A Lifetime of Peace glanced at Shi Sheng coldly.

Shi Sheng looked at him fearlessly, "my husband died a long time ago. Did he send me a letter from the underworld?"

Swallow Returns was dumbfounded.

How do I go on with this?

Swallow Returns suddenly saw the A Lifetime of Peace's lines on the team channel; he read it out loud immediately, "your husband knew that he had wronged you, that's why he purposely wrote you a letter of apology. Palace Master Hua, no matter how much you hate him, you need to at least read what he wrote in the letter."

"How did you know it's a letter of apology? Did you peek at the letter?"
Swallow Returns felt stifled. What kind of plot is this? Is it the dialogs of them fighting her the first time and the second time different?

[Private] Swallow Returns, "boss, your planning committees are really something."

[Private] A Lifetime of Peace, "there's something wrong with this BOSS, try something else."

As the creator of this game, which he created for Le Jin, A Lifetime of Peace knew every detail, but this BOSS' setting was too strange. It was completely different from what they reported previously.

When they fought her the first time, other than her combat point was slightly higher, nothing seemed out of place.

"Cough cough… Palace Master Hua. We didn't mean to peek at your letter. We were merely there when your husband was writing it." Swallow Returns continued to read A Lifetime of Peace's lines.

Shi Sheng was shocked, "that's impressive, you guys can go to the underworld."

Swallow Returns, "?? What underworld?"
After some time Swallow Returns remembered Shi Sheng's lines, she said that her husband died a long time ago…
No way, I need help.
I can't handle this BOSS at all.

Swallow Returns backed off and said that he could not handle such a weird BOSS in the team chat.
No matter which line A Lifetime of Peace threw at Shi Sheng, she could distort its meaning. Basically, she would not go along with the plot.
The usual plot should be her accepting the letter, got enraged by the letter after reading it, and fought the players.

[Team] Le Jin, "boss, Hua Meng Meng hated her husband, so it's reasonable for her not to accept the letter. How about we read it for her?"

Le Jin spoke carefully in the team, utterly scared that she might say anything wrong.

[Team] Swallow Returns, "Little Jin's right, we can read it for her!"

The letter was just a tool after all. The goal was to make the BOSS know its content.

[Team] A Lifetime of Peace, "give it a try."

Le Jin was relieved when she saw A Lifetime of Peace' reply. Luckily she did not say anything wrong.

Swallow Returns took out the letter and read it right away.

"To my dearest wife: It's been so many years, I wish I could know how you are doing. I understand that my sins are grave, and I'm not asking for your forgiveness anymore…"

Swallow Returns' voice stopped abruptly. The technique light was still gleaming in front of his eyes.

The words 'Penta Kill' floating above their heads, ultimately humiliating in the color of blood red.


How can you start a fight as you please!

At least give us a hint!
"Goodbye, you're welcome to visit me next time." Shi Sheng waved at them with a smile while streaming what went on on the world channel.

That's darn impressive, my BOSS. She even knew how to use the greeting message.

A Lifetime of Peace's team exited the dungeon. They stood at the entrance of the dungeon, reading the messages on the world channel quietly.

[World] Central Air Conditioner, "I'm just online, what's going on, please tell me."

[World] The Great July, "that's what I said, he definitely can't clear Hua Meng Meng."

[World] You'll Suffer, "this proves that it's not members of Dreamt About Xi Tang weak, is Hua Meng Meng too strong."

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "something's wrong with this BOSS."

A Lifetime of Peace ordered someone to help Le Jin up levels before he left the game hurriedly.

In an enormous company, the red lights of the game pods flickering suddenly turned green, the door of a game pod opened automatically.

A tall man walked out of the game pod, went into the room beside it. He came out a few minutes later in a suit.

Liang Bing went out of the office straight away and headed to the company's planning department.

The planning committee was having a meeting, Liang Bing pushed the door and went in. the committee, who were arguing in rage, stopped abruptly and looked at Liang Bing.

Liang Bing only took a glance at the door and turned around to leave.

One of the men stood up, waved at the others before he left the conference room.
"Why are you here?" Meng Jie closed the door of the conference room, asked the man standing next to him with a grin, teasing him, "shouldn't you be in the game with your girl?"

"The new AI system you told me we're going to use, what's the difference between these systems?" Liang Bing's voice was attractive.

Meng Jie noticed that Liang Bing did not look good and became serious too, "it allows the NPCs to become more player-like, to prevent the bugs from happening. It can also make the interactions between the players and the NPCs more realistic."

Meng Jie said a bunch of mumbo jumbo without concerning if Liang Bing understood any of it.

"This new system I can't say that it's the best in the world, but it definitely is the best in our nation. I've tried it myself before. It's foolproof." Meng Jie guaranteed by striking his chest as a gesture.

Liang Bing nodded lightly, strode away.

Meng Jie patted his head with curiosity, did he come here just to ask about the system?


Shi Sheng got a nickname - 'The Cruel Spinster' since the decimation of A Lifetime of Peace' team.

Due to that, Shi Sheng had a discussion with the other players on the world channel.

[World] Hua Meng Meng. "why did you all call me The Cruel Spinster? It doesn't fit my beautiful face."

The Cruel Spinster was a nun.

Which part of me looks like a nun?
Can't believe these retard give me such a horrible nickname, they have to give me a nickname that suits my elegance.

[World] Central Air Conditioner, "... Hua Meng Meng boasting about her face so confidently almost got me for a minute."

[World] Hua Meng Meng. "Am I not as pretty as a flower?"

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "we use that to describe a person. You're not a human, The Cruel Spinster fits your image perfectly."

[World] You'll Suffer, "Hua Meng Meng is actually pretty good looking. No one in every server is better looking than her. The planning committees' brains must have gone haywire to design such a pretty BOSS. Are they trying to make all the female players slaughter her?"
They were even not as pretty as a BOSS.
Although they did not want to admit that, it was the truth.
She was indeed extremely good looking!

[World] Hua Meng Meng. "I'm a legend with the looks and the power, come bow down to me and lick my feet!"

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "..."

[World] You'll Suffer, "..."

[World] A Ray of Sunshine. "..."

[World] The Great July, "Hua Meng Meng stop boasting, if you boast too much you'll get hit by the lightning."

[World] Hua Meng Meng. "why don't they hit me and see!"

It's not like I've never gotten hit by lightning before. I've already got used to it.
There's nothing that I'm scared of.

[World] Ancestor, Stop Fooling Around. "The Cruel Spinster has a thicker skin than The Skeleton King's blood. "

The Skeleton King was a level, 70 BOSS. His blood was scaringly thick. Some players could not defeat him even by teaming up.

When the players were fighting that BOSS, they were also destroyed in devastation. At least The Skeleton King was not as psychopathic, and went to the world channel to provoke the players.

[World] Hua Meng Meng. "gosh! The Cruel Spinster my butt!"

[World] Central Air Conditioner, "why didn't the system censor her?"

[World] Your Daddy is Online, "that's NPCs' privilege."

Complain! I must complain about this! Why does an NPC have such a privilege!