Game devs: But it’s not our fault though… :(]

The typical raid involved clearing the mobs before attacking the BOSS.

But who would have known that the BOSS would just appear in front of them before clearing the mobs?

[Nearby] A Man’s True Colors: ......

[Nearby] Congratulations, Your Highness: ......

[Nearby] Waiting For Rain: ......

[Nearby] I’m Waiting For You: ......

Why is this boss so weird???!

We must complain!!!

When Shi Sheng’s data was reanalyzed by the system, there were no problems. This game was not like any other RPG games after all.

Finally a conclusion made.

The AI powering the NPC known as Hua Meng meng was capable of responding to the players’ actions and it’s up to the players to determine her patterns. 

The crowd of players were speechless. 

They were so tilted that they wanted to give up playing this game.

But they couldn’t.

[Private chat] A Ray of Sunshine: A Lifetime of Peace is coming to attack you.

It was a message early in the morning.

Before she can even reply, A Ray of Sunshine continued his stream of messages.

[Private chat] A Ray of Sunshine: You must never let him successfully defeat you. Even I haven’t cleared you, so you can’t ever let him do it.

[Private chat] A Ray of Sunshine: Even I am your fellow BUGGED player.

[Private chat] A Ray of Sunshine: Are you there, Hua Meng Meng?

[Private chat] Hua Meng Meng:......

A Ray of Sunshine seems to know A Lifetime of Peace’s movements well. He even knows when he’s coming for me.

A Lifetime of Peace was from the Shadow Clan. Although it was not the biggest clan in the server, it was a really powerful one. Even the lowest leveled player there was Level 70 and a huge number of the players on the Hero Rankings originate from this clan.

Oh wait, now that the female lead joined them, the lowest level should be at 30.

As soon as A Ray of Sunshine's words ended, Shi Sheng received a prompt that someone has entered the dungeon.

Shen Jue Palace was a very large place. In addition to her hall, there are several more sections in it.

And everyone was focused on the Shadows Clan’s raid on the palace right now.

The first time they raided this place they failed, and their return this time must indicate that they’re fully prepared for the raid.

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: Can they finally kill her this time?

[World] The Great July: Do you think Hua Meng Meng is such a simple NPC that they can defeat easily?

[World] Hua Meng Meng: Yep, I’m a godlike existence that mortals like you all can only admire.

[World] Majestic Presence: How can you still chat with us despite being in Raid mode?

[World] Hua Meng Meng:Because I am not just an NPC ah!

[World] Itinerant Novice Wolf: Abusing your power I see. 

Normally NPCs would turn quiet once they’ve entered Raid mode. However, Hua Meng Meng seems to overcome that limitation and turned it into a BUG!

[World] The Great July: Am I the only person who noticed her Tsundere phrases?

[World] July’s Underwear: The Great July, are you trying to get yourself killed?!

[World] Hua Meng Meng: Prepare to be a eunuch.

[World] The Great July: Please treat this cute and lowly player nicely, okay?

[World] Hua Meng Meng: I'm an honest NPC.

The Great July never spoke a word after that. 

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: Hua Meng Meng, how is the Shadow Clan performing in this raid?

Shi Sheng stood on higher ground, watching the male lead fight the mobs as she reply to his message.

[World] Hua Meng Meng: I’ll tell you once you call me Daddy.

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: ...

[World] Your Daddy Is Online: Fine! Daddy, please tell me!

Shi Sheng took a screenshot and posted it onto the World chat.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around: Oh my! Can’t they see that the BOSS is just standing ona cliff near them??

[World] Oh Shoot: This is such a toxic boss…

Shi Sheng was recording A Lifetime Of Peace’s progress in real time and broadcasting it online. Previously, people had to watch pre-recorded raid videos by other parties, and it was the first time a public broadcast was held in the history of the game.

And she didn’t even stop when A Lifetime Of Peace was finally before herself.

After all, she was going to make a scene. 

Shi Sheng stood before Shen Jue Palace’s tall gates. The cold man led his men closer to her, and finally stopped right in front of her eyes. 

Le Jin was being protected in the back. She would peek out curiously to look at Shi Sheng, a sense of amazement could be seen in her eyes.

And of course she could not recognize Shi Sheng. 

A man called ‘Swallow Return’ stepped up, "Palace master Hua, we brought you the letter from your husband. He told us to pass it to you before his death.

Oh yea, this game had a plot, thought Shi Sheng.

But she just raised her chin and replied, “I don’t want it.”

Swallow Return choked.

What happened to the plot of the game???

It’s not been that long since we raided this place, how can the BOSS even change her own phrases???